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Lil Miss Sporty - 'Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism' first impression review

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well :)

Here is another blog post on a work out DVD - I love  them lol!!

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism is one of Jillian's latest workout DVDs.

''Fire up your metabolism with TVs top trainer, Jillian Michael's, and lose big with her fierce formula that adds strength and ab moves to dynamic cardio for increased fat loss. This 40-minute circuit workout blasts your heart rate with challenging intervals to turn up the burn and melt off the pounds. Whether you're just getting started, or ready for a hard-core workout, Jillian will help you reveal a ripped, lean body''

Before you carry on reading, this is a 'first impressions' review; I have only used this DVD once and I want to give you my initial thoughts. I will do a full review on the effectiveness of it after a couple of months.

I love Jillian Michael's work out DVDs. I also workout to the 30 day shred but I wanted to buy another DVD as I felt that my body was getting used to the 30 day shred. It's always good to give your body a challenge!

The DVD contains:
  • A 5 minute warm up
  • The 40 minute cardio circuit which is broken up into seven six-minute circuits
  • A 5 minute cool down.
 All in all, the workout is 50 minutes long! This is a MASSIVE jump from 30 day shred, which is a mere 20 minutes! I was actually dreading using this DVD, but it was not that bad. The first five circuits are bearable - I could do most of the moves. Unfortunately, it does get harder (which is good I guess) and I was unable to do some of the moves due to sheer fatigue! Even though this is wholly marketed as a cardio workout, there is some element of ab and strength exercises. Some of the ab workouts are done standing up - very unusual and interesting! You do a certain group of exercises for three minutes and then repeat - this is basically one circuit. There are a lot of plyometric moves - these focus on fast, explosive movements such as doing a squat jump. Apparently this is one of the best ways to lose weight and increase your metabolism.If you're familiar with the 30 day shred workout, mainly level 3, you will know what I'm talking about!

Method: My 21st birthday party is coming up (in 2 months lol) and I want to look as fit as a fiddle lol - that is my motivation! I would not use this as the only form of workout though. It is quite intensive and  I don't want to tire my body out therefore doing it 2-3 times a week will suffice. I've read that teaming this up with the Jillian Michael's 'No more Trouble Zones' is highly effective. I haven't got this DVD yet but I'm definitely considering it. Remember, this DVD is mostly cardio and a bit of abs (there is a specific abs circuit) so it's good to do something different the next day - such as a strength exercise or maybe something lighter. Another thing about this DVD is that you have the ability to choose which circuits you would like to do - however I would not feel satisfied.. I need to do every circuit for that!
How did you feel after the exercise? OK this has NEVER happened to me before. After the workout, I showered and then ate a full Indian dinner. I probably ate more than I usually do (I was starving). I then watched TV for an hour, and after the programme had ended - I was hungry again. I could literally feel the fat burning. I woke up the next day feeling slimmer. I even looked it. It was such an amazing feeling. My knees did feel a bit sore though! 
Would you recommend it? I would highly recommend it. Even though I have only tried it once, I literally felt the fat burning. It is not as super intensive as 30 day shred level 2.. there is a much slower pace but it does get faster and tougher. There are some very similar moves to 30 day shred; if you're a fan of the 30 day shred, I would highly recommend this! Jillian is a great trainer - she is highly motivating and gets to the point. Just like the 30 day shred she is with 2 other girls who both have amazing bodies - even more of an incentive!

Would you recommend it to beginners? Yes and No. The reason that I'm a bit indecisive is because it is seriously not that bad (I still struggle with some aspects of the 30 day shred) and if you do find it difficult then you can always pick the circuits you want to do. It does get harder though - I would say my fitness is a tiny bit above average and I did struggle but I wanted to struggle. If I found the exercise far too easy then I wouldn't feel as if I worked out enough.

Sorry about the overly long post, I'm trying to be as thorough as possible! I hope you enjoyed reading this review. I am not affiliated with Jillian Michael's whatsoever even though it looks like it lol.

Love from Rosh xx

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lil Miss Sporty: 30 Day Shred Review *

For all those who have not heard about the 30 day shred - where have you been? I think that the '30 day shred' workout DVD is the most coveted workout DVD on fashion and beauty blogs!

For those who actually don't know what it is - it is a workout DVD that involves only 20 minutes of exercise. There are three levels. You're meant to do this DVD for 30 days, doing level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for another 10 days and level 3 for another!

Each 20 minute work out contains:
  • One 2 minute warm-up
  • Three 6 minute circuits featuring:
  • 3 minutes strength
  • 2 minutes cardio
  • 1 minute abs
  • One 2 minute cool down.

The DVD is by Jillian Michaels, the trainer in 'The biggest loser USA'.

Here is my previous blog post on the 30 days shred.

I haven't really tried many workout dvds.. only Davina Fit and Bollyrobics (this is utter crap lol) but 30 day shred is the winner, hands down. I love how Jillian Michaels gets to the point. She really motivates you and makes you wanna work out and lose the weight.

Let me summarise the different levels:

Level one:
This is in no doubt, my favourite level. I used to find this really difficult, when I first did it I could barely feel my legs. Even though I find it kinda easy now, I still feel toned the next day and I feel that it's a nice, moderate exercise. There are some really tough moves that I have not yet mastered - one being the push up. I can barely do two push ups :( Like with all the levels, there are two trainers with Jillian.. one doing a slightly easier workout and the other doing the intensive one. I can do most of the intensive moves in the level.

Level two:
This is my least favourite level. It is so,so much harder than level one! Even though I have done it about twenty times.. I still struggle! I still end up collapsed on the floor! I find that this is the level that will make you feel exhausted and it also involves the most cardio-vascular work! It is really tough - the strength and the cardio. I tend to be ok with cardio - I find it the easiest out of abs and strength but this level involves lots of plank moves, which i hate! Plank moves involve you being on all fours and moving your legs - I hate it, but it is highly effective!

Level three:
This is the last level, and to be honest it is not as bad as level 2! When I first tried level 3 I swore to myself that I would never do it again. It was sooo immense. Two weeks later, I tried it again and it wasn't that bad. Some of the moves will make you howl in pain but I find that it gives me amazing results the next day. I look noticeably more toned! I would not do this more than once a week though - I feel that it would make my arm muscles really bulky! I don't want big biceps thank you very much - just a slight definition would suffice.

Method: I do this every other day - changing levels, e.g one day I will do level 1, the day after that I would do level 3 and so on. You also need some hand weights and a mat (if you're working out on a hard surface) to do the workouts.
Has it made a difference to your body? - yes! I have been trying to lose weight since last November, and my weight loss would have been much slower in progression without this DVD. The fact that it is only 20 minutes leaves no excuse. What is 20 minutes (actually it's 27 mins cos Jillian explains everything but all in all you're working out for a mere 20 minutes). I like the fact that there is interval training involved - this helps you burn fat faster. My body does look kinda toned - my waist line has shrunk. There seems to be more definition in my body. Don't worry - you won't end up in bulky arms... just avoid doing level 3 a lot and you'll be fine :)
Would you recommend it? - DEFINITELY. It is amazing. If you don't believe me, go on Amazon and look at all of the wonderful reviews. The dvd only costs £5.99! That's nothing considering it will have a huge impact on your health.

Moving on:
As much as I love this dvd.. I feel that my body has become used to it - my weight is plateuing. I want to venture out in the DVD workout world. I do love Jillian's Style therefore I recently purchased 'Banish Fat Boost Metabolism' by her. I have not received this yet, but I will do a first impressions review as soon as I use it. I would also love 'No more trouble zones' by Jillian, but Amazon keep changing the prices! It used to be £11.99 and now it is suddenly £15.99 - I know I'll probably get it anyway but 16 is a lot for a work out dvd!

 Hope you found this review somewhat useful!

Love from Roshas xxx

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Lil Miss Generous: 200 Follower Mac Giveaway! *

Hello my lovely, beautiful readers!!
I can't believe I have reached 200 Followers!
I started blogging back in April (after being an avid reader of blogs for over a year) and I finally plucked up the courage and decided to blog about the things I love in life!
I wanted to do a giveaway to thank all the lovely all the lovely comments you write (you guys seriously make my day) and to all  the advice that you give to me
Ok, onto the Giveaway.
As you may know, I LOVE Mac. There are many things I hate about Mac (The customer service being one of them.. and their liquid foundations which have ruined my skin) but there are many things I like.
  I LOVE their Lipsticks and their Eyeshadows. They have such an amazing range. Even though the eyeshadows aren't perfect - they are some of the best I've tried! 
Therefore, I will be giving away 
  • 1  Lipstick  
  • 1 Eyeshadow
     of your choice ;)

 The Rules:
  • You have to be a follower of my blog :)
  • To get one entry, just comment below and type 'enter me'
  • For an extra three entries, either do a blog post about my Giveaway or post a picture and link in your sidebar. Please remember to let me know if you blog or post a link though by giving me the direct link to your blog. You can use the picture above this text :)
  •  Make sure you write the Lipstick and Eyeshadow shade in the comment section below.You don't have to write it if' you're not can tell me when you win.
  • Remember if you win.. your lipstick or eyeshadow may not be in stock - therefore keep backup choices. Ofcourse, don't forget to type 'enter me'
  • Please leave your email address. I will contact you if you win and you have only 72 hours to reply otherwise I will choose another winner!
  • This contest is international! 

This contest will end on 14th December 2010 at 23:59 GMT so you have a whole month to enter! Woohoo!
Good Luck everyone - and once again.. thank you xxx

Lil Miss Luminous: Diwali Party Face of the Night +

Hi everyone - again! My second post of the day - I am totally making up for the lack of posting lol!
Anyway - if you're wondering why this post is called 'Lil Miss Luminous' it is because Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Light! It was actually last Friday but the party we attended was yesterday!
Be warned - I look caked up! Plus I only had 45 minutes to get ready (including hair, makeup and putting on the sari) as I had come back from Scotland at 6.15 and we had to leave at 7pm! I literally piled on the makeup - oops lol!

  • Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C4 all over my face using the sponge provided.
  • Mac Select Moisture Cover Concealer in NW30 on my dark circles. ( I didn't apply concealer on my spots because the foundation covered it quite well and so did my hair haha!). I used my fingers to apply the concealer.
  • Benefit Hoola on cheek bones, temples, bridge of nose, chin and jawline to make up for the skin colour difference between face and neck . I used the Sigma SS150 to apply it.
  • Sleek Contour kit in Medium to contour my invisible cheekbones. I did not use the highlighter in the compact because it's pretty rubbish. I used the B1 angled brush from Crown Brushes. I am in LOVE with the Sleek Contour Kit - it is amazing. Full review coming soon!
  • The Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset on apples of cheeks using the Sigma SS168 angled brush.
  • Sleek Highlighting combo in Peach Shimmer for highlight using the SS168 angled brush.
  • Two Faced Shadow insurance as an eyeshadow primer - to keep everything in its place ;) ( I used my fingers to apply it)
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze all over lid! I seriously love this colour. It is my Holy Grail Eyeshadow colour for parties. I used the SS239 brush to apply it.
  • Urban Decay Perversion eyeshadow on outer corners to create the sought after 'Cat Eye' using the Elf Professional Blending Eye Brush' :)
  • Sleek Ink Pot in Black to outline the upper and lower (lower 3/4) lash line using the SS209 brush, for a little bit of definition.
  • Urban Decay Eyeliner in Zero in waterline for added definition.
  • Collection 2000 Volume Sensation Mascara on lashes.
  • Eyelure Lashes in No.107 to add a glamorous touch to my barely there lashes.
  • Benefit Eyebright on Brow Bone and Inner Corner of Eyes to make them appear bigger 
  • Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup for a pinky, neutral touch to my heavy makeup!
  • Mac Lip Gelee in Slicked Pink to add more of a peach twist to Creme Cup. (This is not sold at Mac anymore :( )
I then changed my mind and wanted more definition. I was wearing a Sari after all :P
  •  So I wore Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Cranberry for a slightly darker lip. (This is my mums lipstick - however I am considering buying it now!) I wore this lipstick over the top of Creme Cup and Slicked pink - they slightly changed the colour!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

 For reference to the brushes here is my previous post.

Love from Roshas x

Lil Miss Happy: Back from Scotland! :)

Hello my lovely cupcakes!

I am finally back from Scotland - I went there with my uni friends to attend a conference.

What can I say - it was amazing! I love the people of Scotland - so polite, respectful and friendly. My heart actually melted there - I am not used to strangers being so nice to me! I guess it's because I come from London, and the habitants tend to be a wee bit ruder lol! are some photos that I took there :) 

I took some more photos but I did not want to bore you guys! Sorry about the quality of the photos - it was super duper windy.. and ever so rainy - I just couldn't be bothered lol

Expect some more blog posts from me today! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Have you been to Scotland? xx

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out (October) =


 Eating healthily - since my metabolism has gone up I've been eating lots of fast foods - because they taste good and fill me up very quickly. This has led to my skin looking very dull therefore I have decided to eat healthily from now on. Eating fruits gives me energy - and does wonders for my body, so why not?♥

I watched Saw 3D on Saturday and thought it was rubbish, however I LOVE the Saw series. The Saw film series is  completely different to other horror movies. This franchise involves people who take their life for granted fighting for it. It is truly gory and disgusting to watch and has a good message behind it (to be grateful about life) even though it has been done in a despicable manner.♥

I have been loving H&M. To be honest I used to think it was very overrated. I used to go into the shop and come out empty handed as nothing would appeal to me. Recently I have been LOVING it. I much prefer it to Primark (where it's super crowded and super messy) and it has decent pricing compared to other retailers. The clothes are really fashionable and affordable and I am loving the online shop - it shows you how to wear the outfit!! I seriously cannot get enough of this shop.♥

Warm water and lemon. I love to drink this before breakfast time and after dinner. I feel that it cleanses my system. I have noticed that my digestion has improved. It also tastes delicious!!♥

Straight hair. I kept it naturally curly last month but my hair has gone very dry since then. When I straighten my hair, it always looks so shiny and sleek. :)♥

Dresses. Christmas is coming up shortly and so are many of my friends birthdays. That means PARTY PARTY PARTY! I've been on the lookout for cheap and pretty dresses. I can't wait! December is my favourite month - everyone seems so cheerful :)♥


My skin has become so sensitive recently. I tried the Mac Face and Body Foundation - and it broke me out like crazy! I tried the Bobbi Brown Skin finish foundation (most perfect colour and coverage ever) and this broke me out too. I hate having sensitive skin. I've cut down on the number of products I am using and starting to eat much more healthily.

Being lazy. The cold autumn nights have made me curl up in bed instead of doing anything productive. I find it too cold to sit at my desk and study. This needs to stop or I'll fail lol.

I have been getting rid of any products that contain 'Sodium Laureth Sulphate' (SLS). It can cause irritation and cause the skin to dry. I have dry/oily t-zone and sensitive skin. This chemical will make my skin worse! I was surprised as to how many of the products I owned actually contained this toxic ingredient. Naturally I could not get rid of every product but I feel as though my skin is slowly improving. 

Desperate Housewives used to be my all time favourite show. I currently feel that it is not as good as it used to be. I can understand why - the show is currently airing season 7.. maybe they are running out of ideas? I still like the show, but I liked it better in the previous seasons. 

Rude people. I hate it when people are nasty, rude and vindictive.. who actually likes it? I always try to make an effort with people, although I'm quite shy at times. It annoys me when people give me silent treatment for no reason. I was bullied as a teenager and I still can't get over the fact that bullying occurs within the workplace (can't people just grow up??) :(

Monday, 1 November 2010

Lil Miss Excited: HM OFFER! *

HM is currently doing an offer - you can get any of these dresses for £3.99!!♥♥
Xmas is coming up so cheap dress will be very useful lol ♥♥
Only one dress a customer ♥♥
Click here to visit the site ♥♥
HURRY up, this is guaranteed to be a sell out.♥♥
Obviously take into account delivery charges!♥♥
I've ordered the leopard print one :) so excited to wear it ♥♥

 love from roshas ♥♥♥♥

Lil Miss Sweet: Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume Review :$

Hello my pretties!

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday. I get Monday mornings off woo!

Anyway, onto the perfume review.

I first heard about this year upon watching Blair, from Juicystar07 on Youtube. She mentioned that her favourite perfume was Pink Sugar. I avidly 'Googled' it and immediately wanted to buy it because of its' sweet aroma.

NOTES: Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood and powder.  

I love sweet smelling perfumes. I used to love Britney Spear's Fantasy perfume but I much prefer this.

For me it smells like cotton candy, caramel and vanilla with a hint of citrus, which makes the perfume much more enticing. Britney Spears' Fantasy on the other hand is more fruity and I became bored of it quickly because it actually made me feel sick! If you've ever tried Starbucks Caramel Hot Chocolate - this smell is very similar and will make you want to crave it too!

I literally fell in love with this perfume when I first tried it and I've bought my second bottle already. I've had lots of compliments about this perfume - from people of all ages and even guys!! People actually go crazy for this scent, this girl kept saying ' there's something in this room that smells so sweet.. it smells like cakes'. 

This perfume is not widely known in the UK so it's great for originality if you live in the UK

Price: £27.90 for 100ml which is pretty good! I bought it from
Longevity: I bought this perfume over a year ago and have been spritzing it every other day therfore I have a teeny bit left. I did have 50ml and now I've bought the 100ml version. I have never finished a perfume in my life, so you can tell I LOVE this. I like the fact that this scent is very versatile - you can wear it in any season. i prefer 'FRESH' scents in summer, but the hint of citrus allows me to wear it then. The perfumes lasts a good six hours - to further intensify it use vaseline or the pink sugar mousse ( I don't have this but it should work).
Smell: I LOVE sweet caramel, vanilla scents. In my opinion, if you like Fantasy by Britney Spears, you will LOVE this :)
Packaging: It comes in a candy cane patterned circular box which i use to store my pennies in. The actual bottle itself is nice - not too tacky - but the ink on the bottle has worn off (naturally).
Tips: I read that you should put it on your hair to make it last longer. I like to use it every other day to prevent my nose from getting used to the scent. i LOVE smelling it on myself :)
Repurchase? Definitely. I already have lol my sister loves it too and my mum hates it (she prefers flowery scents).
There is also a more 'adult' version out called Pink Sugar Sensual. To be honest i'M very happy with the original one :)
I personally believe the perfume is targetted at teens but I'm not a teen and i love it. I've had compliments from older ladies too if that makes a difference lol. 

This perfume is like Britney Spears' fantasy - a hit or a miss for some.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this review.

                       What's your favourite perfume?

                                      NOTE -  i am not affiliated with Aquolina or :)

                       love from roshas x