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Lil Miss Healthy: Paul Mckenna and weight loss update :$

Hi guys! Sorry about being MIA! I've been really busy.. and highly stressed due to work! I'm going to be relaxing as much as I can this coming Bank Holiday Weekend.. woohoo!

Weight Loss Update
I just weighed myself last week and I've gone down to 52kg.. this time last year I was 62kg!!! I'm so happy that I've lost 10kg.. I've become so much more confident during the course of the year.. and being able to wear a size 8 (a size that used to daunt me in the past) is simply amazing! I have become more in touch and intuitioned with my body and mind.. and I havent starved myself either! Note: The photos don't show a Mahoosive difference in size. I've dropped about 2-3 dress sizes.. but my life has changed a lot!



Here's how I did it:

I lost weight thanks to a lovely bespecatabled man called Paul Mckenna.For those who do not know who Paul Mckenna is, he is a leading hypnotist. I came across his work on Amazon and I have never looked back since. I have written various posts about him.. and I will not be repeating any information.. hence I suggest you read both of my previous posts, here and here.

The first thing I bought was the 'I can make you thin' book.

I read this and listened to the CD that was provided. The CD that is provided helps you reprogramme your mind. Remember, weight loss is all in the mind.. and if we just changed the way we thought about food, then we can all have the ability to be naturally slim! When I first started my weight loss journey, I listened to the CD everyday. Believe it or not.. but the CD actually works! I listened to it in the evenings, and the next day I was eating slower and eating only when I was hungry, without even realising it. As I started to use his rules on a day to day basis, I listened to the CD about 3 times a week. Even nowadays, I listen to the mind programming CD about once a week - just in case! The CD really wakes you up.. there's even an iphone app that has the mind programming in it.. I really recommend that!

The second component I bought was the Paul Mckenna '90 day success journal''. This journal helped me motivate myself towards the weight loss.

You have to tick the following boxes everyday:
1)I ate when I was hungry
2)I ate what I really wanted
3) I ate consciously
4) I stopped when full
5)I drank water
6)I moved my body
7)I listened to the CD
8) I did the mirror exercise (on the back on book)

There's also two sections to fill in 'One Positive thing I noticed today' and 'What I'm looking forward to tomorrow'. I loved filling these sections in. Sometimes, I would have a really bad day, but I would focus on the positivity of the day - this made me a happier person too.

I really found this journal very helpful. I made sure I completed it everyday and it motivated me to follow the rules the next day. Paul Mckenna states that weighing yourself everyday is not a good idea as it is innaccurate and can worry you. He says that if you want a true indication, you should weigh yourself every 2 weeks, hence there is a section to fill in your weight. Also, there are quotes and mini exercises throughout the book - making the journal a bit more interesting! Furthermore, there's a section at the end that allows you to put in a before and after photo.. and you can even send it to him!

All in all... using his system and working out have led me to lose weight. I know someone who went on the LighterLife Diet, which involves substitutings special milkshakes for food. She went down from a size 18 to a size 8 within months.. but after she stopped have the milkshakes.. she put the weight back on. Remember... diets are for short term loss.. unless you plan on starving your body forever, I would not recommend going on a diet! I have been on this plan for over 6 months..and even though it has taken 10 months to lose 10kg, I haven't put the weight back on and I have done it in a safe way.

Pretty Little Tips:
  • Imagination is the key to weightloss.. not will-power. Imagine chocolate and eating it with hair. Craving gone? Hell yeah!!
  • Drink water! Your body confuses thirst with hunger.. so drink a glass of water first... and if you're still hungry.. eat!
  • Drink green tea - I've noticed my weight loss escalated since drinking this gem! Also.. my immune system seems to have strenghtened. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • If you've had a bad day by not following the rules.. don't give up. Just start again! Everybody makes mistakes!
  • Eat slowly. Try to take 20 bites per morsel.. eating slowly = eating less.FACT.
  • Avoid watching TV or reading whilst eating. Enjoy your food!
  • Imagine your ideal body - don't hate on your current body.. it will demotivate you.
  • Don't starve yourself - your body will go into starvation mode.
  • Take 2 steps up the stairs - great for your bottom!
  • I always walk up escalators.. no matter how tired I am. Trust me, these little changes will affect your weight loss!
  • Even though on the Paul Mckenna System, you can eat what you want, I still advice you to eat lots of fruit and vegetables - your skin, hair and mind will reap the benefits!
  • If you're craving food when you're not actually hungry.. do a simple activity to feed your emotional hunger such as taking a walk or reading a book.I used to eat a lot when I was bored - hence the weight gain.
Before and after :)

Remember, if I can do it.. so can you! Just believe in yourself.. and anything is possible!

Love from Roshas xx


  1. LOVED this post, so helpful with loads of great tips! Thanks for this :)


  2. I've got this too. My dad got it for me which When I read that it programs your mind to think differently it kinda creeped me out :S

    I read up a lot about mind control, mostly the negative aspects such as MK Ultra etc, so even though this sounds like 'good' programming, I'm still extremely put off by the thought of having my mind invaded and programmed to think 'artificial' me paranoid lol

    But everyone's different, and it's certainly made a difference in your life and made you feel a lot comfortable in your own skin so each to their own :]

    you look amazing btw! xx

  3. hell yeaaaaaaaaaaa ive lost 8 pounds so far!

  4. hi babe,well done on your weight loss.
    i lost all my baby weight through weightwatchers diet .i lost 2 stone in 2.5 months 2 years ago (i was 10st 2lb ,im now 8st 5ft 3).i love this diet as it just shows u how to portion control.i can pretty much eat anything.even though i love the weightwatchers diet im definitly gonna try this one out too !!
    thanks for the post.
    also could u tell me where i can get the cd xxxxxxxxxx

  5. are looking gorgeous after losing weight...i love this post as its very useful for all.

  6. you look stunning now hun! am gona check out his book :)

  7. @Parisa.. aww thank you! so glad you found it helpful :)

    @Carmensays.. yeah you're right.. it is well freaky.. but its for the best and helps me.. hence i love it :) what do you think of his weight loss system?

    @liz.. congrats! keep it up xx

    @sabina.. wow you truly look amazing! congrats on your weight loss! btw the CD comes with the 'I can make you thin' book.. the CD is only 25 mins long.. i suggest you read the book first and then listen to the CD from then on.. it makes the whole process of losing weight much easier!

    @indianmakeupways.. aww thank u xx

    @rakshanda.. aww thanks.. glad u found it useful :)

    @getgawjus..aww thanks :) you don't need to lose weight.. you're perfect right now, but it is a great read!

  8. you look gorgeous!! I'm so glad that you succeeded in your goal of losing weight because it made you so much more self-assured!! Thank you for pointing out Paul MC Kenna in your blog. I've got his 'I Can Make You Thin' book and CD a few weeks ago and I am already feeling more relaxed about my eating habits :) genius!
    Best, Sam xx

  9. You look lovely with or without your wieght loss hun!
    I'm not too interested in losing weight but I do find it REALLY hard to eat healthly... !

  10. What a great post! So motivational and inspiring!
    Congrats on your achievement as well! :)

  11. @sam aww thank youu!!i feel so happy that you followed my advice! hope it works!
    @sami.. thank you :) if you want to eat healthily.. just think of the food that gives you energy and make you feel better.. chocolates and crisps taste lovely but make me feel sluggish! hope this helps
    @widdlesh.. aww thank you hun xx

  12. Great blog and well done on what you acheived. Paul Mckenna does a great job of taking lots of good ideas and putting them out to people so hats off to you both !


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