Tuesday, 18 May 2010

> Lil Miss Posey: Baby Shower Pics >

Hello my pretties,

I went to a baby shower on Sunday morning, my cousin is going to have a baby .. yay! I decided to dress up (as always LOL)...I even took a few pics (beware.. bad lighting..really only pictures of me.. and an ugly pimple.. ugh!)♥♥

Here's a full shot of me, I'm wearing an Indian suit (that was the dress code) I overdid it with the bronzer and blush.. oops!

I wanted to take closer photos so you could actually see the makeup I was wearing.. but unfortunately I had a pimple and felt 'shy' lol I attempted to shut my eyes so you could see my eyemakeup.. but frankly it didn't do the eyeshadow any justice :(

A close up of my tiny eyes :)


Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C40.♥
(I forgot to wear concealer because I was in a rush.. but my foundation concealed my under eye circles)

Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contour.
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer for blush.
Sleek highlighting combo in Peach Shimmer for highlight.♥

Eyes: ♥
Barry M dazzle dust in Forest Green all over the lid and under the eye to make my brown eyes POP♥
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Zero on the outer corner for definition.♥
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero in the waterline and upper lid for a smoked out effect. ♥
Sleek Ink Pot in Black to outline the upper lash line.♥
Benefit Highbrow for highlight on my brow bone.
Dior Mascara in Black to make my fake lashes look more real.♥
Eyelure eyelashes no. 101 to make my eyes look bigger and more glam.♥

Mac Peachstock Lipstick (Libery of London Collection) - gorgeous nude colour.♥
Mac Lust Lipglass on top to add a mauve-y sheen onto Peachstock♥


Indian Girl Pose ♥

A professional photo, from my uncles camera!

My sister and I.. I love her!♥♥

Mini update on 30 day shred:

In my earlier post, I stated that i was going to embark on the almighty 30 day Shred!(It's basically a work out DVD in which you have to work out everyday for 20 minutes for 30 days.) I just wanted to say that I've only done it 3 times.. I couldn't do it everyday.. due to sheer laziness and muscle fatigue! The first time I did it, I couldn't feel my legs.. the second time I did it.. I was in pain! The third time i worked out to it.. I felt noticeably fitter! I'm going to attempt to do it everyday from today onwards! I'm still on level one.. and I can barely do a press up.. hopefully I will be able to soon :) I've lost like half a pound LOL wooo

Anyway guys.. hope you enjoyed this post.. I'm a total camera whore!!♥

Please note that I don't dress up like this everyday! I don't really wear much makeup on a day to day basis.. I like to go all out for a special occasion <3

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lil Miss Random: New Look 20% Discount and 30 Day Shred

Hello Lovelies :)

I just wanted to do a quick little post today regarding the New Look Discount.. it's 20% off until 17th May so hurry up and make most of it because the 20% discount only occurs three times a year (as far as I've seen anyway).

It's only for students though, and you can click HERE to obtain your discount woooo!!

I'm so tempted to go back but one time is enough lol :P

Anyway.. on another note.. something that has been on the bloggers atmosphere recently is the '30 Day Shred'.

Image taken courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

It's basically an exercise work out DVD that involves only 20 minutes a day of exercise. How amazing does that sound? It's perfect for those who are constantly busy, yet want to tone up.

Each 20 minute work out contains:
  • One 2 minute warm-up
  • Three 6 minute circuits featuring:
  • 3 minutes strength
  • 2 minutes cardio
  • One 2 minute cool down.
This will probably be the most productive 20 minutes of my life! It sounds easy but I've heard it's excruciating!!Exercise is amazing for your body, your skin, your mind and basically your overall system and as I'm a 'beauty' addict.. I might as well cleanse my insides first to make the outside look polished hehe. It's a 30 day programme, and you up levels every 10 days. Naturally the levels get harder as you proceed. I personally have never worked out everyday for a month.. I tend to do every other day or every three days (or more recently.. every 2 weeks LOL). This is going to be a major challenge, but I'm looking forward to fitting into a bikini this summer.

I'm going to start this today, I thought I would blog about it to share it with you all and to motivate myself to do it. I'm going to do an update on this once a week to tell you how it's going on! I've got exams for the next three weeks and I always put on weight during them because I snack constantly and sit in the same spot for hours.

The DVD costs £5.99 and you can take a deeper look at it from HERE.

On a more lighter note, this is what I'm planning to wear when I work out to the 30 day shred:

Sorry about the grainy image.. it was taken on a crappy phone camera and you can clearly see the worn out trampoline (it wasn't me.. promise LOL). The top and tracksuit bottoms are from Matalan.

So guys have you tried this out?
Does it work?
How do YOU work out?

Take care beauties,

Love from Roshas xxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Major Clothes Haul :)

Hi guys! I haven't been shopping in agesss.. and when I did end up going.. I ended up SPLURGING haha =D It's only recently that I've been buying clothes.. I've been on a weight loss system and I didn't want to buy anything prior to that in case it didn't fit later on.

I just wanted to show you some of the things I bought.. I love haul posts =D

Anyway.. here goes :

(Btw i really wanted to post pics of me wearing them but i look like a tramp.. im planning on doing OOTDs after exams.. woo!)

I went to New Look first, after finding out they've got 20% for students until 16th May (funny how they do it once the student loans come out .. lol!)

Whenever I go to New Look.. I never see outfits that I am instantly drawn to.. so i end up looking at their shoes and jewellry. However, on Friday I went in to see so many amazing tops that I really wanted:

This top was on sale for £12 pounds.. it went from £40 to £12 pounds.. it is quite big for me.. but I prefer this kind of top to be worn a bit more baggier than usual.It will also the last one left. It's my favourite thing I bought. I tried it on in the dressing room and fell in love. I will deffo post a photo of me wearing it.. it looks MUCH better on person!! I love the design on the shoulders..it makes it look more glam!I'll probably team this up with jeans and small heels.

This is the next thing i bought. I love this T-shirt <3( style="cursor: pointer; width: 180px; height: 320px;" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_VPDnfDAdNrs/S93Z30lYVCI/AAAAAAAAAI8/vOc0YMEGIB4/s320/DSC03161.JPG" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5466765075729110050" border="0">
The next purchase is a simple khaki vest.(£6) I'm going to Egypt this year and I wanted to buy some nice vests I could wear. To be honest.. you can wear this in any season. I prefer simple tops.. you can wear them in soo many different ways =D (I like to keep the labels on until I actually wear the clothes hehe) It looks tiny but it's stretchable so it fits lol. All in all.. the grand total was £20 (and something pence) I was shocked.. I didn't even realise until I got home.. the assistant said that I could only get the discount for the two tops and not the sale item.. I think she made the mistake, unless I've got my sums wrong??

Later, I went off to my favourite shop.. River Island!! I love River Island.. I love the purses, the vests, the shoes, the bags, the dresses.. you name it lol.. one thing I do not love it is the ridiculous prices.. and they don't even have a discount for students.meanies

Anyway.. I bought this vest.(rrp 9.99 or 10 pounds.. does it matter lol?) It's got stunning little stones on the hem. I've got this in the cream version..and I ended up buying this in a size 8.. because River Island sizes tend to be bigger. I love dark blue, I like fitted vests.. they give definition to your figure (DUH!!). I'm going to team this up with jeggings and probably flats, not sure what to wear on top.. I'm not very fashionable LOL.

The next thing I bought were these lil beauts. (rrp £7.99). Arent they stunning? I love the detail, and I can ever wear them to work (Work have a strictly 'no dangly earrings' rule.. BOOO). I wore them to work on Saturday and all the old lady customers kept complimenting them (I don't know whether thats a good thing LOL)♡

Moving swiftly on..I bought these dresses a couple of weeks back but I had to return one of them due to a sizing matter. I wanted to post it but I couldn't because I wanted to show them all together. All of these are from BooHoo. I love Boohoo.com. For those who don't know, it's an online retailer that sells clothes for cheaps. There are dupes from designers and high street stores. However, not all of the clothes will take your fancy..I do have to delve deeply to even find something I like! Another thing I love is dresses. It's makeup first.. then dresses. It's my sick obsession lol.

This is the first dress I bought. I had been eyeing it up for a month prior to purchasing it. It's of 'greek' style..I can imagine wearing a gold head band around my head, with flowing wavey hair. None of my friends like this dress.. they think it won't suit me...but it does look better when worn.. however it's REALLY short. This is the type of thing I could only wear on holiday! It cost £25.00 - I think its justifiable!

This is a another one of those dresses that looks better when worn. I'm really sorry abut teasing you guys but I will be posting pics of me wearing them when I do actually wear them for a night out ;) It's got that 'hermes' style.. I like the simplicity of it.. I'll probably team it up with high heels of a different colour to add a bit of edge to the outfit and straight hair. It cost £20.. not bad!

I've left the BEST till last. This is probably the most stunning dress I've got in my dress collection. I like the whole egyptian notion.. the detailing on the sides (this can make you look slimmer). When I tried this on.. I fitted amazingly. It defined my curves quite well and I just can't wait to wear it! It cost a mere £25 =D I'll team it up with slight heels and have curly hair pinned to the side. I want to wear smokey bronze eye shadow with a hint of green. (To keep the whole egyptian look going).

As you can see... I've spent loads. However my justifications are:
  • Buying clothes makes me happy..I need it , especially from the stress of exams.
  • Clothes are limited edition.. if I didn't get these now.. I would have never seen them in my life :O
  • I'm going on holiday this year.. and everybody needs summer clothes right??
  • I've been saving on travel cards 'cos I've had a whole month to study and therefore I havent been to uni in London.
I sound like Becky Bloomwood lol!

Anyway.. hope you enjoyed this overly long haul post.

What have you bought recently?
What do you think of Boohoo.com?

Love from Roshas xxx