Sunday, 29 May 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

Hi guys! I'm back with my Ins and Outs! My exams are starting next week so I may not be blogging or tweeting so much! 

I feel that May has whizzed by! I hope June whizzes by - it's going to be a super tough month for me.

Here are my Ins and Outs for this month:

Desserts. This month I have been craving sweet treats (stressed is desserts spelled backwards remember!) I've always preferred savoury snacks as opposed to sugary ones but recently I've been indulging in cake (my fave being lemon drizzle cake), panna cotta and cheesecakes! Source

Pilates. I've been using this pilates DVD since February and I've noticed a difference in my posture. I put it down to pilates - this gives you results! Pilates is a form of exercise, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. I may do a review on this DVD if you guys want me to! Source

The Apprentice. Yay the Apprentice is currently airing in the UK. The Apprentice is definitely my favourite reality tv show! It's super funny, and it also teaches you a lot of smart tactics! If you don't watch this show, you are missing out!! Source

Raspberries - I don't know why, but I'm strongly attracted to raspberry scents.. and desserts lol. I love Raspberry Daiquiri, raspberry cheesecake.. even my cleanser has raspberry in it! I'm looking for a perfume with raspberry hints now. Source

Eye shadows: I've been eyeshadow crazy this month! I finally spent my Debenhams voucher I received on my 21st birthday! I purchased 4 Mac eye shadows! I purchased Satin Taupe, Black Tied, Tempting and Embark. I can't wait to review them! Source

Judging people. I've learnt a massive lesson this month - to stop judging people unless you get to know them. I've come across people who say horrible things about others, and me being quite naive, I believe them. I'm now going to make my own mind up about people! Source

Exercise. I've had to cut down on exercise this month. Moves such as the plank move (such as the above photo) make me feel very dizzy! I've had to reduce working out everyday to every other day! This time last month, I was working out everyday - my body found it too much! I hope I haven't messed up my balance system.... Source

Last month's aims:
1) Do some YouTube workouts - I did one but I prefer DVDs.
2)Cut down on blogging during the week, due to exams- yes.. most of the time I didn't blog during the week!
3) Don't experiment with anymore skincare products - my skin has improved a lot during the last month. I will be doing a skincare post once my skin has cleared up a bit more!

Next month's aims:
1) Build up confidence! 
2) Study harder.
3) Don't let people put you down.

What are your Ins and Outs?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lil Miss Glamorous: Cut-out dresses!

When I saw this photo of Selena Gomez, I've been loving 'cut-out dresses'! To be honest, I never liked them before, until I saw this photo!

Here is Cheryl Cole donning a 'cut out dress'

I personally think cut-out dresses are stunning! I don't think I would purchase one myself as my stomach is my major trouble area! However, I like looking at cut-out dresses as they inspire me to work out!

Here are my top picks:

All dresses are from - my new favourite clothing site!
What do you think of 'cut-out dresses?'
Love from Rosh x

P.S I am not affiliated with All opinions are my own!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lil Miss Protected: Carmex SPF lip balm review *

Hi guys! I'm super sorry about the lack of posts - exams are looming and I've had to cut down on blogging! I can't wait until they're over though!

Anyway, as the weather has been lovely the past month, I've decided to up my skin care regime by adding SPF products. I'm still looking for the perfect SPF face cream, but as I have sensitive skin I'm actually quite reluctant to try one out.

I'm using heat protection spray on my hair even when it's not styled to protect it from the sun, and I'm also wearing suncream on my body. Furthermore, I'm going to wear sunglasses too from now on!

Another thing I've been doing is using lip balm with SPF in it. Carmex sent me some lip balms with SPF in them recently. I totally didn't realise that our lip needed protecting too - I guess it's just one of those things! 

Carmex sent me two lipbalms! One in Strawberry flavour, and the other in Mint! They also sell a Cherry flavoured one.

How do I use them?
  • I always apply lip balms atleast 10 minutes before I apply lipstick - that way it absorbs in your lips.
  • SPF - therefore it will protect your lips!
  • Great packaging - I'm glad it's not like the other Carmex lip balms where you have to dig your fingers in! Tubes are great to prevent germs from entering your mouth! 
  • Delicious scent.
  • Makes my lips super smooth - making it a perfect base for lipstick!
  • A lot of stores sell Carmex - it's a cult product!
  • Sometimes too much  product comes out, but I think it's me (I can be quite forceful with products lol).
You can purchase Carmex lipbalms from most drugstores: Boots (retails for £2.69), Superdrug (retailes for £2.54) etc. etc.

For more information on Carmex products click here. 

What do you do to protect yourself from the Sun?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lil Miss Astonished: Makeup Crush - Nina Dobrev *

I'm back with another Makeup Crush. Please let me know if you like my Makeup Crush feature! 

Anyway, if you don't already know, I'm a MASSIVE fan of Vampire Diaries. It's seriously one of the best TV shows ever - great for girls and guys might I add. It's got great action scenes as well as love scenes - oh and it's full of crazy, hot actors ( *ahem* Ian Somerhalder).

One of my favourites is Nina Dobrev - who plays two characters! One is the lovely, 'girl next door type' called Elena and the other is a 'sexy, evil vampire' called Katherine. She is an awesome actress - the way she flicks between characters is UNREAL.

I love Nina's makeup - when she plays Elena it's very subtle, however when she plays Katherine she goes all out but it's still quite simple compared to other celebrities I know! Nina's makeup is quite simple in real life - her natural beauty shines through! 

Here are some of my favourite photos of her:

  Nina as 'Elena'

Nina as 'Katherine'

  1. What do you think of her makeup?
  2. Who is your makeup crush?
  3. Do you watch the Vampire Diaries?

Lil Miss Greedy: Things I want +

Just taking a quick revision break.....

- because it does not look like your average LBD (Little Black Dress)

- because Prom season is around (but I don't have a prom to go to :( )

Mac Show Orchid Lipstick
- because I need a bright, fuchsia lipstick in my life!
Image source. Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in Nude Lustre.
 ...because it's the perfect nude lipgloss for the summer. (And Boots are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer on makeup!)

Image source. Nars Torrid bluser.
- because I need a coral blush by Nars in my life!

Sari from Bombay Looks.
- because it looks like a great outfit to wear to my nephews 1st birthday :)  

 ...because it will complement many outfits! 

What do you want?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Lil Miss Astonished: Makeup Crush - Jessica Burciaga +

Jessica Burciaga is an American model. Her father is  Mexican and her mother is French, Irish and German. 

I love her makeup - I love how she uses lots of browns and oranges to create such a sexy look. She looks natural but super glamorous at the same time (yes, that's possible!) 

  Is it me, or do she look like J-LO?

Also, It was extremely difficult to obtain some decent photos of her lol! I am in LOVE with her figure though - she has the most enviable stomach!

Anyway, Jessica kindly listed the makeup she wears on her MySpace page (I don't think she has MySpace anymore though).

Foundation: Chanel.
Bronzer: Chanel bronzer in "Irre'elle Soleil" and Mac Bronzer in 'Refined Deeper Bronze''.
Brushes: Mac
Eyeshadows: Mac Black Tied, Honesty, Brun, Romp, Nylon, Amber Lights, Trax and Bronze.
Blusher: Mac Dollymix and Sunbasque.
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous.
Lipstick: Mac lipsticks in Scanty, Myth and Lovelorn. L'oreal lipstick in 'Undeniable Mauve'
Lip Liner: Rose by Maybelline
Lip gloss: Mac lipglosses in 'Fullfilled', 'Morning Glory', 'Pink Lemonade'. Victoria's Secret Lip gloss in 'Peach Buzz' and 'Melonrageous'. L'oreal lipgloss in 'Grape Soda'.

I wish more celebrities told us the makeup that they wear!
Who is your makeup crush?
 What do you think of Jessica's makeup?

Friday, 6 May 2011

Lil Miss Shopoholic: £12 Body Shop Haul

If you read this post, you may know about the Body Shop Groupon deal. The deal consisted of spending £12 and receiving a £30 body shop voucher - what an AWESOME deal. Unfortunately, this deal is over :(

I purchased two vouchers. With the first one, I purchased a Shimmer Wave bronzer for my mum, and a candle (Soft Linen), as well as a solid perfume (Love etc.) 

I went to the Body Shop yesterday as the voucher is running out this month. This is what I bought:

Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Bronze. (Perfect bronzer for the summer!)

Body Shop Shimmer cubes palette no. 6. (I wore them today, and I'm super happy I chose these!)

Mango Shower gel (sample bottle - great for travelling!)

As I spent over £25, I receieved a free gift:
It included a Vitamin E mascara, Big and Curvy mascara as well as a hand and nail treatment.
All this for £12? Bargain!

Have you come across any great bargains?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Lil Miss Astonished: Makeup Crush - Shay Mitchell *

 This is the first of my 'Makeup Crush' series, where I will be showing my favourite makeup looks by celebrities!

After watching 'Pretty Little Liars', I have been in LOVE with Shay Mitchell's makeup! (No pun intended as Shay plays a girl who is confused about her sexuality).

Source for all photos
 I love her makeup! Literally every single lip colour suits her! I also adore her hair - gorgeous, glamorous waves which looks extremely healthy!

Who is your makeup crush?