Sunday, 6 July 2014

Travel Organisation +

I love anything to do with organisation. Anything that makes my life easier is very desirable to me.

Here is how I pack my bag (beware of a photo heavy post!):

I like using travel cubes to organise my clothing. I purchased the blue ones from Amazon and the pink ones from Ikea. The travel cubes from Ikea were only £5 for a set of four and the quality is so much better! Travel cubes keep everything separated in your luggage. I actually enjoy packing now thanks to these! I have decided not to show what's in every single cube, otherwise this post will go on forever!

I used about nine travel cubes to pack for a two week holiday. If I go away for the weekend, I normally just use three packing cubes.
One of my favourite things to do whilst on holiday is to curl up on the deck chair and read. I love self help books - they're so inspiring :)
Back to the packing cubes - you'll be surprised at how much stuff you can pack in a cube! I ended up putting tops in one bag.... well as my workout clothes and swimming costumes in another cube. Yes I am taking my workout gear on holiday - I seriously do not want to put on weight - I have a major event coming up which means I have to stay disciplined in an all-inclusive resort (wish me luck)
What I love about this particular travel cube is that it is double sided - so you can use it to put your dirty clothing in to separate it! Perfect!
I managed to pack seven dresses in this cube! Not bad!
I packed three pairs of shoes in this travel cube
I pack my toiletries using this bag (featured in this post)
My makeup and jewellery fit neatly in this bag from Amazon.. I absolutely love it!
This is all the makeup I am taking. Normally on holiday, I wear no makeup during the day, and then I dress up for dinner ;) This handy little bag also stores my makeup brushes!
I also packed my jewellery on the other side. I don't particularly wear much jewellery as you can see.
I also purchased this cute little zipper bag from Cath Kidston to store my leads. I tied up the leads using these gear ties from Amazon :)

Are you going on holiday this year?


  1. thats such a clever way to pack

  2. Love this its so organised! I'll try the cubes when i next go away x

  3. Thank you! Let me know what you think xx


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