Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lil Miss Healthy: Paul Mckenna and weight loss update :$

Hi guys! Sorry about being MIA! I've been really busy.. and highly stressed due to work! I'm going to be relaxing as much as I can this coming Bank Holiday Weekend.. woohoo!

Weight Loss Update
I just weighed myself last week and I've gone down to 52kg.. this time last year I was 62kg!!! I'm so happy that I've lost 10kg.. I've become so much more confident during the course of the year.. and being able to wear a size 8 (a size that used to daunt me in the past) is simply amazing! I have become more in touch and intuitioned with my body and mind.. and I havent starved myself either! Note: The photos don't show a Mahoosive difference in size. I've dropped about 2-3 dress sizes.. but my life has changed a lot!



Here's how I did it:

I lost weight thanks to a lovely bespecatabled man called Paul Mckenna.For those who do not know who Paul Mckenna is, he is a leading hypnotist. I came across his work on Amazon and I have never looked back since. I have written various posts about him.. and I will not be repeating any information.. hence I suggest you read both of my previous posts, here and here.

The first thing I bought was the 'I can make you thin' book.

I read this and listened to the CD that was provided. The CD that is provided helps you reprogramme your mind. Remember, weight loss is all in the mind.. and if we just changed the way we thought about food, then we can all have the ability to be naturally slim! When I first started my weight loss journey, I listened to the CD everyday. Believe it or not.. but the CD actually works! I listened to it in the evenings, and the next day I was eating slower and eating only when I was hungry, without even realising it. As I started to use his rules on a day to day basis, I listened to the CD about 3 times a week. Even nowadays, I listen to the mind programming CD about once a week - just in case! The CD really wakes you up.. there's even an iphone app that has the mind programming in it.. I really recommend that!

The second component I bought was the Paul Mckenna '90 day success journal''. This journal helped me motivate myself towards the weight loss.

You have to tick the following boxes everyday:
1)I ate when I was hungry
2)I ate what I really wanted
3) I ate consciously
4) I stopped when full
5)I drank water
6)I moved my body
7)I listened to the CD
8) I did the mirror exercise (on the back on book)

There's also two sections to fill in 'One Positive thing I noticed today' and 'What I'm looking forward to tomorrow'. I loved filling these sections in. Sometimes, I would have a really bad day, but I would focus on the positivity of the day - this made me a happier person too.

I really found this journal very helpful. I made sure I completed it everyday and it motivated me to follow the rules the next day. Paul Mckenna states that weighing yourself everyday is not a good idea as it is innaccurate and can worry you. He says that if you want a true indication, you should weigh yourself every 2 weeks, hence there is a section to fill in your weight. Also, there are quotes and mini exercises throughout the book - making the journal a bit more interesting! Furthermore, there's a section at the end that allows you to put in a before and after photo.. and you can even send it to him!

All in all... using his system and working out have led me to lose weight. I know someone who went on the LighterLife Diet, which involves substitutings special milkshakes for food. She went down from a size 18 to a size 8 within months.. but after she stopped have the milkshakes.. she put the weight back on. Remember... diets are for short term loss.. unless you plan on starving your body forever, I would not recommend going on a diet! I have been on this plan for over 6 months..and even though it has taken 10 months to lose 10kg, I haven't put the weight back on and I have done it in a safe way.

Pretty Little Tips:
  • Imagination is the key to weightloss.. not will-power. Imagine chocolate and eating it with hair. Craving gone? Hell yeah!!
  • Drink water! Your body confuses thirst with hunger.. so drink a glass of water first... and if you're still hungry.. eat!
  • Drink green tea - I've noticed my weight loss escalated since drinking this gem! Also.. my immune system seems to have strenghtened. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • If you've had a bad day by not following the rules.. don't give up. Just start again! Everybody makes mistakes!
  • Eat slowly. Try to take 20 bites per morsel.. eating slowly = eating less.FACT.
  • Avoid watching TV or reading whilst eating. Enjoy your food!
  • Imagine your ideal body - don't hate on your current body.. it will demotivate you.
  • Don't starve yourself - your body will go into starvation mode.
  • Take 2 steps up the stairs - great for your bottom!
  • I always walk up escalators.. no matter how tired I am. Trust me, these little changes will affect your weight loss!
  • Even though on the Paul Mckenna System, you can eat what you want, I still advice you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables - your skin, hair and mind will reap the benefits!
  • If you're craving food when you're not actually hungry.. do a simple activity to feed your emotional hunger such as taking a walk or reading a book.I used to eat a lot when I was bored - hence the weight gain.
Before and after :)

Remember, if I can do it.. so can you! Just believe in yourself.. and anything is possible!

Love from Roshas xx

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Lil Miss Natural: FOTD and OOTD * :) :% :£

Hello my lovelies :)

To celebrate Indian Independence day, I went off to have a recreational day with members of my cultural community - we played cricket (which I was surprisingly OK at lol), relaxed and ate lovely food.

I decided to keep my makeup simple (in fact - this is how I wear my makeup to work everyday). Most of my photos on my blog are of me wearing heavy makeup - even though I was still wearing quite a bit today.. it is much more toned down.

*Photo taken on Hipstamatic iphone app*

*weird smile*

*hair in face pose*

The makeup:

Eye makeup:
  • Urban decay primer potion.
  • Mac orb all over lid
  • Mac cork on the crease
  • Mac espresso on outer V.
  • Sleek gel eyeliner
  • Loreal Double Extend Mascara with eyelash serum.
  • Avon Colourtrend flirty eye gel in white on inner corner of the eye.
Face makeup:
  • Mac select cover up concealer in NC30 on any redness on my face.
  • Mac Select Moisturecover in NC40 under my eyes.
  • Mac loose powder in NC40 all over face - mainly my shiny t-zone.
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer as a contour on my cheekbones and temples.
  • Elf warm bronzer on cheeks - LOVE THIS STUFF!
  • Elf golden bronzer as highlight.
  • Mac fix + to set my makeup.
  • Mac lipstick in Cherish. (My favourite colour!)
  • Mac lipgelee in Slicked Pink to add an orange tinge to my lips.

The outfit

My outfit was pretty blah.. but it was good enough to play cricket in :)

Vest top - River Island
Cardigan - Primark
Jeggings- Primark

On another note.. has anyone tried ELF makeup?

Did you celebrate India Independence day?

Sunday, 1 August 2010

#Lil Miss Healthy: My exercise story#

This is a follow up post from my previous post on weight loss. I suggest you read that first to get an idea on my weight loss.

In my opinion, exercise should be a compulsory addition to your lifestyle.

Here are some advantages:
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Good for your skin.
  • Will improve your memory.
  • It improves your mood.
These are just some of the reasons why exercise is good for you.

You're probably wondering.. then why doesn't everyone do it? This is because people have a bad relationship with exercise.. they imagine themselves huffing and puffing in the gym..

Paul Mckenna says that exercise is simply moving.. moving a little faster so that your heart rate increases. You could do this by walking more. Remember - it's the little things that all add up to contribute to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I took this little piece of advice and decided to walk to the station when going to work.. and walk between stations if I had the time. Furthermore, I walk up escalators and stairs instead of taking lifts. All of this has contributed to my weight loss. You could even buy a pedometer to count the number of steps you walk. Paul Mckenna says that the difference in the number of steps walked by overweight and slim people is only 2000 steps. If you aim to walk more than 5000 steps.. you will see a difference in your weight.

Same pose. Different body.

Have you noticed something about naturally slim people - they seem to move around more, and fidget more. That's what I've been aiming to do. If I have nothing to do at work.. I just walk around. Every little helps lol.

Having said that, I wanted to tone up. You don't have to exercise to lose weight... but exercising will make you lose weight quicker.

I embarked on the 30 day shred plan (which I couldn't do everyday for a month because I find it difficult as it is) and I feel that this has changed my body. The 30 day shred is a DVD workout by Jillian Michael's, which aims to make your shred your weight! Here is my post on it. Not only have I become more toned, but I've become stronger. I use this about 3-4 times a week. As I'm working full time and I get home at 6.30 it has proven very difficult. The workout is only about 27 minutes though - which provides some sort of consolation. The good thing about this workout is that it works out your WHOLE body. It involves intensity training. It is a tough workout - but definitely worth it.
Doesn't Jillian have such a gorgeous body?

I've noticed something about exercise. If I do it once, my body yearns to do it the next day. Furthermore, it makes me very happy and smiley, and people always ask me 'why are you always so happy?' This makes me even MORE happy haha! I tend to work out before a night out - it makes me so hyper that I don't even need to drink alcohol! Additionally, I used to suffer from period pain - it was so bad that I used to cry. Since I've started working out, the pain has lessened and I've cut down from taking 6 pain killers to just one! Additionally, I used to be ill ALL the time before I started working out. I'd have the odd sniffle here and there. Now, I'm hardly ever ill .. last time I had a cold was December 2009.. just shows that my immune system has improved!!

Remember, our muscles are there for a reason - to be used. Our bodies are designed to move - so make most of your body!!

Before the 30 day shred workout, I used to use the treadmill. I have one at home - and tbh I don't like using it that much because it's soo boring .. but it did wonders for my legs. I started of doing 10 minutes.. then 20 a week later and now I can do 30 minutes of jogging and walking and sometimes running. I'm going to start using this again just to change my workout routine - it's good to change it every so often so your body doesn't get used to any workouts.

Another machine that I absolutely LOVE is the power plate machine. This machine works by vibrating continuously. All you have to do is stand on it, or bend down and you will feel your muscles working out. When I get off the machine, my whole body feels all tingly and lightweight! I do this everyday for about 10 minutes, and trust me it tones your body up so quickly!

I know I have totally contradicted myself in this post by saying that you just need to move more, but that is a good option for anyone embarking on a healthy lifestyle plan. Just start off slowly and then you'll become stronger, fitter and leaner.

Mini-exercise tips:
  • Imagine your ideal body when exercise. Imagine you look slim, fit and beautiful - with a massive smile on your face.
  • Move around more.
  • Invest in a pedometer to count the number of steps you walk. Try to increase it every week.
  • Shut your bedroom door, put on your favourite tunes and just dance. Sweat it out too! (I love doing this haha)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. and found some of the tips useful.

How do YOU maintain a healthy lifestyle?