Monday, 6 December 2010

Lil Miss Chiseled: Sleek Contour Kit Review :)

Hi guys! 

I am going to review the Sleek contour kit, after weeks of telling you that a 'review is coming soon!'

You can purchase the Sleek contour kit from here , or if you live in the UK you can buy it from Superdrug.

I bought the Sleek contour kit in Medium. They sell them in Light, Medium and Dark.


There are two shades. One for contouring (a dark matte brown) and a highlight shade.


 Instructions on how to contour


What do you think of it?
I personally love it! I do have quite a full face and I love slimming it down. The contour kit does exactly that! It consists of a matte brown and a glowy hghlighter. I'm so happy that the brown is totally matte - matte colours are great for definition and look much better on camera!! 

It lasts all day on my cheeks. I've also used this product every single day for a month and the product still looks brand new!

I use this product with an angled contour brush - mainly the B1 Angle Brush by Crown Brushes. It applies it quite well. To be honest, I rarely use the highlighter - it does nothing for me! I've used it few times during the day and it did give me a nice, subtle highlight but it barely shows up on flash photography. I prefer the Sleek Glo in Peach Shimmer for highlight. I'm going to start contouring my nose with this product (but only very slightly!)

The packaging is very sleek (no pun intended). It is quite small - which is perfect for travelling! I like the fact that there are instructions too.

The highlighter is mediocre. It barely shows up - might as well not wear it. The matte brown is a little bit too dark but once I blend it out it looks fine. If the brown was too light my cheekbones would not look contoured. I would not mind trying the 'Light' shade next time.

You can also use this on the crease area of your eyes to make your eyes appear larger. Moreover, use a very light hand with this product, you don't wanna look dirty!

Would you recommend this product?
100% yes! I am in love with it. This is a product I've been using every single day! I love it - it is now a staple in my makeup collection! It looks great in flash photography too!

How does it look like on you?

During day time:

During night time:

As you can can wear it during day and night! 

P.S - not affiliated with Sleek or Superdrug!!

Has anyone tried it yet?? 

Love from Roshas xxx


  1. LOVE IT!! Totally not the biggest fan of the highlighter but a great buy :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. It looks stunning on you, i really wish we had sleek here:( Instead i use MAC Harmony contour but i think its a bit hard to blend.

  3. It did turn out very good on you!! Flawless finish I must say :) Love the packaging! :)

  4. I want to try this so badddddd. Do you have a MAC skintone I can refer to to see if I'd get the light or medium?

  5. I use the Sleek Contour Kit every single day (the contour powder, not the highlighter) and I love it! It's the perfect product to make me look like I have defined cheekbones :D xx

  6. I loveeeeeeee this contour kit! The highlighter comes out okay on me :D But the powder is the best! xxx

  7. I think i need this palette! my cheeks are quite chubby so i'm always trying to achieve that contoured look :(

  8. Looks great on you, I might have to try out the kit myself!
    I love contouring, it makes the shape of my face look a lot better. :)

  9. looks good on you! i wish i knew how to contour lol

  10. @Kaushal - yeah they need to sort out the highligher!

    @Ellysmakeupbag - Sleek ship internationally so check it out. Benefit Hoola is a nice alternative :)

    @Liparazzi - it's amazing and so cheap! Not many drugstore brands have 'contour' powders

    @Sriya - you've got the light one right? what Mac shade are you?? It's such an amazing product.. most Sleek products are in my opinion.

    @Sami - you should deffo try it out.. it's really cheap and will last for ages! And hey having a full face makes you look younger.. and happier :P lool

    @Maria - aww thank you :) Definitely check it out xx

    @Sara.H - aww thank you. ur so kind :) xx

    @MakeYuup - I am a MAC C40.. sometimes NC40 or Nc37! I would say i'm olive toned! If you''re fairer than me buy the light one because the medium is quite dark!

    @Melissa - the great thing abt the contour kit is that it has an instruction leaflet!! watch youtube videos to learn how to contour!

  11. This is one of those products that I constantly mean to buy but then always forget about it..I WILL pick it up soon!

  12. that looks incredible huny! aww was in Superdrug the other day & could have easily have picked this up as part of their 3 for 2 deal as I picked their rose gold blush too! silly me! I have a similar skintone to yourself hun, would you recommend I go for the Medium or Light? thanks!

    Aysh xoxo

  13. I've heard lots of really good things about this and it looks lovely on you, especially in the bottom picture. I'll definitely pick this up at some point :) xxx

  14. This is beautiful

  15. wow it looks really good on you :)

  16. I tried it for the first time just today!!
    It's a wonderful product, it works wonderfully and for the price, it's totally worth it!

  17. I have never tried it, but it looks gorgeous on you!!

  18. it looks just like the Inglot one! xx

  19. I really want to try this! :D

  20. Hi Lovely! - i just wanted to know do you apply your blusher after contouring? - or do you not put any blusher on (as the contouring may not show up anymore?) - sorry for the ditzy question - its just that im new to contouring lol - loving your blog btw ESP the weight loss part! - im gonna buy the Paul Mckenna book after reading your reviews on it! - ive got a stubborn few lb's i wanna lose but they dont seem to want to budge! :( xoxo

  21. Thank you for the lovely comments!

    @Fiona - I don't apply blusher - I use a tiny amount of bronzer on the apples of my cheeks (a little higher than the contour). Aww thank you - let me know how it goes xx


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