Wednesday, 28 July 2010

$ Lil Miss Holidayed Out: Back From Egypt! $

Hi guys =D i'm back.. from Egypt :)

On an additional note, thank you for the lovely comments on the previous post.. I have finally replied back to all of your sweet comments.

Anyway, back to Egypt ... It was amazing! I would highly recommend it... the people are really friendly, it's not THAT expensive ( just make sure you haggle!), the weather is hot but not unbearable, and the history is frankly amazing! (The ancient Egyptians invented MAKEUP - even more the reason to love them) I feel really relaxed and chilled out after the holiday =D

I went there for 10 days with my family to sharm-el sheikh, and it has to be the best holiday to date! We rode on camels and went on a jeep safari, did a spot of quad biking in the desert (very tough) and went to Cairo to see the pyramids and check out the Egyptian museam.

Here are some holiday snaps:

Egypt is also renowned for its camels.

Posing in an Egyptian shop lol

I'm scared of camels.. hence my facial expression lol

Jeep safari - awesome stuff.. riding through the desert..well scary!

Having a staring contest with Cleopatra.

Simply amazing - it took 20 years to build.

Old market - they have dances on here.

Quad biking in the desert - nearly fell over !

Posing with a mahoosive sheesha.. if you like sheesha.. you will LOVE Egypt.. they are sheesha addicts (unfortunately for me.. i can't smoke it.. i end up in a coughing fit)

My tan- only my legs and chest tanned :/ (oh and my natural hair :) )

Hope you guys enjoyed this post..

Has anyone else been to Egypt?

Where are you going on holiday??

love from roshas xx

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lil Miss Healthy: My Weight Loss Story

Be warned - this is going to be a long post about weight loss, it's going to have lots of photos, a bit of self hate and some people might get offended by some snippets but I haven't intended to offend anyone!

Anyway, this time last year I considered myself overweight - I was not clinically overweight, but for my build I definitely was. I could barely fit into my jeans (I even stopped buttoning them up and wore long tops to hide the holes LOL) and my overall health was crappy - I was always moody and tired because of overeating and lack of moving.

I decided that I needed to do something after my cousin kept poking my stomach and asked if I was pregnant, LOL! I decided to weigh myself and was shocked that I had put on 5kg without even realising it.

Ok here are the stats:

Last Summer (July)
My height: 5''4
Weight: 62kg or 9 stone 7 (again, I don't want to upset anyone who weighs similar to me - it all depends on your body type and build)
Size: 12-14

Look at my bulging tummy lol!! I obviously untagged myself from these photos on facebook lol.

Moving forward, around November time, I decided that I need to sort myself out. I was embarassed to wear anything tight fitting and always felt insecure.

I embarked on the 'Paul Mckenna' Lifestyle.
You can check out his products here. For £5.50 - this really could change your life. There's even an iphone app - but I strongly recommend you read the book first though.

Paul Mckenna is a hypnotist and has his own weight loss system. I heard about him through Amazon, it was on the recommended for you page (thanks Amazon LOL!).

I bought his book ' I Can Make You Thin' and after finishing it in an hour, my whole life changed.
Pauls System is nothing to do with diets, nothing to do with eating healthily.. it's to do with HOW you eat, not WHAT you eat.

The book basically shows you how naturally slim people work. Remember, anyone and everyone has the ability to be naturally slim. It all depends on the programming of your mind.

There are four simple rules that you have to follow:
1) When you are hungry eat - don't starve, your body goes into starvation mode and stores fat.
2) Eat what you want, not what you think you should - have you noticed how your naturally slim friends eat what they want.. if you forbid yourself from something.. you will want it MORE!!
3) Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful - I used to chow down my dinner in 5 minutes - now I enjoy it and I end up eating less :)
4) When you think you are full, stop eating -I used to eat until I finished everything on the plate, even if I was full to the point of nausea (eww!).

Ok so you might think.. ermm that's common sense. Yeah it is - but you'll be surprised at the number of people who eat unconciously, or eat when they're bored. I wish someone told me these simple rules before. I used to eat when I was bored or sad, and no matter what I ate, my hunger was never satisfied.

The book comes with a CD and the CD is also amazing. He hypnotises you and when you wake up you feel awakened and your mind subconciously follows the rules.

This is what I've been doing since last November, and I've been losing about 2kg a month. It's not super quick weight loss, but a good amount that will ensure that you are not losing too much weight. Remember - diets do not work. Paul empathises this so many times. With diets, your metabolism decreases and you end up putting the weight back on anyway.

I also started working out. I'm going to elaborate more on Paul's System and on my exercise regime - but just to tell you, I walk more now, exercise 3 times a week and use a powerplate.


Current weight: 53kg - 8.35 stones.
Weight Loss to date: 9kg or 1.42 stones.
Current size: Ranging from 6 in some shops to a 10 in others.

Here are some before/after pictures:

I'm wearing the same outfit - hopefully you guys can see the difference.

Some after photos:

I am going to be doing follow up posts regarding: Paul Mckenna, Exercise and some weight loss tips.

I haven't yet reached my ideal weight yet, but the path to this current weight hasn't been that hard. I still eat my fave foods, I eat more often now, my metabolism seems to have increased, and my skin and mood has improved a lot 'cos of the exercise. It's also a great feeling when people comment on how much you've lost.. it motivates me to maintain my current attitude to food.

Note: I am not affiliated with Paul Mckenna - I just strongly believe in his work! I've passed my book on to many friends and they too have lost weight. On some people this plan did not work because the results were slower compared to a diet and they gave up - but if you want something bad - you wouldn't give up!

Hope y'all enjoyed reading this overly long post!

Has anyone tried Paul Mckenna yet?
How do you keep healthy?

Love from Roshas xx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Holiday Shopping Time!

Wooooo it's summer =D i love wearing pretty things in the summer! In the winter I always cover up my pretty clothes with a coat , so summer is the time to embrace all :)

I'm going to Egypt soon and so holiday shopping is key to having a blissful holiday (according to me lol!)

Anywho, I went to Primark today.. I LOVE Primark. Every time I go, I cannot resist the amazing bargains! The only downside is the fact that it is tooo busy; there are far too many people and I feel that everyone gets in my way.. my blood pressure level must go soaring high!!

Anyway, here's what I picked up:

This is my fave purchase! It's a gorgeous dress for the summer - with pretty flowers taking over it. My sister thinks it looks old fashioned, but I like a bit of vintage clothing ;) I love how well this dress fits, and the material is pretty thick. It cost £13, which is great for a dress of such high quality!!

This gorgeous top is only £5! I've got the same in black. It's quite long, and some people may choose to wear it as a dress but I'm going to wear it with jeggings (jeans+leggings=jeggings!). Trust me, it looks much better on!

Here is dress/top..which was only £5!! i LOVE this! You can wear it as a dress, but in London I feel really shy showing my I'm going to wear this with jeggings. I think this is great to wear if you are going to a restaurant..the loose material will ensure that your post-eating bloated tummy will be hidden! Say hello to my panda.. her name is Chloe :)

Here is the same top, but in white. For some reason, the blue top/dress didn't have those threads on the sides lol... anyway I love this too -but I prefer the blue one because navy blue is my favourite colour but this dress/top is even more summery and I will definitely be wearing this in Egypt! This cost me £5 - pretty amazing I must add!

How can one go shopping without buying swim wear? I decided to buy a full on swimming costume - my body is definitely not bikini ready (plus I'm too self conscious!). This was about £10 - quite steep for Primark (I am a bit cheap when it comes to shopping lol), but the quality and fitting justify it!

The next purchase were these gorgeous sandals. They were selling them in an array of colours, but I chose black because black goes with pretty much everything! They were selling them in orange, pink, white and gold. I wanted to pick some more up, but I was on a budget. These were only £4 - I was shocked when I found out!

These summery flip flops only cost me £1.50 - I always buy a pair for holiday.. I don't like taking loads of shoes on holiday 'cos they always get ruined!

I even bought a makeup bag (I have too many of them.. whyyy???) I've seen similar ones to these in River Island, but this one only cost me £2.50, which is a fraction of the price of RI ones! I love the fact that you can open it and you can actually see the products, instead of rummaging inside! You can see that I've even loaded it up, I got a teeny bit excited lol.

Last but not least, I bought a sports bra, it cost £3. Hopefully it will motivate me to exercise??

Hope y'all enjoyed this summery haul :)

What have you bought recently?
Anyone else going on holiday too?