Wednesday, 28 July 2010

$ Lil Miss Holidayed Out: Back From Egypt! $

Hi guys =D i'm back.. from Egypt :)

On an additional note, thank you for the lovely comments on the previous post.. I have finally replied back to all of your sweet comments.

Anyway, back to Egypt ... It was amazing! I would highly recommend it... the people are really friendly, it's not THAT expensive ( just make sure you haggle!), the weather is hot but not unbearable, and the history is frankly amazing! (The ancient Egyptians invented MAKEUP - even more the reason to love them) I feel really relaxed and chilled out after the holiday =D

I went there for 10 days with my family to sharm-el sheikh, and it has to be the best holiday to date! We rode on camels and went on a jeep safari, did a spot of quad biking in the desert (very tough) and went to Cairo to see the pyramids and check out the Egyptian museam.

Here are some holiday snaps:

Egypt is also renowned for its camels.

Posing in an Egyptian shop lol

I'm scared of camels.. hence my facial expression lol

Jeep safari - awesome stuff.. riding through the desert..well scary!

Having a staring contest with Cleopatra.

Simply amazing - it took 20 years to build.

Old market - they have dances on here.

Quad biking in the desert - nearly fell over !

Posing with a mahoosive sheesha.. if you like sheesha.. you will LOVE Egypt.. they are sheesha addicts (unfortunately for me.. i can't smoke it.. i end up in a coughing fit)

My tan- only my legs and chest tanned :/ (oh and my natural hair :) )

Hope you guys enjoyed this post..

Has anyone else been to Egypt?

Where are you going on holiday??

love from roshas xx


  1. WOW everything looks so Beautiful.Especially nighttime, I would love to go Traveling...but it's not the same with kids =-/

  2. your hair looks nice naturally!

  3. @mzc1ark24 .. it is beautiful.. hopefully you can when they grow up :)
    @harpreet.. awww thank u =D

  4. my next holiday...

  5. Just found your lovely blog and followed!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)


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