Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lil Miss Homely: New home decor bits +

Home decor seems to interest me more than beauty products these days! It's Autumn and I tend to hibernate more in my bedroom (I don't like the cold!)

 Here are some lovely pieces I've purchased for my room in the last few months :)

My new mirror from eBay. I would love to have a French style dressing table but my room isn't big enough! I decided to purchase this mirror instead which makes my room look so much more elegant! 

I love tea lights - especially LED tea lights which are more cost effective (and safer!) I purchased the bird cage from eBay and the little house tea light holder from Debenhams!

I know this doesn't come under home ware but I love the new iPhone 5s - the thumbprint scanner saves me a lot of time, the gold colour is beautiful, the processing is much quicker and the camera quality has vastly improved (I used to have the iPhone 4s)

Are you into home decor?


  1. The little house tea light holder is so cute! :)

    1. It really is- it's quite small but still gorgeous!

  2. Love the mirror and the house tea light holder is so adorable! I'm very into home decor these days so loved this post x

  3. I've got a very similar cage tea light holder to that but instead of the roses it has birds on it - looks so good when you've just got the tea light on in the dark :)

    Laura @ Roller Blinds


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