Monday, 9 May 2011

Lil Miss Astonished: Makeup Crush - Jessica Burciaga +

Jessica Burciaga is an American model. Her father is  Mexican and her mother is French, Irish and German. 

I love her makeup - I love how she uses lots of browns and oranges to create such a sexy look. She looks natural but super glamorous at the same time (yes, that's possible!) 

  Is it me, or do she look like J-LO?

Also, It was extremely difficult to obtain some decent photos of her lol! I am in LOVE with her figure though - she has the most enviable stomach!

Anyway, Jessica kindly listed the makeup she wears on her MySpace page (I don't think she has MySpace anymore though).

Foundation: Chanel.
Bronzer: Chanel bronzer in "Irre'elle Soleil" and Mac Bronzer in 'Refined Deeper Bronze''.
Brushes: Mac
Eyeshadows: Mac Black Tied, Honesty, Brun, Romp, Nylon, Amber Lights, Trax and Bronze.
Blusher: Mac Dollymix and Sunbasque.
Mascara: L'oreal Voluminous.
Lipstick: Mac lipsticks in Scanty, Myth and Lovelorn. L'oreal lipstick in 'Undeniable Mauve'
Lip Liner: Rose by Maybelline
Lip gloss: Mac lipglosses in 'Fullfilled', 'Morning Glory', 'Pink Lemonade'. Victoria's Secret Lip gloss in 'Peach Buzz' and 'Melonrageous'. L'oreal lipgloss in 'Grape Soda'.

I wish more celebrities told us the makeup that they wear!
Who is your makeup crush?
 What do you think of Jessica's makeup?


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!! I'll admit, I did have to google her but she is definitely a beauty inspiration now! Her make up is beautiful xx

  2. Definitely! I LOVE her makeup! It's blended so well! I got to know about her through blogs too lol! x

  3. Love the makeup. She def looks like jlo with lighter hair & in the second last pic

  4. Omg she's so pretty - like a younger kim kardashian! xx

  5. She's so stunning! I wish I could have her smile!! xx

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  7. I love her makeup, even though its a little too 'bling' for my own personal liking haha but she is TOO gorgeous. I can see the J.Lo comparision..its the fluttery lashes and glowy skin that does it ha. Lovely post! xx

  8. Her make up is my version of perfect! Especially for the spring and summer xx

  9. She is beautiful!! so is her makeup to :) not overly done just perfect..


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