Monday, 11 October 2010

Lil Miss Posey: Festival of Goddesses FOTN :$

Hello my pretties! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Don't they go by so quickly?

I celebrated Navratri last night, which is the Hindu festival of goddesses. It involves lots of dancing, if anyone has seen Bride and Prejudice then they might be familiar with the type dancing that is involved.

As it was a religious festival, I dressed up in the appropriate attire - Indian clothing. Whenever I wear Indian clothing, my makeup tends to be quite 'all out'. That means no nude lips... and lots of blusher and heavy eye makeup, hehe. 

Here are some photos from last night :)

 Outfit of the night 

 Sorry, had to be done lol!

My sis and I :)

 Just me :)

Mac Studio Fix Powder foundation in C4
Benefit Hoola as a contour and all over bronzer (as my foundation is far too light for me)
Mac refined golden bronzer on the apples of my cheeks
Sleek Face and Body highlighter on the high points of my cheeks
Mac select cover up concealer in NC30 on blemishes
Mac select moisturecover in NW30 on my dark circles

Too faced shadow insurance as an eyelid primer
Barry M bronze dazzle dust all over my lid.
Urban decay perversion e/s on the outercorner
Nyx brown eyeshadow to blend the Perversion and the Bronze dazzle dust
Urban decay eyeshadow in Twice baked as below lower waterline.
Sleek kajal eyeliner as a tightline on upper and lower waterline
Loreal carbon black liquid liner on upper lash line and lower lash line
One coat of Loreal voluminous mascara
Naturalites eyelashes in no.101

Mac freckletone (I had put lip balm on my lips before and as the freckletone is a lustre, it did not show up on my lips)
Mac cherish 
Mac lipglass in Gitane (a mini lipgloss from last years christmas collection)

Some more photos:

 During dandhya raas (dancing with sticks)

It was such an amazing atmosphere

Hope you all enjoyed looking at the pics, and maybe got an idea of a Hindu Festival.

If you've read my previous 'FOTN' posts you've probably realised I use the same products everytime! I really need to be a bit more creative and start using other products lol 

Have a great week folks,

Love from Roshas xx


  1. awwww u gorgeous!! i love seeing asian girls in traditional outfits xxxxx

  2. You look amazing!! Looks like you had fun :) xo

  3. You look so pretty! I love the bronzy/gold eyeshadow :-P xx

  4. you look so pretty. I miss dandia so much, haven't "played" it in so long :P

  5. @muhsine.. thank u for ur lovely comment :)
    @sabina - i love traditional outfit.. make you look more elegant without even trying lol
    @victoria india aww thank u :) it was amazing but im soo knackered now.. so happy that i had the morning off
    @sami - aww thank u! this is my favourite dazzle dust! i highly recommend it :)
    @adorable on your vanity - thank u..dandya raas is my favourite part lol it doesn't require as much energy as everything else lol x

  6. What can I say?
    Simply amazing, sweetheart, you look so beautiful!
    I adore the makeup look and of course that night time outfit.

  7. aww catanya you are soo, soo sweet :) thank you

  8. One of my dream : Go to India and dancing all night in an Indian festival !

  9. I love your makeup, you are so clever with all the bronzers and highlights!

    you know i also use C4 studio fix foundation powder and NW30 concealer, and studiofix liquid foundation NC42 mixed with moisturizer to tone it down. i have almost given up looking for the right shade of mac powder. i love studio fix but im in between all the colours. c6 is too dark for me and c4 is too light. nc42 too dark and nc40 too light. so i stuck with c4 and have to put it on very light and rub some off so its not too white for my face.

    then i came across your blog and you're so clever! i never thought to use bronzer to tone it down. i'm gonna buy the same one you use and hope it works for me.

    do you only use bronzer for your cheeks and not pinkish blush?

  10. one more question, do you put bronzer or powder on your neck because it's the same tone as your face and looks great.

  11. I wish I could have an Indian friend so that I could attend festive events.


  12. @Ambre -u should deffo do that if u get the chance!!

    @Davina - thank you!Yeah i do use blush for everyday use and I currently use Body Shop Warm trio on my cheeks.. but Mac Refined Golden looks more like a peachy-orange blush on my skin! I don't think that pinky tones suit me at all! I prefer bronze/ orangey- peachy shades on my cheeks! Also I use bronzing powder all over my face.. mainly forehead.. cheekbones.. and jawline !! I only do it lightly though or i'll look too orange lol!
    @Lynsire - I can be ur Indian friend :) lol xx

  13. I love the colors of your outfit! Gorgeous!

  14. You look great! I always envy my Indian friends for having such great natural features (pretty eyes, great bone structure, lovely skin colour) and wearing such cool and pretty traditional outfits! You look fab and I don't think the make up looks too much since your clothes are very bright and quite ornate :)


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