Sunday, 3 July 2011

:)Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

I'm back with my Ins and Outs :) June was a mammoth month for me - I had so many exams!! I'm so glad it's over! 

I seriously love going to restaurants - I think I spend a lot of my money on food! My idea of a night out is to eat at a lovely restaurant and then maybe drink at a bar. My favourite restaurants are Vapiano, Ping Pong, Pizza Express and Desperados (mostly for the non-alcohol cocktail though!) I really want to try and explore other places to eat. Source.

 I've recently been enjoying clubbing again - after disliking it for ages! The best thing about clubbing is the dressing up - but also walking down Leicester Square at night time; it's so beautiful and busy! One of the worst things about clubbing is the journey back home - but taking a cab solves the problem.  The photo above is from a recent night out :)

Summer dresses:
I purchased a few summer dresses from Primark for my holiday. To be honest, I didn't go crazy! I just prefer to chill during the day, and I did not want to be spending mammoth amounts on clothes just for a holiday! I seriously love pretty little floral dresses, as opposed to shorts and a t-shirt! Source

Being confident:
With exams looming (especially practical exams), I needed a little bit of confidence. I've always been shy and reserved around people I've never met (and some intimidating people) but talkative with my friends. I've started listening to the 'I can make you confident by Paul Mckenna' and it has definitely helped me open up. It definitely helped me with my practical exams, and now I feel less uneasy when approaching people :) Source

Yay Exams are over - but June was plagued by them! It was super stressful - I noticed I was comfort eating a lot and not exercising. I need to go back to my old routine of working out at least 3 times a week and eating healthily. The stress has played havoc on my skin - which was doing well and then decided to break out grrr! Source.

I can't think of any more Outs.. I'm so glad I'm done with June 2011 - it was super tough!
Now I've got summer 2011 to look forward to :) WOOO!!

What are your Ins and Outs?


  1. It's been a good month for you hasn't it ;-)
    Love Vapiano's! :D We need another dinner date soon! xxx

  2. LOL it's been ok! Hope July is better lol!
    Yeah we do!! Definitely Hummingbird Bakery =D x

  3. Restauraunts are allways 'In' with me, I love food LOL. Yay for exams being over, when do you get results?

  4. Restaurants !!!

  5. I love going to restaurants too, love good food! Glad you're getting your confidence back! x

  6. your blog is sooo cute!

  7. Nice blog you have got here. Loved your review on aquoalina pink sugar. It really is a yummy scent.Plz drop by my blog, and follow if you like what you see :). I`m new at blogging and mostly do perfume/fragrance reviews. Have a great day.

  8. @Monika - I passsed =D
    @Asma - Thank you =D I love food haha
    @Lucy - thank you!
    @Pandoras box - thank you! x


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