Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lil Miss Indulgent: White rabbit tea house in Nottingham +

About a month ago, I went to the lovely White Rabbit Tea House in Nottingham, which I found out about through reading blogs.

Tucked on a side street near Nottingham shopping centre, White Rabbit tea house serves homemade cakes, scones, sandwiches, as well as tea, coffee and hot chocolate - all served in traditional china. 

I have been to many places for afternoon tea, but White Rabbit Tea House was my favourite - not only were the prices reasonable, but the service was friendly and efficient, the decor was beautiful (it had an old fashioned feel to it, which I love) and the food was delightful. 

I suggest getting there for about 12pm because it gets really busy after that as there's only a few tables (which adds to the cosy atmosphere).

The visit inspired me to buy some old fashioned china - I think I'm turning into a granny day by day!

There are currently two White tea rabbit houses in Nottingham, and I am hoping that it will there will be more tea houses - hopefully in London.

Would I go back again? Definitely, even though it's a good two and a half hour drive from my house.

Have you ever been to the White Rabbit tea house?

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lil Miss Healthy: The benefits of Fenugreek +

In the past week, I have been consuming fenugreek on a daily basis. 


Fenugreek is a plant and the seeds are used to make medicine.  My parents have been consuming fenugreek for the past few years and my mother recently told me the health benefits of it:

  1. It can control diabetes. I am not diabetic but I do worry that I will get diabetes! My mother has type 2 diabetes, but since she has been taking fenugreek everyday, her diabetes is now under control. Even the GP was shocked to see the difference! 
  2. It aids digestion - if you're digestive system is working well, your skin will look better
  3. It suppresses your appetite - the soluble fibre swells in your stomach which will make you feel fuller for longer. I have noticed that I am snacking less in the morning after taking fenugreek
  4. It can help to stave off viruses 
  5. Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of antioxidants
How do I consume it?

My mother simply soaks the fenugreek seeds overnight in hot water. In the morning, I rinse out the seeds, add warm water and swallow the seeds. I didn't enjoy doing it at first, but when I noticed how much better I felt after taking it, I added it to my daily routine! 

Have you tried fenugreek before?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Lil Miss Glammed up: Party face of the night

Partying and me don't go too well. The bother of dressing up, loud music and feeling exhausted the next day are my ideas of hell - I prefer going to restaurants instead (food is my first love).

Having said that, I did manage to go to a party a few weeks ago, and I actually enjoyed getting dressed up. Out came the Barry M dazzle dusts and fake eyelashes - as well as some shameful 'selfies'

How the makeup turned out - I decided to contour less and focus more on the eyes

A genuine smile :)

A very awkward smile

My eyelash application needs working on lol

  • Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C40.
  • Mac moisture cover concealer in NC30
  • Mac Peaches blushes
  • Mac vanilla pigment for highlight
  • Too faced shadow insurance as an eyeshadow primer
  • Barry M dazzle dust number 44 on the lid
  • Mac Cork eyeshadow on the crease.
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in perversion on the outer V.
  • Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner to line the upper lid
  • Urban Decay Pencil eyeliner in black to line the waterline.
  • Mac vanilla pigment in the inner rims of the eyes as well as the brow bone.
  • Eyelure lashes in 101. 
  • Bobbi Brown lipstick in Carnation
  • Mac lipstick in Freckletone  
 What makeup do you wear on a night out?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lil Miss Homely: New home decor bits +

Home decor seems to interest me more than beauty products these days! It's Autumn and I tend to hibernate more in my bedroom (I don't like the cold!)

 Here are some lovely pieces I've purchased for my room in the last few months :)

My new mirror from eBay. I would love to have a French style dressing table but my room isn't big enough! I decided to purchase this mirror instead which makes my room look so much more elegant! 

I love tea lights - especially LED tea lights which are more cost effective (and safer!) I purchased the bird cage from eBay and the little house tea light holder from Debenhams!

I know this doesn't come under home ware but I love the new iPhone 5s - the thumbprint scanner saves me a lot of time, the gold colour is beautiful, the processing is much quicker and the camera quality has vastly improved (I used to have the iPhone 4s)

Are you into home decor?

Lil Miss Organised: My new lipstick holder +

I have been looking for different ways to organise my makeup without taking up too much space.

When I found this lipstick holder on eBay I purchased it immediately. It holds 24 lipsticks, is very compact and allows me to organise my lipsticks well (the most used ones are at the front). 
It only cost me £2.99 (free delivery too!) 

How do you store your lipsticks?