Tuesday, 18 May 2010

> Lil Miss Posey: Baby Shower Pics >

Hello my pretties,

I went to a baby shower on Sunday morning, my cousin is going to have a baby .. yay! I decided to dress up (as always LOL)...I even took a few pics (beware.. bad lighting..really only pictures of me.. and an ugly pimple.. ugh!)♥♥

Here's a full shot of me, I'm wearing an Indian suit (that was the dress code) I overdid it with the bronzer and blush.. oops!

I wanted to take closer photos so you could actually see the makeup I was wearing.. but unfortunately I had a pimple and felt 'shy' lol I attempted to shut my eyes so you could see my eyemakeup.. but frankly it didn't do the eyeshadow any justice :(

A close up of my tiny eyes :)


Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C40.♥
(I forgot to wear concealer because I was in a rush.. but my foundation concealed my under eye circles)

Benefit Hoola Bronzer for contour.
Mac Refined Golden Bronzer for blush.
Sleek highlighting combo in Peach Shimmer for highlight.♥

Eyes: ♥
Barry M dazzle dust in Forest Green all over the lid and under the eye to make my brown eyes POP♥
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Zero on the outer corner for definition.♥
Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero in the waterline and upper lid for a smoked out effect. ♥
Sleek Ink Pot in Black to outline the upper lash line.♥
Benefit Highbrow for highlight on my brow bone.
Dior Mascara in Black to make my fake lashes look more real.♥
Eyelure eyelashes no. 101 to make my eyes look bigger and more glam.♥

Mac Peachstock Lipstick (Libery of London Collection) - gorgeous nude colour.♥
Mac Lust Lipglass on top to add a mauve-y sheen onto Peachstock♥


Indian Girl Pose ♥

A professional photo, from my uncles camera!

My sister and I.. I love her!♥♥

Mini update on 30 day shred:

In my earlier post, I stated that i was going to embark on the almighty 30 day Shred!(It's basically a work out DVD in which you have to work out everyday for 20 minutes for 30 days.) I just wanted to say that I've only done it 3 times.. I couldn't do it everyday.. due to sheer laziness and muscle fatigue! The first time I did it, I couldn't feel my legs.. the second time I did it.. I was in pain! The third time i worked out to it.. I felt noticeably fitter! I'm going to attempt to do it everyday from today onwards! I'm still on level one.. and I can barely do a press up.. hopefully I will be able to soon :) I've lost like half a pound LOL wooo

Anyway guys.. hope you enjoyed this post.. I'm a total camera whore!!♥

Please note that I don't dress up like this everyday! I don't really wear much makeup on a day to day basis.. I like to go all out for a special occasion <3


  1. Ooooo you stunning stunning girlie - you look truly divine xxx


  2. Hun you look soo pretty in asian clothes!! N ur makeup looks fab! :P
    Sami xx

  3. U look gorgeous! I love that green suit n the eye makeup is fabulous


  4. awww thank you for your lovely comments guys <3 you're all soo sweet!!

    i love asian clothes.. they always make you look elegant xx

  5. Such a stunner!! Loving the look :)

  6. you look so glam hun! looove ya dress too :)

  7. Awww thank you ruby and shifa <3 Xxx

  8. xox0...
    is very trendy your blog....

  9. You are soo pretty! That is a very pretty dress too!

    Follow my blog, im sure you'll love it!!


  10. Beautiful look! You are gorgeous :)

  11. Aw you remind me a little of kourtney kardashian, stunning!! xxxx

  12. Gorgeous! Loving your blog! xoxo

  13. Really pretty!

    Nice post!

    Following your blog : ) please check out mine when you get a chance, hope u follow too.


  14. your suit it gorgeous, love the green! you look stunning. xXx

  15. you look so pretty!!

    i'm following your blog! please check out mine if you get a chance! :)

  16. aww thank youu everyone for your lovely comments <3 you've made my day!! i will be checking out ur blogs :) hehe xx

  17. You look amazing and so exotic! It is so good to find your blog, I love it and I am following now, I would be more than happy if you like my blog and follow me back! Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana.

  18. You look gorgeous!the greem makes your eyes pop more..;) Anyway i have a giveaway you might want to join in..;)

  19. i like what you wearing!!

  20. thank u :) x it's from Green Street, East Ham if you're wondering.

  21. so pretty! that green looks stunning on you! xo


  22. nice to see another desi blogger your pritty :)


  23. The colour of that suit looks so good on you! New follower here :)


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