Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lil Miss Motivated: Workout inspiration!

Working out is definitely something that is very difficult to start doing (and to continue doing so) ! I'm going to help by posting some inspirational photos. Enjoy :)


  1. Wow the 1st pic is awesome! :D


  2. @Mrs Superwoman - thank you!
    @Cynthia Z- the biggest transformation I have ever seen! Amazing! x

  3. thanks so much for this post - i'm so lazy when it comes to workout:(


  4. Keep these coming Rosh! I absolutely love the motivation and your posts are my workout inspiration! x

  5. Omg ROSHNI this post is such perfect timing. Ugh I am in a rut - i want to work out but lack motivation soo much! Extreeemely helpful post, and that first picture woww that girl looks incredible after!!
    I think I might bust out jillian tonight, wish me luck!! xxxx

  6. Great post! Always need a bit of inspiration!!! xxx

  7. @Nee - no problem!
    @Muslimah Beauty - aww thank you xx
    @Emma D - I know right - it's amazing! Good luck Emma xx
    @Meaw - aww thank you xx
    @Me..Myself..I - good luck ;) x

  8. This is so motivating! But you don't even need to workout... you;re already slim :)

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