Monday, 13 September 2010

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and out (September) =


Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My lovely brother got me all of the seasons as a pressie and I am loving them! I used to watch this show as a kid.. and I still enjoy it now. It's truly magical. I finally get all of the jokes lol!

Peppermint and Nettle tea. I've been loving this tea after my evening meal. It really helps to cleanse your system, oh and nettle tea is great for your skin! Woohoo!

Working out. I used to hate working out.. but now I feel so amazing afterwards, so for thirty minutes of feeling the burn you get 24 hours of feeling's totally worth it. Plus seeing a change in your body is great!

Leaving my hair natural.
Not only do I save time in the morning, but I save my hair from getting damaged due to high temperatures. Woohoo. I love looking at this website; something about it makes me appreciate the finer things in life :)

Vampire Diaries Season 2. Vampires Diaries is back on! Season 2 has started very well and I'm really looking forward to watching the rest. BTW I think Nina Dobrev is so so stunning! I want her hair!

Working. I'm really happy that I'm back to uni soon :) I love my part time job.. but it's very stressful and I end up coming home late which messes up my evening :(

Shimmery eyeshadows. I used to LOVE them, but now i prefer matte eyeshadows. I feel that matte eyeshadows can change the shape of your eye as they provide more definition and they are definitely more work friendly.
Straight hair. Dead straight hair doesn't suit me.. I like a bit of a wave. I feel that curly hair gives me more personality (I'm not saying that people with straight hair are boring.. I feel that it looks boring on me!)

Nail polish.
I used to love painting my talons in an array of colours, but now I can't be bothered. I have simply no patience to be sitting there watching paint dry, and I always end up smudging it grr! Also, my nails have become so brittle and weak as of late, and I feel that the nail polish has partly to blame.

I can't think of anything else! lol!


  1. i totally agree with the straight hair and the shimmery eyeshadows thing! xx

  2. Great post! LOVED the new episode of vampire diaries and love nina's hair when its curly :)

  3. I am so with you on all your ins and outs girl! :)

  4. @Sophie.. those were the very things I used to love! Funny how things change!

    @Welldressbeauty - aww thank you.. this post took my ages to do.. I had some HTML error so I started again oops! lol! I love VD. Best show ever. Katherine is evil.. but fabulous lol!

  5. @Getgawjus.. awesomeness clone :P lol jke xx hehe x

  6. Totes agree with you about nail polish... it ruins my nails and is such a pain when it smudges (which it inevitably always does! Grrr...)


    I'm off to watch the second episode now

  8. lol i used to love sabrina! spiffing show :D

  9. @ellevictore.. i loved the second episode!! Damon <3 <3 <3

    @Sikenthreads.. i still love it.. salem is too funny!

    @Make up by yass.. its amazing.. kids tv used to be so great back in the days.. sister sister..kenan and kel and ofcourse sabrina.. whats happening now?? looL!

  10. Hey thanks for dropping your comments

    I am so grateful to visit and drop in your blog, more than that am enjoying in a new blog as a new friend

    thanks u

  11. You're definately right about working out. It makes me feel ohh so gooooood. I'm on day 4 of the 30 day shred, bring it on! xx

  12. @DesignerSpray .. aww i'm so glad you're on it! I'm trying to convince my lazy sister! Tell me how it goes!:) Level 3 is soo hard but my abs looked pretty good the day after haha xx

  13. Sabrina The Teenage Witch .. Gawd i remember that, i usety love it years ago, salem the wee cat!


    Your blogs lovely btw :)

    New follower <3


  14. @Nichola.. aww thank u sweetie! I was watching Sabrina today.. Salem makes me laugh! He is sooo funny!

  15. Awww i loved Sabrina when i was younger! :D I love your blog, im now following xo

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