Monday, 1 April 2013

Lil Miss Happy: 100 things number 8 +

Here are some more things that make me happy: (Click here to read my previous '100 things' posts)

Opening a package in the post

Falling for someone and feeling adored - probably the best feeling ever?

Flowers -  I just love them, especially after receiving a bouquet  at work for my birthday and for                Valentines day

I love driving - especially on the motorway. Listening to music whilst driving really calms me down and makes me happy!

I love chilling in my pyjamas. My job is quite demanding, so it's nice to make up for it by relaxing on a Sunday :)

I love staying in hotel rooms with amazing views 

Learning something new. That sense of accomplishment is a great feeling!

My job. I love my job - when I do well I feel extremely happy! Working hard is so worth it!

Sweets - I do try to eat healthily, but I just cannot resist sweets
Candlelit dinners - I went on Saturday night with my other half and it was so beautiful. I definitely cherished every single moment.