Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lil Miss Ecstatic: 21st Birthday Presents :)

Hi guys! I'm on a roll with blog posts today LOL! Anyway, my brother and sister finally gave me my birthday presents (I was 21 on 19th Jan). They bought me 21 presents! Here's what they got me:

  21 birthday mug (or whatever it is :s)

 Clutch bag! I love leopard print!

 Some teddies <3 My room is full of them!

 A coaster with my face on it! LOL

 Some DVD's

 Did I tell you? I love photos :)

 Bourjois Bronzer <3<3

Some vintage style earrings

 Mac bronzer in Refined  Golden (my all time favourite bronzer!)

 DKNY perfume

Twilight calender <3<3<3

 Coin purse. I prefer coin purses to wallets as they are much smaller and i don't like to take too many items with me (for security reasons).

 Rimmel lipstick in Red Fever. I'm wearing it right now - my first red lipstick. I love it :)

 Ferrero Rochers. My friends call me Ferrero Roshni! The coconut ones taste AMAZING!

Some slippers

They also bought me some clothes, but the photos did no justice! I might take a photo of myself just wearing them!
My bro and sis put the presents in this basket and wrapped the presents up in a carrier bag lol! 

By the way I'm not bragging or anything lol! I'm so shocked my brother and sister did this for me - it was so sweet and thoughtful! 

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and out = and Aims of the Month

Hi guys! I'm actually meant to be doing this post in March but I'm going to be very busy so I decided to do it today :)

Spring time. It's still quite chilly outside but the sun is finally out. When I see the summer I instantly think of the beach, having fun and chilling out. The days are much brighter - and this has definitely lifted up my mood :) 

Cricket. The Cricket World Cup is here! I've always loved cricket (it's quite big in Indian families!). Sometimes I'm not bothered to watch it because it's SOO long! I'm rooting for India or England to win! They are currently playing right now. Random fact: Sachin Tendulkars mother came to my 1st birthday party in India! (My claim to fame!)

Image is from here. Botanics Face Brush. I first read about this baby when Makeup Savvy did a post about it. Read her amazing review here. This brush has made a massive difference to my skin. Prior to using the brush - I had bumps all over my face. The St. Ive's exfoliator had broken me out and I was too scared to buy another exfoliator (as I have sensitive skin I have to be very careful when buying new skincare products). Now, my clean looks so much cleaner! My skin is nowhere near perfect - I still have spots and redness but it looks clean and glowy :) I use this twice a day for about 2 minutes each time!

Motivation. In the past week, I've become more motivated to study harder and more motivated to work out. When I do nothing - I feel bad, which makes me sad. If I do my studying and my workout - i feel so much better! I hope I continue to stay motivated :)

Waking up early. I've been waking up at 6.45 instead of 7am! I get a lot more things done in the morning. I am one of those 'early to bed, early to rise' kind of people (my mother has instilled this mantra since I was a child). My aim is to wake up at 6am and do a workout and do some studying. In the evenings I just like to chill, relax, read blogs, and speak to my friends. 

Soup. I've been drinking a lot of soup this month. It really fills me up and I just love drinking it. I drink the processed crap from Tesco - which probably is not very good for me! Maybe one day I'll make my own soup. Who knows? LOL 

Criticism. Finding out bad things about yourself. One thing I hate is when people criticize me (who actually likes it?). I'm sure it is good for the long term but I hate it - it makes me feel worse. I've been told that I speak too fast (lol), sound sarcastic (I don't mean to!), and the fact that I get angry at times(only around certain people). No one is perfect - but I'm going to try and take these into account and make myself a better person.

Facebook. I swear I have a love hate relationship with facebook! I actually prefer Twitter. I feel like I can be more myself. Some people on Facebook blatantly stalk you and try to find out all the gossip so I've had to limit my profile. Maybe one day I'll delete it completely but I love chatting to all of my friends and family that I hardly get to see!

Green tea. Green tea has a bit of testosterone in it. I used to drink three cups a day and I noticed my face was a bit more hairy and I had lots of spots on my jawline. Once I stopped drinking it the symptoms went. I drink the odd cup now and then - but I'm warning all of those serial green tea drinkers - don't overdrink!

All images from WeHeartIt, unless otherwise stated.

New addition to my in's and out's:
Aims for March:
  1. Be kind to everyone - even if they annoy the hell out of you!! (haha)
  2. Wake up at 6am and work out.
  3. Make vegetable and fruit juices.
  4. Use DSLR way more! 
  5. Study way harder.
  6. Blog a little more (if I can) - try to do some FOTD's (i've become very shy in front of the camera lol)
  7. Carry on being confident :) 
  8. Stop rushing everything. Just keep calm.. and eat a cupcake.

What are you Ins and Outs?
What are your aims for March?

Lil Miss Materialistic: Products I'm using right now. :$

These are the products I'm currently using:

Shampoo: Superdrugs Own Baby Shampoo :)
Conditioner: Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner.
Treatments: Almond oil on my hair before I need to wash it.
  Styling products:Bed Head After Party, Tresemme Heat Protection Spray.
Styling Tools: GHD straighteners.
Image from Weheartit

Shower Gel: Boots Cocoa Butter shower jell.
Body moisturizer: Santuary Body Butter.
Deodorant: Vaseline Aloe Fresh.
Fake Tan: None :) 
Skin care:
Cleanser: Amie Morning Clear Cleanser. I also use Simple Purifying lotion to remove makeup.
Eye makeup remover: Botanics Soothing Eyemakeup remover.
Exfoliator: Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub (only once a week) and also the Botanics Face Brush (twice a day!)

Primer: None!
Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation
Foundation brush:
I use a sponge.
Concealer: Mac moisture cover (for under eyes) and Garnier Tinted eye roll (for under eyes).
Powder:Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation I guess.
Blusher: Not really wearing any blush at the  moment.. I prefer bronzers!
Bronzer: Body Shop bronzer in Bronze and for contouring I use 'Sleek Contour kit' in medium.
Highlighter: None for day time.. however at night time I use Sleek face and body highlighter in Peach Shimmer.
Eyeshadow base: Too Face Shadow Insurance.
Eyeshadows: Mac Orb, Mac Cork and Mac Espresso for everyday use.
Eyeliner: Elf gel liner in black.
Curler: Can't remember, some brand from Boots!
Mascara:Loreal Voluminous (the grey one!)
Brows:Just tweezers lol
Recently, Mac Ever Hip, YSL no. 30 and Barry M No. 62.
Lipgloss: Mac lipstick in Frankly Fresh.
Nail Colour:Nothing! My nails were becoming very brittle so I had to stop!

Image from Weheartit

What have you been using?
I tag everyone!!!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lil Miss Cheap: Awesome Body Shop Offer *EXPIRED

What's up guys? :)
I have a lot of energy today.. I'm usually sprawled under my duvet on Thursday evenings due to sheer fatigue.  Anyway, one of my good friends told me about an offer! If you pay £12 you can attain £30 worth of products at Body Shop! It directed me to the Groupon site and I purchased 2 vouchers. I can't wait to spend it! You can buy a maximum of 5 vouchers!

Here's what I'm planning on purchasing:

Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer in Bronze (£16). I actually own this but it's in a tattered mess right now and therefore I need a new one! I love this and would highly recommend it!

Sandalwood and ginger scented candle. (£10). I went to the Body Shop with my mother last week and had a sniff of this. I instantly fell in love with this - it smelled very expensive!

Vanilla and Tonka bean home fragrance oil (£3.50). I have burner at home (from Wilkinsons) and I love to burn oils when I'm in need of some pampering. One of my favourite scents is Vanilla so I will be purchasing this!

Moroccan Argan and Orange Body Souffle. (£9). As I'm going to Morocco this year.. I might as well get into the spirit! I've heard many great things about Argan oil.. and I love citrus-sy scents so I would consider purchasing this!

Hemp Hand Protecter (£2.50). I've read many wonderful reviews on this product.. and as I've recently run out of handcream this could soon be in my handbag.

Shimmer Cube in warm (£16). I love neutral colours. You can wear them during the day time and during the night. I think £16 is quite expensive though, but these products would be handy for travelling!

What will you be purchasing?
Click here for the link so you can purchase the voucher.
Offer expires 25 May 2011.

 All images from Body
Not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned :) 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lil Miss Greedy: Things I want *

Things I want:

Mac Eyeshadow in Texture

...because it looks like the perfect crease colour.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer 
...because it looks like a great all over face colour (and it looks like chocolate).

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer

....because my Mac concealer is not cutting it at the moment!

Mac Russian Red lipstick
because I don't own a single red lipstick and it looks like the perfect red for my skin colour!

Ardell Lashes
...because I need some natural lashes in my life

Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens

...because it will enable me to take great close up photos.

DKNY night perfume
...because it's the perfect 'night time' perfume.

OCC lip tars 
....because they are long lasting and extremely pigmented.

What do YOU want?


All images from Google

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lil Miss Dressed up: +

Hi girlies! 

I've literally just read a post by the lovely Halima at Designer Spray where she was modelling a gorgeous dress. The dress is by a company called Missguided. I went onto the website and found lots of pretty dresses - at pretty affordable prices! 

Here are my top picks:






(all images from

What would you pick?

Love from Roshas xx

Monday, 7 February 2011

Lil Miss Blinged Out: New bracelet from Dorothy Perkins +

♥Happy Monday everyone!
♥ I purchased a new piece of jewellery today. I wanted this bracelet for a long time! I noticed that all of the jewellery in Dorothy Perkins was 25% off!
♥ I further used my NUS discount card to nab another 20% off!
♥ All in all.. I only paid £7.49 for this gorgeous bracelet.
♥I'm going to wear this bracelet everyday. I haven't got any pretty bracelets - only big, chunky bangles (which annoy me when they rattle). 
♥This bracelet is glamorous, yet sophisticated.
♥The bracelet is made from the Ribbon and Asher company (It can be found in Dorothy Perkins)

 Have you purchased any jewellery recently? xxx