Monday, 27 September 2010

+ Lil Miss Review: Mac Fix Plus

Hi guys :) I haven't done a review in ages!! Anyway, I'm going to review the lovely Fix Plus spray by Mac. 

Fix plus is a product that some would regard as their Holy Grail Product, whilst others would regard it as a waste of money.

What Mac say:
An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber, topped off with the fresh, natural, energizing scent of Sugi. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. Spray it on. Skin drinks it up!

 I purchased this product last year because I loved the fact that it was some sort of setting spray. I have dry skin, and also use powder to set my makeup which is a recipe for disaster. Fix plus helps transform a powdery, caked up look into a more dewy look - perfect for the day time!

Price: £11.00
Longevity: I've had mine for nearly a year. I've got a about a quarter left of the spray. I feel like it is not working as well as it used to.
Usage: I use this product after I've done my makeup. I hold it about 20cm away from my face and spray it 3-4 times. I don't use this product before a night out or before taking photos - It makes my face look PLAIN GREASY.
Feeling: It really wakes you up and makes you feel invigorated. I only use this as a setting spray.. if I used it every time I felt sleepy - I would run out in a month lol! When you first spray it it makes your face look wet.. but after about 30 seconds.. your face looks dewy! I have extremely sensitive skin, and I was surprised that this didn't break me out :)
Packaging: It's Mac, hence looks very sleek. The nozzle head is not rotating as well as it used to... I guess everything deteriorates.
Tips: You can use this product to make eye shadows look even more pigmented on the eyelid. There are plenty of uses for this product. If you're interested,  just google them :)
Repurchase? Probably not. My skin has become slightly oily recently (since I've been taking omega 3 fish oil capsules to be precise). Fix + just seems to make it look even more oily. I love the fact that it really wakes me up and makes me feel like I'm wearing no makeup. I don't feel that it sets my makeup or makes it last any longer .The smell is refreshing, similar to that of a herbal essence shampoo. I may repurchase this product if my skin becomes dry.

 I know some people would just regard it as expensive water in a bottle, but I would never spray water on my face - it would completely dry it out! 

I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin.. or anyone who likes the dewy effect!

Edit (24/10/10): My skin has become much dryer recently (I blame central heating!) therefore I will repurchase Fix + :) It is actually amazing =D

Monday, 13 September 2010

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and out (September) =


Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My lovely brother got me all of the seasons as a pressie and I am loving them! I used to watch this show as a kid.. and I still enjoy it now. It's truly magical. I finally get all of the jokes lol!

Peppermint and Nettle tea. I've been loving this tea after my evening meal. It really helps to cleanse your system, oh and nettle tea is great for your skin! Woohoo!

Working out. I used to hate working out.. but now I feel so amazing afterwards, so for thirty minutes of feeling the burn you get 24 hours of feeling's totally worth it. Plus seeing a change in your body is great!

Leaving my hair natural.
Not only do I save time in the morning, but I save my hair from getting damaged due to high temperatures. Woohoo. I love looking at this website; something about it makes me appreciate the finer things in life :)

Vampire Diaries Season 2. Vampires Diaries is back on! Season 2 has started very well and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest. BTW I think Nina Dobrev is so so stunning! I want her hair!

Working. I'm really happy that I'm back to uni soon :) I love my part time job.. but it's very stressful and I end up coming home late which messes up my evening :(

Shimmery eyeshadows. I used to LOVE them, but now i prefer matte eyeshadows. I feel that matte eyeshadows can change the shape of your eye as they provide more definition and they are definitely more work friendly.
Straight hair. Dead straight hair doesn't suit me.. I like a bit of a wave. I feel that curly hair gives me more personality (I'm not saying that people with straight hair are boring.. I feel that it looks boring on me!)

Nail polish.
I used to love painting my talons in an array of colours, but now I can't be bothered. I have simply no patience to be sitting there watching paint dry, and I always end up smudging it grr! Also, my nails have become so brittle and weak as of late, and I feel that the nail polish has partly to blame.

I can't think of anything else! lol!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lil Miss Happy: Friends 21st Birthday Pics :+

Hello my pretties!

You may or may not have noticed.. but I have finally changed the template of my blog! It was looking a teeny bit dreary before.. but I have now chic'd it out and made it even more girly! Hope you guys like it :)

Also, I went to a party last night, here are some photos of last night. I didn't have time to take any close-up photos.. so you won't be able to see my eye makeup clearly :(

Dress: Boohoo
Heels: Primark

I kept it very simple with the jewellry.. I hate wearing lots of jewellry... especially on a night out.. it feels so uncomfortable!

Vintage pose??


  • Urban decay primer potion
  • Barry M Bronze dazzle dust all over lid.
  • Urban decay perversion on outer V and slightly on the crease.
  • Loreal Carbon Black liquid eyeliner on lash line and below waterline.
  • Sleek kajal eyeliner.. tight lined on upper waterline and on the waterline.
  • Loreal Voluminous Mascara (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
  • Naturalites Lashes no.101 (107 is much better but I lost my pair :( )
  • White colour from Sleek face and body highlighter in peach shimmer on brow bone.
  • Mac Studio fix powder foundation in C4.
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer on cheeks, forehead and nose for bronze glow. (My foundation is too light for me)
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer as a contour on cheekbones.
  • Mac refined golden bronzer on apples of cheeks.
  • Sleek face and body highligter in peach shimmer on high points of cheek bones (looks amazing on camera)
  • Mac select cover up concealor in NC30 on spots.
  • Mac select moisturecover in NW30 on under eyes.
  • Mac creme cup lipstick.
  • Mac frankly fresh lipgloss from Liberty of London collection.

I have hideously messy hair :O