Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Holiday Shopping Time!

Wooooo it's summer =D i love wearing pretty things in the summer! In the winter I always cover up my pretty clothes with a coat , so summer is the time to embrace all :)

I'm going to Egypt soon and so holiday shopping is key to having a blissful holiday (according to me lol!)

Anywho, I went to Primark today.. I LOVE Primark. Every time I go, I cannot resist the amazing bargains! The only downside is the fact that it is tooo busy; there are far too many people and I feel that everyone gets in my way.. my blood pressure level must go soaring high!!

Anyway, here's what I picked up:

This is my fave purchase! It's a gorgeous dress for the summer - with pretty flowers taking over it. My sister thinks it looks old fashioned, but I like a bit of vintage clothing ;) I love how well this dress fits, and the material is pretty thick. It cost £13, which is great for a dress of such high quality!!

This gorgeous top is only £5! I've got the same in black. It's quite long, and some people may choose to wear it as a dress but I'm going to wear it with jeggings (jeans+leggings=jeggings!). Trust me, it looks much better on!

Here is dress/top..which was only £5!! i LOVE this! You can wear it as a dress, but in London I feel really shy showing my I'm going to wear this with jeggings. I think this is great to wear if you are going to a restaurant..the loose material will ensure that your post-eating bloated tummy will be hidden! Say hello to my panda.. her name is Chloe :)

Here is the same top, but in white. For some reason, the blue top/dress didn't have those threads on the sides lol... anyway I love this too -but I prefer the blue one because navy blue is my favourite colour but this dress/top is even more summery and I will definitely be wearing this in Egypt! This cost me £5 - pretty amazing I must add!

How can one go shopping without buying swim wear? I decided to buy a full on swimming costume - my body is definitely not bikini ready (plus I'm too self conscious!). This was about £10 - quite steep for Primark (I am a bit cheap when it comes to shopping lol), but the quality and fitting justify it!

The next purchase were these gorgeous sandals. They were selling them in an array of colours, but I chose black because black goes with pretty much everything! They were selling them in orange, pink, white and gold. I wanted to pick some more up, but I was on a budget. These were only £4 - I was shocked when I found out!

These summery flip flops only cost me £1.50 - I always buy a pair for holiday.. I don't like taking loads of shoes on holiday 'cos they always get ruined!

I even bought a makeup bag (I have too many of them.. whyyy???) I've seen similar ones to these in River Island, but this one only cost me £2.50, which is a fraction of the price of RI ones! I love the fact that you can open it and you can actually see the products, instead of rummaging inside! You can see that I've even loaded it up, I got a teeny bit excited lol.

Last but not least, I bought a sports bra, it cost £3. Hopefully it will motivate me to exercise??

Hope y'all enjoyed this summery haul :)

What have you bought recently?
Anyone else going on holiday too?


  1. Wow love the dress and sandals!
    Makeup bag and bikini looks so cute!

  2. awww thanks :) im gna wear the dress tmorrow :) xx


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