Monday, 27 May 2013

Lil Miss Sweet: Ferrero rocher stuffed cupcakes +

Even though I am a big advocate of healthy eating,  I do like to indulge sometimes ;) My family had a get together yesterday, and I decided to make Ferrero rocher stuffed cupcakes! The lovely MilkBubbleTea inspired me, but I used the recipe from The Curvy Carrot.

I think it's such an original concept! Ferrero rocher's are my favourite chocolates so this was the perfect cake for me! 

I started off by mixing cocoa powder, flour, baking powder and salt together. I then mixed 3 eggs, vanilla extract, butter, sugar and sour cream in a separate bowl.

  I then mixed them together and placed them on a cupcake pan evenly.

The Ferrero rocher's were added to the batter, and the remaining batter was used to cover the Ferrero rocher (this part is optional - you don't have to completely cover the chocolate)

 The cupcakes were left in the oven for approximately 20 minutes

For the icing (the most time consuming part), I mixed some butter, sugar, milk, nutella and vanilla extract. My cousin has icing equipment (purchased from Lakeland) so she was able to make the frost look pretty ;)

Optional - you can mash up some Ferrero rocher's and place them on the frosting.

The cupcake was delicious, albeit extremely sweet! 

Have you ever tried this? 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lil Miss Aromatic: My new favourite perfume...+

One of my new obsessions this year (apart from home decor and clothes) is perfume! I have purchased four new perfumes this year - which is very unlike me!

I decided to treat myself to the Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh perfume at duty free - 'tax free' just makes things look more enticing ;)

This scent reminds me of parma violets (my favourite sweet) - and it's fresh enough to wear for work! I love it! It also lasts all day and isn't too overpowering!

 Here are the notes:

  • Top Note: Natural Raspberry, Grapefruit, Pear
  • Middle Note: Violets, Wild Rose, Apple Blossom
  • Dry Base: Musks, Cedarwood, Plum

  • Price: It costs around £40 for a 75ml bottle
  • Longevity: It lasts all day, which is a plus :)
  • Scent: I haven't met anyone who doesn't like the scent! I personally would wear it during the day - it's not strong enough for evening wear
  • Packaging: This bottle looks beautiful on my dressing table!
  • Repurchase: Definitely!

What's your favourite perfume?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lil Miss Organised: New home decor bits +

I would say that home decor is a new obsession of mine (sorry makeup, I have moved on :p ) 

I have been reading Interior design blogs, as well as beauty blogs to soak up some inspiration. My favourite blogs for the 'Vintage Interior Themed' inspirations are: MilkBubbleTea and AmyAntoinette. 

I decided to purchase a cake stand to store some of my everyday jewellery. This saves me from opening my jewellery box, hence saving me time every morning. Perfect! 

I purchased this lovely cake stand from eBay (eBay really is the best place to source furniture for your room) for £11.49.

I did not realise that magazine file holders could be pretty until I found this particular one at Paperchase. It's large enough to hold two medium sized ring binders and is made of metal (which makes it very sturdy). The gorgeous design and colour complements my room very well. This cost me £15. I ended up purchasing two because I have a lot of paper work!

I used to have loads of DVDs on my shelves - which littered my shelves. I'm trying to de-clutter my room and keep it looking as spacious as possible. I decided to store all of my DVDs in this CD pouch, which I store inside my cupboards. It subsequently saved me so much space as I have over thirty DVDs! I purchased this CD/DVD holder from Amazon for only £9

I tend to receive many letters on a weekly basis, and I usually end up leaving them on my table. I decided to purchase a letter holder to store my letters, which I then organise during the weekend. This system seems to be working perfectly for me. Plus the letter holder looks great on my desk :) I purchased this from eBay for about £10. 

I recently purchased an electric blanket ( I literally cannot live without one) and decided to use the plastic packaging bag to store my clutch bags! The bag will protect the clutch bags, and will also allow me to view them from the outside. 

The last thing I purchased were these gorgeous cake tins from DollyBowBow for £12.95. (Although delivery took 3 weeks, even though the website states it will take 3-5 days!) These boxes store tea lights, jewellery etc. which have freed up space in my cupboards! They also look super cute!

Are you into Home Decor? 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lil Miss Adventurous: Turkey +

Hi guys! Sorry I've been absent for a while - I really need to dedicate a little more time into this blog!

A few weeks ago, I went off to Turkey with my family. It was the first holiday where I didn't do many excursions - I just relaxed. I think I needed that because I came back feeling really chilled out and refreshed!

We went to Antalya and stayed in the Delphin Palace Hotel - a really great hotel (amazing architecture, wonderful slides and five star service), but sometimes there was lack of choice of food for vegetarians.

Here are some photos:
The hotel

Para sailing over the beach
The chandelier in our hotel - so beautiful!

I had to add some Turkish Delight ;)

Indoor swimming pool

And this is why I love all inclusive resorts...
My sister and I acting like Kate and Jack from Titanic lol

The beach :)

Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided.
My brother, sister and I in the swimming pool - having lots of fun :)
Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided (once again!)
Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided! I love Missguided for holiday clothes!
I met this really cute German man at our resort. He had the most GORGEOUS smile - I had to take a photo with him! His smile lit up the room :) He was sooo cute!
The slides at our resort, which meant that we didn't have to go to a water park! :)

Have you planned any holidays for this year?