Friday, 22 June 2012

Lil Miss Cold: Orly Platinum +

Even though it's meant to be summer in the UK, the weather has been very temperamental! It rains most days - although it's not as cold as Spring. Thank god for that :)

As the weather has been quite dull lately, I decided to wear an icey colour, in the name of Orly Platinum. 

Orly Platinum is a gorgeous molten silver shade, which applies quite thickly. It is very streaky so I recommend that you shake the bottle quite a few times prior to application!

It's the perfect Winter colour - but can be worn in pretty much any season in Britain ;)

You can buy Orly nail polishes from Amazon, Boots (mainly in store, the website has a small selection only) and  Beauty Bay (for a mere £7.50) 

For more information on Orly nail polishes, click here

This product was sent to me for consideration of a review. Honest opinion as always! 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lil Miss Happy: 100 things number 6

I'm back with more things that make me happy :) Enjoy! 
Achieving something - whether it is bagging a new job, losing weight, or winning an award! It really is the best feeling ever! Hard work always pays off!
Theme Parks - I love the thrill and excitement of roller coasters!! 

24 is the best TV show I have ever watched! Each episode is so captivating! Every episode involves events that take place in 1 hour - therefore one season is equal to 24 hours - so cool!
Green monster smoothies - I always feel really happy after drinking them! Apparently, eating bananas can improve your mood - I guess it works for me!
Receiving a compliment (only if the person is being sincere) is fabulous :) I love it haha and I am definitely much better at receiving compliments than I used to be! 
Sunshine -when the weather is great, I feel so much happier - so do most people living in London!
Irish people - this may sound odd but I love Irish people! They're so friendly and cheery - I wish Londoners were like them! I really want to go to Ireland too!
One Direction - a bunch of gorgeous and talented boys! How can anyone dislike them?
Cupcakes - even though I rarely eat them, they are absolutely delicious .. and a fab treat!
Frozen yoghurt - because it's delicious and healthy :)

What makes you happy?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Lil Miss Happy: Instagramming my life +

Hi everyone! Since university has finished, I've been working full time! Waking up at 6.30am and coming home at 6.30pm is definitely tough, although I definitely could never go back to being a student again! I'm ready to work hard and enter the real world :) 

Anyway, this post is long over due! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I have been posting lots of photos recently!

On Sunday the 3rd of June, I had afternoon tea with my mother at the London Mercure Hotel. I booked the afternoon tea through Groupon, where it cost £24 for two people.

Afternoon tea :)
Afternoon tea was amazing, and it was a great way to celebrate the Queen's jubilee - it is a fabulous British tradition! The tea was made to perfection, the scones were warm (which meant that the butter simply melted on it) and the strawberries were of the highest quality. I would definitely have Afternoon tea again, although not at the same place! When I asked the waiters for a second helping of strawberries (quite cheeky of me to be honest), they were adamant to give it to me! I was under the impression that afternoon tea involved unlimited sandwiches, cakes, and tea - how very wrong I was!

On Wednesday, it was my last day at university...
 My friends and I went to one of my favourite restaurants - called Ping Pong, which is a Chinese restaurant. The food is steamed and delicately prepared - making it healthy! I love the pleasant feeling I have after eating at Ping Pong (in other words, I feel full but not bloated or stuffed!). My favourite dishes are: spinach and mushroom dumplings, vegetable dumplings and crunchy golden vegetable dumplings! The cocktails are to die for too! I highly recommend you go there - you will love it!

I then had tea at one of my favourite cafes, Kipferl (in Angel Islington).. Kipferl is of Austrian/ Viennese origin. The tea always comes with a glass of cold water (they used to give a piece of chocolate before). I love the atmosphere inside - it really feels like you're out of London!

After tea, we did a spot of shopping and decided to eat dinner at Desperado's - my favourite Mexican restaurant! The restaurant has a gorgeous interior - you will definitely experience a touch of Mexico. The mock tails are super tasty too (and extremely calorific!). My skirt did feel a little tighter the next day,  so I made sure I worked out 4 times last week! I feel back to normal now!

Speaking of Mexican food, I am jetting off to Mexico for 2 weeks in  July! I'm super excited! I've always been interested in Mexico - the food, the people the culture!

Have you been to Mexico? If so, any tips?

What are your favourite restaurant's?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lil Miss Healthy: Green Monster - revisited :%

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I go on about the coveted 'green monster' smoothie. The green monster is basically a smoothie consisting of a green vegetables, a banana and milk. You can substitute it with different fruits and vegetables. I have been drinking green monsters since last year - and I have noticed a major change in my energy! I no longer feel tired during the afternoon! I try to have a green monster every day! Even my parents love them!

Since my previous post on the green monster, I have made quite a additions (and one substitution): 

  • I still use 2 cups of baby spinach, and one whole banana
  • Instead of dairy milk, I use rice milk. Unfortunately, I feel that my body is allergic to large amounts of milk so I switched to rice milk (which is dairy free). I chose the rice milk with added Vitamin D and B12! Rice milk has a pleasant taste (although it took me a few weeks to get used to it!) 
  • I started to add different powders to my smoothie! They don't alter the taste of the smoothie, but they provide a wide range of nutrients! 

Left to Right: Wheatgerm, Flax seed and Wheat grass
  • I add 1 spoon of flax seed to my green monster. I love flax seed - it's a great source of Omega 3, as well as some protein and vitamin E! I also add flax seed to sandwiches, curries and yoghurt! Here is my previous post on it. As you can see, the flax seed I purchased also has goji berries as well as pumpkin and sesame seeds in it! These have iron in them - which is essential for your body! 
  • I also add wheat grass to my smoothie. Unfortunately, wheat grass is DISGUSTING, and too much of it will ruin the taste of the smoothie. This is why I only add half a tea spoon of it! The benefits of wheat grass include: builds red blood cells quickly, cleanses your system, fights and protects against illness, and ups your energy levels! 
  • Wheatgerm - I love wheatgerm! (here is my previous post on it). Since I have been adding wheatgerm to my smoothies, I have noticed that my nails have become stronger and longer! My hair has also been growing at a quicker rate than usual! Wheatgerm is great for your hair, skin and overall health :) Definitely check it out x 
Green monster tips:
  • Ripe bananas work better
  • lace the least heaviest items into the blender! I pour the milk, add the powders, the spinach and lastly the banana (cut into small chunks)
  • Do not put too much wheat grass
  • Too much spinach can ruin the taste, I add 2 small bowls or 2 handfuls to mine
  • Rice milk is cheaper in Tesco's rather than Holland and Barrett
  • Check out the Green monster movement for some more recipes :) 
    The final result:

    A gorgeous, tasty, healthy, energising drink! I look forward to this drink every morning! It's delicious!

    Have you tried a green monster before?