Sunday, 13 June 2010

Little Miss Organised: My makeup collection!!

Hello my pretties,

Sorry about being MIA.. I didn't realise that working 9-5 would cause me to stop blogging... working is sooo tiring and when I get home I have to help my mummy with the cooking, work out and then sleep.. boring I know; it makes me miss university... I used to have loads of time off..I can't wait to go back now lol.

Anyway, here is my lovely little makeup collection. I haven't got as much as some of you bloggers, but probably a little more than the average woman lol! I wouldn't say I collect makeup for the sake of it,I actually use most of it,and if I don't want it I tend to give it to my lucky little sister lol.

Anyway, here is my vanity area. It is definitely my favourite place in my bedroom (apart from my bed lol). I've got most of my jewellry, all of my makeup, my books, dvds and perfumes in this little section. As you can see.. I've got a birthday card, some hello kitty things and some photo albums and a photo frame.. i might as well make my vanity area even more appealing lol. I've even got a Me to You teddy.. I love Me to You teddies :)

My mirror is from Ikea. It's only £6 and looks very sophisticated. I've got some body sprays on the side, I tend to grab one and put it into my bag so I can use it during the day.

Here is a close up of the pigeon holes.. theres two sections all together with three pigeon holes. I have DVDs and books at the top.. nail polishes in the second hole and the third hole has my everyday makeup.

This is where I keep all of my everyday makeup
, minus blush, lip products and eyeshadows. I've got some of my brushes, eyeliners, mascaras, tweezers,primers, concealers and SUNCREAM (very important!!! I use this everyday..even in the winter lol) and stuff like that. It's great to have a little section for everyday makeup because I'm always running late for work so it's good to have the basic essentials in one particular area (btw that green container contains headbands). My brush holder is from it's really pretty but definitely not worth £16.. I suggest you buy a glass holder and put some beads in it lol.

This holder is from WH Smith.. I love it :) It's even magnetic so you can swap those little colourful holders. I've got some random brushes that I use sometimes along with products for my face and eyes.

This is the second cubby hole. I've got all of my Sophie Kinsella Books (LOVE LOVE LOVE), and an earring holder. (It's got all of my non dangly earrings on it.) Also I've got my perfumes and the third hole has my lippies and eyeshadows.

Here is a close up. I've got fake lashes (Naturalites and Cheryl Cole ones) in that sparkly grey makeup bag, my sleek pout polishes in the see through container, my urban decay book of shadows vol 2 and my coastal scents shimmer pallete. The purple bag on the side has some nail products such as nail polish remover and some nail filers.

Here is my fave drawer. It contains all of my lipsticks and lipglosses! I've got mostly Mac items, but also some Barry M, Avon, Dior, Victoria Jackson, Jemma Kid, Helen E, Coastals Scents, Lakme and Clinique.

Here is a close up without the Victoria Jackson lip glosses. I do have too many lipglosses and lipsticks in my opinion, but I try to use different ones everyday. I wish the Mac Lipsticks came in better packaging, it's annoying getting the lipstick out, turning it over to look at the shade name and then realising it's not the one I want. I'm going to buy a lipstick holder sooner or later.. maybe this might help.

These are all of my eyeshadows...apart from my palettes ofcourse. As you can tell..I love Barry M dazzle dusts - I only use these on a night out. I've got 2 Mac pigment samples (Vanilla and Melon) at the bottom, some Urban Decay Glitter Lines (I used to be OBSESSED about, not so much lol). I only have 3 Mac eyeshadows.. I use these everyday for work (Orb, Cork and Espresso) and a random Urban Decay shadow, sigma eyeshadow and 17 eyeshadow.. with some Barry M Eye pencils at the top. I even have some Matte Nyx Eyeshadows, which are really powdery, hence why I bought Mac alternatives.

Here is my perfume collection. I've got all of my perfumes here and they are mostly girly, candy smells 'cos that's what I like.. a gorgeous gorgeous candle holder which has crystals on it. I use this to store my rings.. and some Candy Fluff by Lush - this smells amazing! I'll probably do a separate post on my perfumes. :)

Moving swiftly on, I have my hair care and skin care products in this hole. (It's the bottom part of the Vanity area). You might be wondering what that black item at the back is.. it's my Cleopatra Wig that I never wore at the fancy dress party lol. I keep my everyday Skin care in my bathroom, but moisturisers, and deodarants stay here.

Under the body care are my blushers, bronzers, powders and foundations. (Sorry about the crappy photo lol). I've got 2 Mac Blushes (Peaches and Gingerly), along with Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Plus, Mac Loose Powder.Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation (I don't use this during the day time), Boi-ing concelaer, My Benefit Products (Hoola Bronzer, Dallas and Throb) along with some Body Shop items, Prestige Baked Bronzer, Nyx Glow Cream Blush and Bourjois Blush. Oh, I even have a Victoria Jackson Set too lol. I also have some used up Mac Products that are purely there for Back to Mac.

And last but not least, I have a little holder for my palettes - Sleek, Urban Decay and some Collection 2000 trios. Furthermore, my Ebay Lashes.. I got 40 pairs for £3.. they're reallly really hard to put on though and aren't all that.. but a great bargain!!


  1. I love this post! Makeup collection/organization is my fav!

  2. Please don't invite in your home, i might steal all your makeup collect...

    OMG i'm so loving how you organize your stuff it looks neat!

    Love your collection too!

  3. Wow i love your vanity area! jealous lol :) every so nicely tucked, i love barry m dd aswell! oh btw they are giving away free dd with evry copy on more magazine, check it out :D xxx

  4. @DSKSteph... thank you.. and i love love love makeup collection posts.. gives me great ideas!!

    @CCBlogger aww thanks.. im a teeny weeny bit of a neat freak.. just realised i have so much stuff! going to have to stop buying makeup for a bit.

    @Tami.. aww thanks.. however i'm moving out of this room soon.. (we all have turns to stay in the loft cos its really nice lol ) ooo thanks for telling me.. i LOVE moremagazine!! it's my fave :) will deffo be checking that out :) thanks hun xx

  5. :O:O:O i love this post its so organised and has lots of awesome products init :) x wow i love it , i want one :) x im obsessed with all things beauty too and you collection is awesome!
    x sophie-lou x
    follow back please x

  6. I have that perfume too! The pink sugar one, and I love it :D

  7. @Sophie-Lou-J : awww ur so sweeet :) thankies xx

    @Niki I love Pink Sugar.. loads of people ask me what i'm wearing..and the good thing is..not many people know about it :P x

  8. you've been tagged and awarded :] check my blog xx

  9. You're so organized! I can never orginize my make up just right. :) Great post.

  10. Ha, I love Sophie Kinsella too! Great collection post. Very organized!

  11. @carmensays aww thank u!! i'm going to make a separate post on this wooo

    @ansa.. aww thanks. i love makeup - but it's a hassle in the morning.. organising it really saves me time :)

    @veflexra - aww thank u .. i try haha xx

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  13. where did u get the cabinet from?? it's lovely and holds an awful lot! xx

  14. @sami .. those cabinets have been fitted onto the wall, and were done so by the company.. therefore i dont no :( sorry x

  15. oh my god u hav so many nail polishes and lipsticks. love it. the biggest thing is its well organized. wow!

  16. Aahwwww It looks sos good Roshni!
    It's so nice and neaT! im also a beauty freak as im now besides colleges at uni
    I also follow make up and hairstyling courses! I lovee ittt!! Have tooo much stuff too little space hahahah......mayb a tip for a new post? How to organize make up and stuff in a small space


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