Sunday, 29 May 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

Hi guys! I'm back with my Ins and Outs! My exams are starting next week so I may not be blogging or tweeting so much! 

I feel that May has whizzed by! I hope June whizzes by - it's going to be a super tough month for me.

Here are my Ins and Outs for this month:

Desserts. This month I have been craving sweet treats (stressed is desserts spelled backwards remember!) I've always preferred savoury snacks as opposed to sugary ones but recently I've been indulging in cake (my fave being lemon drizzle cake), panna cotta and cheesecakes! Source

Pilates. I've been using this pilates DVD since February and I've noticed a difference in my posture. I put it down to pilates - this gives you results! Pilates is a form of exercise, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. I may do a review on this DVD if you guys want me to! Source

The Apprentice. Yay the Apprentice is currently airing in the UK. The Apprentice is definitely my favourite reality tv show! It's super funny, and it also teaches you a lot of smart tactics! If you don't watch this show, you are missing out!! Source

Raspberries - I don't know why, but I'm strongly attracted to raspberry scents.. and desserts lol. I love Raspberry Daiquiri, raspberry cheesecake.. even my cleanser has raspberry in it! I'm looking for a perfume with raspberry hints now. Source

Eye shadows: I've been eyeshadow crazy this month! I finally spent my Debenhams voucher I received on my 21st birthday! I purchased 4 Mac eye shadows! I purchased Satin Taupe, Black Tied, Tempting and Embark. I can't wait to review them! Source

Judging people. I've learnt a massive lesson this month - to stop judging people unless you get to know them. I've come across people who say horrible things about others, and me being quite naive, I believe them. I'm now going to make my own mind up about people! Source

Exercise. I've had to cut down on exercise this month. Moves such as the plank move (such as the above photo) make me feel very dizzy! I've had to reduce working out everyday to every other day! This time last month, I was working out everyday - my body found it too much! I hope I haven't messed up my balance system.... Source

Last month's aims:
1) Do some YouTube workouts - I did one but I prefer DVDs.
2)Cut down on blogging during the week, due to exams- yes.. most of the time I didn't blog during the week!
3) Don't experiment with anymore skincare products - my skin has improved a lot during the last month. I will be doing a skincare post once my skin has cleared up a bit more!

Next month's aims:
1) Build up confidence! 
2) Study harder.
3) Don't let people put you down.

What are your Ins and Outs?


  1. Love this post i feel like you wrote my ins! I just ate some raspberries today lol and im in search for a rasberry fragrance too i found this H&M little boddy fragrance sprays and theres a red berry one i love.

    Mmmm vapiano pancota is all i will leave you with!

    Good luck with exams my love im sure you will be amazing and hope you meet your aims!


  2. @Jakia - aww you're sooo sweet! We're soo alike!! I had the Vapiano panacota yesterday.. have you tried it.. and have you tried the other desserts? Love uu! x

  3. Yes i love the vapiano panacota once i was so greedy and had two in one go i like the orange one though :)

  4. I didn't know they sold an orange one! I wanna buy the Ricepudding dessert! Mmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Ahhhh rosh im craving deserts now. ooh my mum has a friend who makes really lovely lemon drizzle cake. if you like lemony things you need to try the co-operative lemon cupcakes they are HEAVEN! :)

  6. Hey dear,

    If you find a fragrance with raspberry hints in it, you gotta blog about, hehe,

    I loved this post!

    Hugs, S.

  7. I never realised that stressed is desserts spelt backwards :) Thanks for letting me know LOL xD
    The mac eyeshadows you chose are gorgeous- I <3 satin taupe! It's probably my fave :)

  8. @Safiyya - I sure will ;)

    @Beauty by Rosh - yeah it's such a gorgeous colour.. it looks different in different lighting!! Love it! xx

  9. 10 Minute Solution Pilates Perfect Body Review PLEEEEASE!!! :)

  10. @Primp and Giggle - coming right up ;)

    @Parenting articles - I know right! x

  11. Wow, what a great post! I really love the part about judging people. I'm afraid sometimes I'm guilty of that and really need to stop.

    I have the 10 minute Pilates dvd too!

  12. such a great quote! and i really need to get more use out of my eyeshadows! loving all yours xo


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