Monday, 21 March 2016

Weight loss update

Writing about my weight loss journey is one of my favourites things to blog about.

If you follow me on Instagram (@roshas) , you will know that I am getting married this year. Getting married has been the biggest motivation for me in terms of getting toned up. I joined the gym last year and started working out pretty intensely. I mostly go to workout classes as I find working out on the treadmill pretty boring. My favourites classes to attend are: body pump (a weight based workout which involves high reps), circuit training, GRIT cardio (high intensity interval training) and yoga. The gym I attend is a short drive from where I live and where I work, hence I have no excuse to not attend.

When I first joined the gym, my blood pressure readings and blood sugar levels were taken. My aerobic fitness level was also measured. I had these same readings checked four months later (after going to the gym at least four times a week) and my blood pressure dropped (it was never high in the first place), my blood sugar level dropped, and my aerobic fitness level improved so much that it was in the elite level (I am very surprised by this lol). This just shows that exercising is not just about how you look, but also about how you feel. Your body is MADE to move - use it. My weight only dropped by one kg but my body looked far more toned. Don't just rely on the weighing scale, as it does not tell you if you have put on muscle or fat.

 I have recently started having personal training sessions, and to be honest, I wish I had started them earlier. My stomach has finally toned up after a few sessions. My personal trainer pushes me to my limit and does not take no for an answer, for example, I lifted a 24kg kettle bell which I never would have done before. I am also trying new exercises tailored for my individual needs. Moreover, my PT shows me how to do exercises properly, and tells me which muscles are contracting whilst I am doing them. I have lost a bit more weight too since started PT sessions - even people at the gym have noticed. My aim is not to lose much weight, I just want to tone up. At one point I did feel that I looked too thin, so I have started eating even more to stop myself from losing any more weight.

Here is a before and after photo:

The first photo was taken over six years ago, and the second photo was taken last year in November. If you read my original weight loss story, it took me about ten months to lose weight. Going to the gym has really shaped up my body. I am much stronger than before, and I feel more comfortable wearing dresses. I do find it hard to workout at home, therefore the gym is a great option for me. I used to do workout DVDs but I felt that it was harder to motivate myself to do them.

  • Remember, it's never too late to start being healthy. Pick yourself up and move on. I often have a week where I eat badly and avoid the gym, but I don't make myself feel bad about it 
  • Start working out slowly, for example, aim for two workouts a week and increase this steadily until you do four workouts a week
  • Get a personal trainer! It's expensive but it's an investment for your body. At the end of the day, you are going to be in that body for the rest of your life...
  • Try to join a gym near your home and work - it helps with the excuses! 
  • Get out of your comfort zone, switch up your workouts, aim to put your all in every workout
  •  If you cannot go to the gym, then there are plenty of workout videos on Youtube. My favourite channels are 'Fitness Blender' 'Yoga by Adriene' and 'Pop Fitness'
  •  If I cannot workout at the gym, I count walking 10,000 steps as a workout. If you have a smart phone, then download an app that counts your steps.
I hope you found these tips useful! 


  1. Excellent and inspiring blog post. Thank you for sharing this. X

    1. Thank you. So glad you enjoyed reading it, and I hope it inspired you X


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