Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lil Miss Refreshed: New years resolutions %

Yes it's true, if you wanted something bad you would change yourself NOW. Conversely, I still believe that a New Year denotes a new start. It is a great time to motivate yourself :)

Here are my new years resolutions for 2012: 

Forgive and Forget.
This is probably the hardest resolution ever for me (yes, even harder than working out and eating healthily). I try my hardest to be kind to people, but when they do wrong to me, I never forgive or forget (even if it happened 5 years ago). I don't think I'll be able to completely stop holding grudges, but I'm going to try my hardest to forgive and forget. I'm also going to focus on peoples' positive side as opposed of their negative side.

Be more upfront:
I hate arguments and confrontation, but I'm going to try and be more upfront with people (not in a rude way). I've realised that no matter how lovely you are, you won't be liked by everyone. That's fine by me, I don't like everyone so I don't expect for everyone to like me :) 

 Keep up with working out:

I am proud of myself for losing weight and keeping it off. I still want to make sure I don't change, and I'm also going to try and up my work out regime :) Working out really helps give you more control in the rest of your life. When I exercise, I don't feel like eating junk food or eating emotionally :) 

Procrastinate less:
This one speaks for itself, in fact, I am doing it right now. I need to get things over and done with :) 

Read more: 
I'm going to start reading more books instead of going on Twitter or watching movies. My spelling has become atrocious recently, so drastic actions need to be taken! 

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Friday, 30 December 2011

Lil Miss Reminiscent: Favourite products of 2011 +

This year, I haven't been very experimental with makeup or skin care. I've been using the same old stuff and I've been loving it! I used to be a bit more obsessed about makeup but it has definitely taken a back seat this year! I used to love dressing up, but now it doesn't excite me as much. I don't know what has happened to me? 

Here are a few of my favourite products of 2011:

Neal and Wolf Shine Spray - I couldn't live without this! It really makes your hair shiny. Click here to read more.

Nothing can beat Loreal Voluminous - my favourite mascara ever! :)

I found love with Mac Refined Golden Bronzer this year!

Amie Skincare - I've been using this since December 2010. (Full review coming soon)

Barry M lipstick No. 62 (bright, but it actually suits me!), Max Factor lipstick in Pink Brandy (this is a great mixing colour), Bobbi Brown lipstick in Carnation (my summer lippie) and Revlon Lipstick in Cinnamon Bronze (my 'Fall' colour).

Art Deco eyeshadow in no.29 (perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight)

Orly nail polish in Stone Cold (the most vibrant dark blue, with a surplus of glitter), Star Gazer polish in no. 313 (my all time favourite), Ciate paint pot in Kitten Heels (long lasting and gorgeous). Orly nail polish in Night Owl (the perfect nude, read my review here) and Barry M nail paint in Fuchsia (my summer colour).

Honey as a face mask. If only I had discovered this before. This helps keep your skin looks supple, feeling smooth and also lightens acne scars. I purchased mine from Sainsbury's. Here is my review on it.

Garnier Roll on in Medium. It's not perfect but it acts as an eye cream as well as a concealer. It brightens my under eyes without looking cakey. :)
HD Brows Set - defining your brows makes a massive difference to your face. I love this product!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Lil Miss Fluffy: Denman hairbrushes review :)

Whenever I go to the hairdressers, I always get told off for not brushing my hair enough. I used to think that brushing your hair often would cause it to fall out more. In fact, it's really good for your hair :)

Brushing your hair:
  • Makes your hair shiny.
  • Removes any dirt or grease.
  • Increases blood circulation.
Obviously it's bad to brush your hair too much! 

I was sent some Denman brushes a while back, and I've been using them pretty much everyday! Denman hair brushes are the cream of the crop of hair brushes! They feel heavy compared to the average hair brush but definitely help tame your hair! As I have very tangly hair, I tend to brush the bottom of my hair first and then brush from the crown (trust me, it helps!)

The first brush is the Denman D83 Large Paddle Brush. ''The Denman Paddle brush is perfect for gently grooming long, thick hair. Ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad to penetrate, smooth and straighten the hair. The matt finish handle provides grip and control.'' I use this once my hair is completely dry, and before I straighten it. It is very good at removing any tangles.
The second brush is the Denman D3 Medium 7 Row Styling Brush. ''Medium styling brush with 7 rows of nylon pins. The famous Denman anti-static rubber pad provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying for shaping hair. The most famous styling brush in the world!''. I use this when I blow dry my hair, and I also use this during days when I don't style my hair :) It's my favourite brush - and it makes my hair look so much healthier!

You can purchase Denman brushes from their website, Boots or from Amazon :) They are much more expensive than your average brush, but they are of the finest quality (hairdressers use them too) and are definitely worth a purchase :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lil Miss Happy: 1 Hundred things +

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be happier. I would say that I'm generally a very happy person, but the sky's the limit when it comes to being happy, therefore my aim is to count my blessings everyday. Even though it's my New Years Resolution, I am going to start now ;)

I once saw a lady who was both hard of hearing and blind. Instead of moaning about it she told me that she counted her blessings everyday! This made me really emotional, but also made me appreciate the little things in life :)

I'm going to post 10 things that make me happy - 10 times! Life is too short to focus on the negative aspects of life! It's your life - it's your choice - so make it a good one ;)

Note: These are in no particular order.

1) Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream
2) Starbucks 

 3) My family

4) Sour skittles

 5) Blogging

6) Puppies

 7) Babies

 8) Saving money

9) Relaxing and feeling stress free

10) Ferrero Rocher's

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lil Miss Glamorous: Dresses I love!

Apart from makeup, I love dresses! Even though I don't go out as much as I used to, I still love looking at dresses! This is the ultimate party season, so I've listed a few of my favourite dresses from different brands:

Lilyana Contrast Lace Body Belted Skater Dress (£24.99)

Zilla Cross Over Tailored Dress (£26.99)

Bettinah Contrast Panelled Bodycon Dress (£29.99)


Jen Skater Dress with Bow (£20.00)

Jools High Neck Cut Out Shoulder Detail Bodycon Dress (£18.00)

Dorothy Perkins

Red lace top dress (26.00)


Lipsy Cut Out Jewelled Dress (£70.00)

Lipsy Sequin Flower Embellished Dress £65.00

These are my picks! I know it may be too late to purchase some of these items, especially if you have parties in the next few days, but you can always wear them next year ;)

Which dresses do you like?

*Sorry about the blurry images! I had to print screen some of the images.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Lil Miss Healthy: Tracy Anderson Mat Method Review +

Hi guys! I'm very sorry about the lack of blogging - I was bogged down with exams so my priorities were shifted. Now that I've got three weeks off, expect a lot more blog posts!

I could not think of a more appropriate blog post to do, now that it's Christmas time. I do love to indulge, but I also love to remove any guilt by working out! This is my latest addition to my vast workout DVD collection (thanks to Nicola for recommending it to me).

Who is Tracy Anderson?
Tracy Anderson is a celebrity personal trainer and former dancer. Her clients include: Madonna, Shakira, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Richie. This gave me even more of an incentive to do this workout!

"Truly is a miracle... you will see the results you never thought possible." Gwyneth Paltrow
"I love Tracy Anderson's Method! Her approach to exercise is smart, creative and empowering. I believe Tracy can transform any woman." Shakira

 What is the DVD low down?
The purpose of this Mat Workout DVD is to re-engineer your muscular structure, wake up your accessory muscles, pull in your larger muscles and shift your shape into something you never knew you could achieve. The DVD is the perfect companion to my Dance Cardio Workout DVD but equally can be done on its own - the moves are easy to follow and provide amazing results. No specialist equipment required--Tracy recommends weight exercises for the arms to be performed using a 500ml bottle of water in each hand. (I use 3 pound weights for this workout)

This DVD is very different to all my other DVDs. The DVD incorporates Pilates, yoga and ballet moves. I use this as a toning workout. Tracy states that you should do this workout 4-6 times a week. This isn't always feasible, therefore I try to do this 2 times a week. I truly enjoy doing this workout - the music is peaceful and relaxing. I always look forward to it :)

How long is the DVD?
The workout is 60 minutes long. There are 7 segments, as well as a warm up and cool down,

5 minute warm-up
Standing leg toning exercises (a chair will be needed for support) - this is quite tough! I can feel my love handles burning away! There are two separate segments for this.
Standing ab exercises - I found this difficult at first because it's quite fast but I really enjoy doing it.
Two sets of arm exercises, one including light weights, one without- this is definitely the toughest arm workout I have EVER done! I am always so close to giving up! It is very painful but totally worth it.
Floor leg/bum exercises - this workout is not as hard as the other segments. You will be on the floor so make sure you have enough space.
Floor abs - I can feel my abs burning within seconds. I love the rotations that Tracy Anderson uses, in order to excite your accessory muscles.
Cool down.

Has it made a difference to your body?
I've done this workout every single week (I have had it for over a month now) and I've noticed that my 'muffin tops' have shrunk, my arms look more toned and my posture has improved :) You do need to incorporate it with cardio in order to see the benefits. I don't always have time to workout for more than an hour, but I do try to walk during the day.

What is Tracy Anderson like?
The biggest criticism is the lack of instructions for some of the moves, especially during the 'Floor abs' section. I cannot always see my laptop when I am doing the moves, and Tracy doesn't always tell you when she is moving onto the next move. This is slightly frustrating! I do like Tracy though - she doesn't speak much, she is definitely not as intimidating as Jillian Michael's and she also has the tendency to pout during the workout, which is fine by me because I love to pout ;)

The workout can be done if you've had something to eat as it doesn't make you run out of breath. I also love the music and the fact that Tracy doesn't talk too much! You can also customise the workout by choosing the segments that you would like to do :) .

Lack of instructions, therefore it may not be suitable for beginners.

Where can I buy it from?
I purchased mine from Amazon  for a mere £6.67.

Have you tried this workout?
How do you stay healthy?

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lil Miss Natural: Orly Nailpolish in 'Nite Owl'

 I have to admit, I have lots of nail polishes! Even though I have a vast collection, I don't have any nude colours, well until Orly sent me 'Nite Owl'. 

You may or may not have heard of Orly! If you read beauty magazines you will know that the brand is often sported by celebrities. Orly was founded by Jeff Pink in 1975, who was motivated by a simple idea: to innovate natural nail care. All of the products are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

This nail polish is from Orly’s new autumn collection, Birds of a Feather. The collection uses iridescent shades and a strong palette to create varnishes which are reminiscent of beautiful flocks of bird feathers. 
 I have received so many compliments on this colour! I personally believe that it's a great colour for the workplace. I actually couldn't stop admiring my nails from afar.

 The colour has tiny particles of glitter embedded onto it! 


What is the packaging like?
The packaging is very original. The nail polish is larger than most conventional nail polishes and has a rubber top. I feel that the packaging is very sturdy.

How long does the nail polish last?
This lasted around 3 days before it started chipping. This is pretty impressive for my nails! OPI nail polishes tend to chip in a few hours on my nail lol! I applied two coats and let it dry. I didn't even use a top coat! 

How much does it cost?
The price does vary. I've seen it for £10 in some places and £7 in others.

Where can I buy it from?

I haven't done a NOTD post in ages! Hope you guys enjoyed it x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lil Miss Opinionated: Products I love, like and dislike from ELF + :(

 Today I am going to review some products from ELF cosmetics. If you have never of of ELF cosmetics then you are certainly missing out. ELF stands for Eyes Lips Face. It is an online cosmetics company (they also sell in stores in the USA and other countries). ELF is one of the cheapest cosmetic brands I have encountered - and I believe that some of the products are better than MAC and other high end companies. Most of the products sell for as cheap as £1.50, some of the more expensive products sell at £5.50. If you follow ELF's Facebook page, or sign up to their email, you will be notified of special deals (such as 40% off, free gifts and so on). There is usually a special deal every week! 

Here are the products I will be reviewing today: 

Products I love:
 I really love the ELF Warm Bronzer (it retails for £3.50). It is a perfect mix of bronze and pink - and it great for work. The products makes my cheeks glow. Unfortunately, this product did start causing a reaction on my cheeks (a few months ago), but I'm going to buy a new one anyway (and hopefully it won't break me out!). This was definitely my most used cheek product of 2010! I love the packaging - it's very Nars-esque, making it travel friendly.
The next product I love from ELF is the Studio Powder Brush (£3.50) I actually purchased 2 of these! I use this to apply my powder foundation everyday. It helps provide a nice, even coverage. The only downside of this product is that it takes forever to dry once you've washed it (hence I purchased two!). I also like the fact that the product does not waste my powder foundation too much. 

 The ELF Kabuki brush (£5.00) is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt. I use this to apply loose powder on my face. I have felt the Mac Kabuki brush (which retails for over £30!) but I think that this one is more cost effective :)

Products I like from ELF:

A lipstick I like from ELF is called 'Gypsy' (£1.50). This product is a great dupe for Mac's Girl About Town, although the Mac lipstick has more of a blue tone to it. The only downside to this product is the packaging. I recently purchased the same lipstick for my mum but it snapped after one use! If you were to own this product, make sure you handle it with extra care!

 The next product that I like is the ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black (£3.50). This product is very pigmented, it lasted for long (it dried out recently though, after over a year of use). The only downside is the smudging! As I have hooded eyes, I would often notice the eyeliner on my brow bones lol! Obviously the best treatment for this is to apply some black eyeshadow on top ;)

The Elf Studio Blushes in Gotta Glow and Peachy Keen (£3.50 each). I also have other ELF blushes but I gave them away to my mum because I didn't like the shades on my skin tones. These blushes look beautiful in the pan but not so nice on my skin. The pigmentation is mediocre and the products caused little bumps to form on my skin (please note that I have very sensitive skin). I do like the variety of the shades and the price, but these blushes are definitely not so great in comparison to MAC and other brands.

Products I am not too keen on:

 This is the ELF Studio blush brush (£3.50). I do like the texture of the brush and the fact that it does not shed. However, I believe that it makes the product look streaky on my cheeks. Alternatively, I tried to use it as a contour brush, but it didn't work as well as my beloved Sigma brush! It was only £3.50 so I'm not full of regret!

Elf Cream Eyeshadow. (£3.50)  I have always wanted to try a Mac Paintpot but the price was too much! I decided to give the ELF Cream Eyeshadow a go and I think I wasted my money. The product does not last, looks very streaky, the colour doesn't suit me and frankly, I don't think I'll ever use it again. If anyone wants to share tips on how to use this product then feel free...

What do you think of ELF products?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Lil Miss Crazy: Batiste brings you wild! ^

I was recently sent this fab new dry shampoo from Batiste :) I was ecstatic to see that the packaging was of a leopard print nature. It looks so lovely on my vanity area :) The packaging and variety for Batiste shampoos has changed a lot recently. They are in all shapes and sizes, and have different colours and different uses (e.g. volumising).

The Low Down:
 Unleash your inner animal with Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild for GRRReat looking hair with a clean, fresh feeling. Launched exclusively in Boots, trend setters in the world of beauty, Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild capitalises on the key fashion trend for glamorous animal prints currently flooding the high street. Purrfect for matching your outfit and accessories to your hair care regime Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild is for girls who want to take a walk on the wild side. 

What does it smell like? 
 I love the smell of this particular dry shampoo. It is ''Fragranced with a feminine and daring Oriental aroma with top notes of cocoa, a floral heart and sensual vanilla, musk and wood base notes. Quick and easy to use, Batiste Dry Shampoo Wild refreshes hair between washes, leaving it revived, energised and roaring to go.'' 

200 ml (this should last me a few months!)

How do you use it?
Just like the other Batiste Dry Shampoos, shake vigorously before use. Keeping nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush and style. I also recommend you use it at night time to prevent any white marks in the morning!

Where can you buy it from?
 This product is exclusive to Boots.
(In stores)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lil Miss Busy: My week in photos +

Hi guys! I've had such a crazy, but exciting week! Let me share some photos with you!

On Tuesday, I went to the Rihanna concert - which was fab! Rihanna is a great performer, and definitely knows how to entertain the crowd! 

My sister and I both got the 'Stars' tattoo which Rihanna has on her back. It's not real btw! I managed to convince some people that it was real lol!
Here's Rihanna wearing practically nothing!

I also managed to see James May at Canary Wharf! I don't watch Top Gear but I felt like taking a photo of him anyway!
On Wednesday, I had to wake up at 5.30am (day after the concert) to go to Bristol for my final year research project. Exhausting or what? Luckily, the train had mini TVs with free programmes! I watched 'How I met your mother' for the first time, and I loved it :)
On Thursday, I went to uni, and when I got home I worked out to my new Tracey Anderson DVD. I think I am addicted to this! I saw results the next day. Review coming right up ;)
On Friday, I had a few hours off between lectures, so my friends and I decided to eat at Vapianos (my favourite restaurant!) The food was delicious as always!

We also did a spot of shopping at Topshop. Here are some lovely cupcakes from 'Lolas Cupcakes'.

On Friday, I went to watch Breaking Dawn. Even though it received bad reviews, I thought it was amazing! It was really funny and definitely lived up to the book (which was my fave one out of the series) .Source
On Saturday, I rushed home from work to get ready to celebrate my brothers 18th birthday! We celebrated it in an Indian restaurant! It was so much fun!
Here is a photo of my friend and I during my brothers party (he's not actually pouting, he was caught off guard!)
 How was your week?