Friday, 3 June 2011

Lil Miss Random: The effect of exams :$

  • Exams are looming, and exercise has gone down the drain. I hope I exercise tomorrow - all motivation seems to have resided somewhere else. The photo above is providing some sort of inspiration.
  • Exams also means lots of shopping - I guess the stress of exams is alleviated by a spot of retail therapy. 
  • I am in LOVE with Britain's Got Talent - exam stress also leads to prolonged procrastination. My favourite is Steven Hall. He is just awesome.

  • Speaking of retail therapy.. I've finally purchased the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'm probably the last Beauty Blogger on Earth to buy it. I can't wait to do a review.
  •  I am in LOVE with Amie Skincare. Thank you for saving my skin.
  • In regards to skincare - using lemon juice on my face has helped clear my acne scars. 
  • I'm so excited about Zante - I keep nipping to Primark to buy pretty summer dresses. 

Hope you enjoyed this random ramble!!!


  1. Love the picture! its awesome! very inspiring :)

  2. I hate exams so much :S
    I'm going to try the Amie skincare line and see if it clears up my skin :)

  3. Oh my god your very pretty ♥

  4. @Kaushal - thank u :)

    @. you have an amazing figure - even better than the photo!

    @Beauty By Rosh - let me know how it goes :)

    @Isa - aww thank you xx

  5. I'm not much of an excercise person but I love yoga. Even when I feel blehhh yoga's lovely. x hivenn

  6. You have such a great blog :)! You are so beautiful, love this style.

    Come check out mine,

  7. Hi Roshas!

    Hows the exercise going, it is hard getting motivated when you've got exams!

    Reading your blog has inspired me to start my my own check it out! Cakes, Fashion and Beauty product reviews!


  8. ive been trying to lose this stubborn belly fat arghhh!!!! that pic is perfection!


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