Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lil Miss Thrifty: How to save your stash! +

I picked up this brilliant tip from the show 'Super Scrimpers' and I just had to share it with you all. 

Do you ever struggle with squeezing every last bit of product from a tube? Even if you squeeze the container with all your strength, does the product still refuse to come out? This has happened to me on a countless number of occasions, and fortunately, I have found a solution ;)

So here's how to save your stash!

Step 1: 
This only works on containers such as the one above. This is my favourite hand cream (Yardley, English Lavender) - and unfortunately, no amount of squeezing helped! 

Step 2:
Cut the container about two thirds from the bottom, until you have two separate pieces

Step 3: 
Now that it has been cut open, you can see the amount of hand cream that is still left! 

Step 4:
Place the lid back on top and hey, you've just saved every last bit of the product!  Even though I probably would not be able to take this hand cream outside, I can use it in the comfort of my home (because when you cut it, there will be a hole - so don't put it in your handbag!)

What do you guys think? 

Hope it helps!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lil Miss Happy: 2 years!

My blog has turned two today! 

I wanted to write this post to say thank you to my readers. You inspire me to carry on blogging <3 My blog has changed quite a bit over two years. I have to admit, I do cringe back at my old posts - but it's been a great learning curve for me! You have to start somewhere, right?

 I've met some wonderful people through blogging, and have even formed closed ties with some of them. It's great to meet people who are just as girly, or even more girly than you!

  I have recently found the confidence to tell my friends and family about my blog. It was hard to keep it a secret though, because people I knew started to follow me on Twitter. I don't know why I was ashamed about my blog - I guess it's because people used to take the mickey about me being so girly. 

But, you know what? I am incredibly girly and I'm proud of it. I know countless number of people who try to act like someone else - and I actually pity them. If you like makeup, clothes etc. don't let anyone put you down about - enjoy it - you only live once ;)

My blog is my creative outlet - and I'm also here to movitate people to live a healthier lifestyle! If you ever want motivation or just want to speak to someone about a problem, I'm here to help! Just tweet or email me :) 

Once again, thank you for the support. Here's to many more years of blogging.....

Friday, 6 April 2012

Lil Miss organised: Jewellery organisation +

I love to organise my room, especially during exam time (procrastination!). I've also been browsing furniture shops in the lookout for some pretty, vintage items for my room. I've come to the realisation that I'm not into the whole 'minimalistic' theme. I like my room surrounded by shabby chic possessions, which add a cosy feel to it.

I recently received a beautiful jewellery box from Laura Ashley as a gift. It makes a wonderful addition to my dressing table.

Here are some photos:

The setup
Candles = essential (especially when you want your room to look cosy)
The top half - this is where my everyday jewellery is stored
Some of my everyday earrings and rings
The bottom half - my 'fun' jewellery
A close up ;)

Random - a gorgeous vintage store in Convent Gardens called 'Sass & Belle'! I highly recommend it! 

How do you store your jewellery?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Lil Miss Summery: Outfits I've been loving!

I love dressing up for Spring/ Summer. In England, the weather is fabulous (although it's very temperamental!) 

The sunshine has inspired me to wear more pastel colours! Here are some outfits I have been loving! All of the outfits are from Missguided.

 What kind of style have you been loving recently?