Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lil Miss Moisturised: Favourite body lotion!

I posted earlier that I loved body oils, but as they can get quite messy (and they're definitely not travel friendly), I decided to purchase a body cream. 

This Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body lotion is definitely my favourite body lotion to date! I have dabbled with the likes of Nivea, Vaseline and Garnier - but this one beats the lot! It makes my skin feel very smooth and soft - it's not too heavy and not too light either!

The first thing I like about this body lotion is that it is free from parabens (nasty chemicals which can potentially cause cancer!). Most moisturisers contain parabens, so this is a major plus point! 

The second thing I like about this body lotion is that it contains almond, cocoa, yoghurt, oat and honey - all of these are great for your skin! It also smells of almonds, oats and brown sugar (more like digestive biscuits to me)

I also love the fact that the body cream has a pump - which makes it sanitary! 
This body pump retails at £10.00 and can be purchased from Boots. There's currently a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, so I will definitely be stocking up!
What's your favourite body cream?
Roshni xx 


  1. Just have to look at it to know it smeels amazing! Love that it's full of goodness too. xx

    1. Exactly - unlike many body lotions these days! xx

  2. I've just put this on my arms, a few minutes ago! The scent is something else.. :D love it!! X

    1. I love the smell! I'm very impressed by Soap and Glory products! xx


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