Sunday, 27 March 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

Hello everyone :) Hope you're having a great weekend! My weekend has been pretty crap! I went to work yesterday and was too shattered to do anything last night. I woke up with a massive headache today and I've felt really tired all day :( I have done NOTHING productive today :(  Oh well - I still have until 10pm :)

March has been a good month. I have been way more productive - studying harder and working out harder :) I love the feeling of getting something done :) This spurs me on to work even harder. Also, is it me or has March whizzed by?? Source

Green Monsters. I've been making these most mornings. Read my post about them here. They give me SOO much energy and fill me up until 11.30am (as opposed to 9.30am LOL). My family love them and I've made lots of people try them! YAY to being green! 

I've been reading more this month. My favourite chick flicks are always by Sophie Kinsella! I wanted to branch out and read a chick flick by another author. I'm currently reading 'If I were you' by Julia Llewellyn which I purchased from Amazon for £1.25 (it was used). It's a great read! I've also read the 'Model Wife' by the same author and thought it was a great book! I highly recommend her books :) Photo credit: source.

Using a lip brush to apply makeup :) This month I've used a lip brush to apply lipstick. I've noticed a major difference! My lipstick lasts longer and looks way neater!! I always thought it was a waste of time but it definitely isn't!! Source.

Barry M lipstick in number 62 (Vibrant Pink) is such a gorgeous colour. The above picture does not fully justify the colour (as I've added Body Shop Oui Oui Oui butter to lighten it). I've worn this colour a lot throughout March, and I will be doing a thorough review on it - so watch this space....

Face masks. I've been using one face mask every week. They always make my skin look SOO much better. The only brand of face masks I use is Montagne Jeunesse. I've used them since I was 15, and will use them forever. My favourites are the ''Chocolate Mud Masqe'' and the 'Blemish Mud Masque'. I've tried many of their fask masks and I have never broken out to either of them - even though I have really sensitive skin! I purchase these from Boots or Superdrug, and tend to stock up when there's a 3 for 2 offer.Source.

Being untidy. My room has been quite untidy this month - well not hideously messy but slight disorganised. I am a neat freak - and everything has it's place. I usually make sure I hoover and deep clean my room once a week and tidy it up for 10 minutes a day - however I haven't been deep cleaning it as much. Moreover, my room needs organising - and it's got a lot of clutter. I want to throw things away and buy some wicket baskets to store items. Source

Let's just say, I would love for my desk area to look like this:

Egypt. I LOVE Egypt - however with the crisis going on in Libya (Egypt is very close to Libya) -  I don't think I want to go there this year (maybe when it's all sorted out?). Can someone please recommend a great destination for some young adults to go (preferably with some great night life!)?? Source.

Last months aims. Did I stick to them?
  1. Be kind to everyone - even if they annoy the hell out of you!! (haha) - this was a hard one. I realised I'm only kind to people who are kind to me. Hah.
  2. Wake up at 6am and work out - I failed- I could not do this. I did wake up earlier though.
  3. Make vegetable and fruit juices - Yes.. I made a green monster!!
  4. Use DSLR way more - I did use it, but not WAY more.
  5. Study way harder - I definitely fulfilled this one :)
  6. Blog a little more (if I can) - try to do some FOTD's - I did 2 lip of the days and 1 FOTD's post - so I guess I fulfilled this.
  7. Carry on being confident - some days I was super confident, others super shy. I can't help it.
  8. Stop rushing everything. Just keep calm.. and eat a cupcake - I'm not really sure about this one??
Next months aims:
1) Work out every other day.
2) Try a new smoothie recipe. 
3) Keep room super organised.
4) Set work/ uni bag the night before.

What are you Ins and Outs?
What are your aims for April?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lil Miss Outgoing: My fab weekend with two different looks :$

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fab weekend! I'm going to be working every Saturday for the next 3 weeks - so I cherished this weekend as much as I could!
My best friend and I went to  a restaurant called 'Las Iguanas' - the food wasn't very tasty, it was quite pricey for the quality and the waiters were SO rude! My friend and I spent ages in the restaurant (we were still eating) and the waiter's kept coming over and asking if we had finished. HOW RUDE? There were plenty of seats available in the restaurant too. I will never go there again!

The lipstick I'm wearing is Barry M lipstick in number 62 (Vibrant Pink) topped up with the Body Shop Oui Oui Oui lip butter (to make the lipstick seem less bright).

 My outfit:
 Blazer: Primark. Vest top: River Island Jeggings: Primark. Boots: Primark (I do love Primark LOL)

I straightened my hair two days ago.. tied it in a bun.. and it turned out like this :) Not bad eh? ;)

In the evening, we went to celebrate the Indian festival of Holi at our cousins house. I was meant to wear Indian attire - but I didn't have anything nice to wear :( Here's my outfit:
Cardi: No idea, it was a gift. Vest: River Island. Jeggings: Primark. Boots:Primark

Funnily enough, I toned down my makeup for the evening. I added green eyeshadow all over the lid as well as brown eyeshadow on the crease, and wore Mac Peachstock Lipstick with Mac Freckletone Lipstick :) 

My sis and I pretending to be vampires. We also do goofy things like that :)

Today, I just spent the whole day studying and watching cricket. YAY India won (I'm sorry if I annoyed you guys on Twitter haha!) 

How was your weekend? xxx

Friday, 18 March 2011

Lil Miss Lippy: My lip combo of the day :)

Hi guys! I've been sporting all sorts of lip colours lately - nudes, reds, corals and pinks.

Today, I couldn't make up my mind! I started off by wearing 'Tea Rose' by Nyx (my favourite 'Drug Store' lipstick) and then decided that it didn't complement my makeup.

I then put 'Max Factor's Pink Brandy' lipstick on and created this pinky-corally look:

  Nyx Tea Rose - I would describe it as a medium pink with mauve-ish undertones on my lips.

Max Factor Pink Brandy Lipstick -I would describe it as a dark coral with hints of pink on my lips.

 Tea Rose + Pink Brandy =

Note: My Mac Shade is C4 (I'm very yellow toned). I think that this a nice colour for the day time. It's not over the top.. and not too pale either. Blue toned lippies don't really suit me - so this is a nice alternative.

I love mixing lip colours to make a gorgeous new shade! Does anybody else do this?

Love from Roshas xxx

*Sorry about the rubbish photos.. I didn't use flash and then the photos ended up looking real dull. I ended up adding light to the background.. and it's completely washing out the colours.  I tried to take swatch photos but they looked horrible!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lil Miss Energized: My very first Green Monster #

Hi guys! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! The weather was beautiful yesterday - it definitely cheered me up :) 

Anyway, I made my very first Green Monster today! The Green Monster is basically a juice consisting of spinach, banana and some milk! I know.. that sounds disgusting, but it's really, really tasty! 

I first heard about the Green Monster through Victoria at Lily loves Lola. The Green Monster originated from a blogger called Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows. Read more about the Green Monster here :)

Anyway, the Green Monster is extremely tasty.. and gives you lots of energy! It's a great way to pack in your 5 a day! My aim is to replace my usual breakfast (consisting of Indian tea and 2 toasts with margarine) with a Green Monster drink! (Or another vegetable/ fruit juice). 


 You will need:
  1. 2 cups of spinach.
  2. 1 cup of milk (I chose cows milk but I'm going to try soya, rice or almond milk next time)
  3. 1 banana
  4. Ice (we didn't have any at home but I will use it next time!).
Next.. you need to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND.

And you will get this :) A gorgeous, tasty, vitamin enriched drink :)
I'm also going to add some wheat germ in my drink next time, as I've heard it's great for your skin! 

Have you ever heard about the Green Monster?
Do you ever make healthy juices?

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lil Miss Greedy: Things I want :$

...because I love all things leopard print :)
...because I need to sort of my stomach before my holiday!

...because I think it looks pretty (and I've always wanted a knuckle duster ring..or whatever it's called!)

..because I love off-shoulder dresses..and I haven't got a coral dress in my collection :)

...because it looks chic and sophisticated.

..because it smells fruity, sweet and fresh. Yummy :) store my lunch food in :) (random I know LOL)

...because Sriya and I fell in love with it during our shopping was like love at first 'sniff' LOL

What do you want?

*All images from the links provided!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lil Miss Sisterly: FOTN featuring my sister!

I gave my sister a makeover last night. Actually, I usually do her makeup before she goes on a night out!



Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC42
Mac Moisture Cover concealer in NC30 (My one!) for under eyes
Garnier tinted roll on for under eyes (for extra coverage!)

Sleek Contour Powder in Medium.
Elf blushing rose blusher.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Barry Dazzle dust in no.25 all over the lid.
Mac Cork eyeshadow on the crease.
Mac Espresso eyeshadow on the outer corners and under the eyes.
Sleek Storm Palette (black eyeshadow) on the outer V and under the eyes.
Mua eyeshadow in Pearl in inner corners of the eyes.
Elf gel eyeliner on lash line.
Loreal mascara on bottom lashes.
Ardell lashes (no. 103)

Rimmel lipstick in Red Fever

I think she looked amazing! I was actually going to do a nude lip on her but she insisted she wore red! Even though it looks OTT it looks great - perfect for night time! I've never actually worn a red lip - but one day I'm going to pluck up the courage and go for it! 

Oh and here's me yesterday! I took so many photos..and came to one conclusion: DSLR cameras bring out all of your flaws!  (Please excuse the hair! It's always messy!)