Sunday, 28 October 2012

Little Miss Comfortable: Herbal tea! :%

Now that it's Autumn, there's nothing that I love more than relaxing, unwinding and drinking a cup of tea. I love tea - although I have switched to herbal tea because it's so much healthier. Having said that, I do love a mug of Indian tea (with milk and sugar) every morning :) 

In this post, I'm going to explain more about the different types of teas I drink, and the benefits of drinking them!

Green tea:
 Green tea is extremely popular, and many people either love it or they hate it! Green tea has many benefits! I love it! It has a great source of anti-oxidants (can help to prevent cancer), it can reduce cholesterol in blood, keeps your teeth healthy and kills bacteria in your mouth, great for digestion, can raise your metabolism and also helps increase your endurance (I tend to drink a cup of green tea before I exercise!) I don't over do it though! Green tea has a tiny bit of testosterone, which actually caused my skin to break out, so I limit to having green tea a few times a week (although one or two cups of green tea a day aren't so bad either).

Dr. Stuarts Detox tea: 
I drink this detox tea about three times a week. It contains: dandelion and burdock, sage, peppermint and spearmint. This tea doesn't taste the best but it makes me feel so refreshed. I like that the fact that it is packed full of nutrients that are great for your body. It is caffeine free which means that I can have it any time of the day :)You can purchase it from Holland and Barrett for £1.99 (15 bags)

Dr. Stuart's Skin Purify tea

I also love the Skin Purify tea from Dr. Stuart which contains: red clover, nettles and lemon balm, which can soothe your skin and help with any inflammatory problems. I didn't notice a major difference in my skin, although I did feel very 'cleansed' when I woke up in the morning. This tastes much better than the detox range from Dr. Stuart. It also costs £1.99, and can be purchased from Holland and Barrett. 

Red bush tea:
I also love to drink Red bush tea every day. It doesn't have any caffeine in it, so I tend to drink it in the evenings. The benefits of red bush  tea include: aids your digestive system, has a great source of anti-oxidants (greater than green tea), aids restful sleep, can improve appetite and maintains healthy bones, teeth and gums

What's your favourite herbal tea?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lil Miss Glam: My weekend *

Hi everyone! Hope you've had a fabulous weekend. My weekend was pretty hectic! I usually prefer to relax during the weekends because I work so hard during the week, but I don't mind the odd party here and there ;)

I haven't done a lifestyle post or a 'face of the night' post in what seems like ages, so here are some photos from Friday and Saturday! 

On Friday night I went to a Bollywood themed dinner and dance.

Outfit: From India 
Bangles: From India

 On Saturday night, I went to a party:

Outfit: Missguided
Shoes: Unze 



  • Studio fix powder foundation in C40
  • Mac Moisture Cover Concealer in NC30
  • Body Shop Bronzer in Warm Trio


  • Collection 2000 eyeliner 
  • L'oreal Voluminous Mascara
  • Naked Palette eyeshadow in 'Virgin' on brow bone and inner corners of the eyes 
  • HD eyebrow powder in Vamp 

  • Barry M lipstick in shade 62

  I wore exactly the same makeup on both nights! If you compare my current 'face of the night' to my previous ones, then you'll see a massive difference. I do wear a lot less makeup than I used to, and it's not due to wanting to look more natural. The main reason is sheer laziness - I have no patience to apply fake eyelashes, eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter anymore! Hopefully my 'makeup mojo' will be back soon, but right now, I feel more comfortable wearing less!

How was your weekend? 
Has your makeup changed over the years?