Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lil Miss Outgoing: Harry Potter Studio Tour +

Hi guys! I'm finally back! I've only got one more exam left, and that's in 2 weeks, so I'm taking a little break from revision!

 I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour on Monday, which is in Watford, and involves a tour of the film set!

Here are some photos:

The infamous cupboard under the stairs
Gryffindor uniform
Professor Umbridge's room - SO PRETTY!!
The Great Hall

Chocolate feast
The Yule Ball decorations
Dumbledore's office

Potion class
Ministry of Magic
Privet Drive
The bridge
The night bus

I love you Dobby <3
I finished the day with a cup of tea <3

Tips if you are going:
  • Tickets are quite expensive (£28) so try and look for a deal, or book it through Groupon
  • The food is disgusting.. and expensive! Bring a packed lunch!
  • I tried Butter Beer - I didn't like it! It's a fizzy drink with sweet cream on top. They only sell it in 2 locations in the world, and if you're a die hard fan, you might as well try it! 
  • Get a digital guide - I regret not getting one!
  • The tour takes approximately 3 hours - although many people finish earlier
  • Try to get there 20 minutes before the tour starts
  • The queue for the green screen broomstick simulater is REALLY long (1 hour) but worth it!
All in all, it was a fun day out, and it makes you realise the amount of hard work that was put in for the movies! The attention to detail astounded me. Conversely, the tour is not worth £28! Only go if you're interested in how the film is made!! 



  1. Eeeeek I can't wait to go to this...It is expensive, but I'm a total Harry Potter geek so...yeah! Can't wait!
    Kavya x

    PS - you look so pretty in the pic with Dobby! xx

    1. Aww thank you! Let me know how you find it xx

  2. Looks amazing and great pictures! I definitely want to go if i can :)

  3. Oh lovely.. how gorgeous do you look!!

    This post makes me want to go sooo badly now...eeeekkk I want to hug dobby!!!

    Great great great great x infinity post!!!


  4. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!!

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