Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Yoga studio app review

As my wedding is drawing closer, I have been doing more yoga in order to de-stress and tone up. I have noticed results after a few sessions. I was looking for a long time for an app that would allow me download classes and also provide me with a variety of classes. I finally found one and it's called Yoga Studio. It costs £3 (quite a lot for an app) but a yoga class at my local gym costs £5.30 a session, therefore this is better value long term.

Here are some screen shots from the app: 

The best thing about the app is the fact that you can download a class and save it on the home page and use it anywhere! Perfect if you're away on holiday and you have no internet connection. 

There's also a list of poses with detailed instructions and the benefits of the specific poses too.

There are a variety of classes too - from quick yoga fixes to yoga for runners.  There's also a set of meditation videos. You can even create custom classes to ensure you keep yourself challenged. 

Also, the voice in the videos is so soothing - I genuinely enjoy doing it! 

All in all, this is a fantastic yoga app. It is available on both Apple and Android phones. Here is the link.

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