Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lil Miss Random: New Look 20% Discount and 30 Day Shred

Hello Lovelies :)

I just wanted to do a quick little post today regarding the New Look Discount.. it's 20% off until 17th May so hurry up and make most of it because the 20% discount only occurs three times a year (as far as I've seen anyway).

It's only for students though, and you can click HERE to obtain your discount woooo!!

I'm so tempted to go back but one time is enough lol :P

Anyway.. on another note.. something that has been on the bloggers atmosphere recently is the '30 Day Shred'.

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It's basically an exercise work out DVD that involves only 20 minutes a day of exercise. How amazing does that sound? It's perfect for those who are constantly busy, yet want to tone up.

Each 20 minute work out contains:
  • One 2 minute warm-up
  • Three 6 minute circuits featuring:
  • 3 minutes strength
  • 2 minutes cardio
  • One 2 minute cool down.
This will probably be the most productive 20 minutes of my life! It sounds easy but I've heard it's excruciating!!Exercise is amazing for your body, your skin, your mind and basically your overall system and as I'm a 'beauty' addict.. I might as well cleanse my insides first to make the outside look polished hehe. It's a 30 day programme, and you up levels every 10 days. Naturally the levels get harder as you proceed. I personally have never worked out everyday for a month.. I tend to do every other day or every three days (or more recently.. every 2 weeks LOL). This is going to be a major challenge, but I'm looking forward to fitting into a bikini this summer.

I'm going to start this today, I thought I would blog about it to share it with you all and to motivate myself to do it. I'm going to do an update on this once a week to tell you how it's going on! I've got exams for the next three weeks and I always put on weight during them because I snack constantly and sit in the same spot for hours.

The DVD costs £5.99 and you can take a deeper look at it from HERE.

On a more lighter note, this is what I'm planning to wear when I work out to the 30 day shred:

Sorry about the grainy image.. it was taken on a crappy phone camera and you can clearly see the worn out trampoline (it wasn't me.. promise LOL). The top and tracksuit bottoms are from Matalan.

So guys have you tried this out?
Does it work?
How do YOU work out?

Take care beauties,

Love from Roshas xxx


  1. I use a pilate dvd hun and it works great! its called Winsor Pilates and it has this 30 minute workout that you have to do 3 times a week and works well for toning and strengthening :)

    I have to get back to it! :S

    Will defo try out the one you have. and you already look so fit hun, why workout hehe :p

  2. The 30 day shred is evil! I done around 10... I didn't even get to the second level haha! But to be honest those ten days worked wonders.. I ended up just taking certain things from the routine and maintaining what had happened after 10... So it is a great work out anyway. Good luck with it, looking forward to hearing how you do :p xx

  3. I haven't tried Shred, but I tried the Biggest Loser Workout DVD, and lost interest because the routine was the same, and the music started being boring after a while. I just try to go to the gym as often as possible. But best of luck! Great blog, just started following you. :)

  4. goodluck with thiss! love the ''lil miss'' title names lol


  5. @ getgawjus.. thank you for the lovely comment,however that photo is very deceiving.. im stretching :P lol i'll definitely check out the pilates..lets see if i ever get past the shred though! :P

    @kirsty.. im dying.. the pain is unbearable.. and i've only done 2 days LOOL it's going to take me two months to get onto level 2 loool but the second time i did the work out.. it wasn't as bad.

    @ashwini: yeah the trainer talks a lot.. i'm kind of used to it now so i'm going to play my own music in the background lol i like the fact that it's only 20 mins.. i'm lazy so that works for me lol and thanks for the lovely comment xx

    @emmadee... thank you.. i need all the luck haha aww thank you :) :)

  6. Nice blog!

    I should try that DVD, I mean it is only a 20 minute workout. Wouldn't harm anyone right? =)

  7. @karla :) exactly! Ive done it three
    times .. And yes you do feel pain but it's worth it! Each time
    i've used.. Time seems to pass quicker n quicker! What's 20 mins outta 24 hours hehe! Thankss btw xxx

  8. ive just come across your blog and subbed! I have been doing the 30 day shred for what about a month.. yup its been a month, i do it everyday. i love it.. amazing.. this is the only workout dvd that ive come across that actually motivates you to do more. keep at it girl. x


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