Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lil Miss Organised: New handbags +

If I could get away with not carrying a handbag - I would. I don't like carrying things - I rather stuff things in my pockets. Unfortunately, that's not always possible. 

For work, I carry the essentials: Sat nav, work equipment, makeup bag, wallet, phone, keys and hand cream. As I carry so much, my bags get worn out quicker than normal, so my idea of the perfect bag is: good quality, durable, has different sections to organise my belongings and it also has to be profressional and 'sleek looking'.

I found the perfect bag in Next - and I absolutely love it! The detailing is beautiful, the material is of great quality and the straps are long enough to hang off my shoulder.  Unfortuanately I cannot find it on the Next website but I only purchased it a few weeks ago so it may be available instore. The bag cost me £25. 

 I was also looking for a smaller handbag for recreational purposes. I found this Mulberry lookalike from M&S for only £35. I love the long straps, the fact that it has a zip divider in the middle and the sturdy material.

Where do you buy your handbags from?


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