Thursday, 14 July 2011

Lil Miss Summery: Back from Zante!!

Hi guys! I'm finally back from Zante, Greece.

I had the most amazing time; I went with my sister and my friends to lovely Greece. If you like clubbing and super hot weather - I urge you to check out Zante.

We went clubbing for 7 nights in a row - and mostly until 5am! It was exhausting but super fun. Unfortunately, I became quite ill during the last few days (my body was telling me to slow down lol!) We also went to a water park, visited the Blue Caves and the gorgeous Shipwreck beach.

Here are some photos of the trip:

 Outside our hotel, we stayed at Hotel Margarita which was all inclusive! I would highly recommend it!
Our first night clubbing :)
 I ended up tying up my hair - it was too hot inside!
On the lilo - think someone pushed me over after this photo was taken lol
My best friend and I kissing my sister lol
We were called the craziest girls in Zante lol!
Water Park!
 My dare was to take a photo with a random guy lol. We played dares all night - it was so much fun!
Pouting of course

 Me in a £3.99 HM dress!
Me about to jump on a turtle.
Plaits for a night out - there's a first time for everything!
  Shipwreck beach
  Shipwreck beach
Blue Caves
I was really ill this night so I wasn't bothered to do my makeup. I didn't wear fake lashes - and I felt far more comfortable without them!

We had t-shirts made for our trip, with nicknames on the back!

 This was the ultimate clubbing holiday! I loved the music in the clubs.The people were very friendly, especally the Greek people, we all made some lovely friends! This is one place I would definitely go back to!

 Has anyone been to Greece before?


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! That beach look BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all the pics!! You have such a nice figure!! xx

  2. I went there too, beautiful island x

  3. Love this - the sea looks amazing & so do you hun x

  4. Awww such lovely photos!! Looked like an AMAZING holiday! Hope you had a wonderful time :D Soooo in need of a girly holiday ;) Greece deffo looks appealing!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  5. @Sriya- aww thank you! It was the best beach ever!!

    @Sadie - it's lovely !

    @Kaushal - aww thank you beautiful!

    @Aysh - aww thank you ! It was awesome, you should deffo go! xx

  6. Aww this pics look awesome I love you in plaits looks soo pretty :D xoxo

  7. Aww thank you Jakia =D LOVE you x

  8. you look fab hun! Looking so fit :) I so want a bod like you!

  9. Aww thank you Shifa that's such a lovely comment xx

  10. You look lovely, love your summer outfits! Greece looks amazing! x

  11. Greece looks so nice, really wishing I was going somewhere warm this summer! xx


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