Monday, 11 June 2012

Lil Miss Happy: Instagramming my life +

Hi everyone! Since university has finished, I've been working full time! Waking up at 6.30am and coming home at 6.30pm is definitely tough, although I definitely could never go back to being a student again! I'm ready to work hard and enter the real world :) 

Anyway, this post is long over due! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I have been posting lots of photos recently!

On Sunday the 3rd of June, I had afternoon tea with my mother at the London Mercure Hotel. I booked the afternoon tea through Groupon, where it cost £24 for two people.

Afternoon tea :)
Afternoon tea was amazing, and it was a great way to celebrate the Queen's jubilee - it is a fabulous British tradition! The tea was made to perfection, the scones were warm (which meant that the butter simply melted on it) and the strawberries were of the highest quality. I would definitely have Afternoon tea again, although not at the same place! When I asked the waiters for a second helping of strawberries (quite cheeky of me to be honest), they were adamant to give it to me! I was under the impression that afternoon tea involved unlimited sandwiches, cakes, and tea - how very wrong I was!

On Wednesday, it was my last day at university...
 My friends and I went to one of my favourite restaurants - called Ping Pong, which is a Chinese restaurant. The food is steamed and delicately prepared - making it healthy! I love the pleasant feeling I have after eating at Ping Pong (in other words, I feel full but not bloated or stuffed!). My favourite dishes are: spinach and mushroom dumplings, vegetable dumplings and crunchy golden vegetable dumplings! The cocktails are to die for too! I highly recommend you go there - you will love it!

I then had tea at one of my favourite cafes, Kipferl (in Angel Islington).. Kipferl is of Austrian/ Viennese origin. The tea always comes with a glass of cold water (they used to give a piece of chocolate before). I love the atmosphere inside - it really feels like you're out of London!

After tea, we did a spot of shopping and decided to eat dinner at Desperado's - my favourite Mexican restaurant! The restaurant has a gorgeous interior - you will definitely experience a touch of Mexico. The mock tails are super tasty too (and extremely calorific!). My skirt did feel a little tighter the next day,  so I made sure I worked out 4 times last week! I feel back to normal now!

Speaking of Mexican food, I am jetting off to Mexico for 2 weeks in  July! I'm super excited! I've always been interested in Mexico - the food, the people the culture!

Have you been to Mexico? If so, any tips?

What are your favourite restaurant's?


  1. Oh my goodness Mexico looks so awesome, I have no tips I wanna go!


  2. You will LOVE MEXICO! It's my favorite place...and I got married in Cabo San Lucas. :)

  3. I feel hungry now. I haven't been to ping pong before but I'm going soon. Can't wait to read about your trip to Mexico. I'm excited for you! It's on my list of places I'd like to visit :) xx

    1. Aww thank you! I will take lots of photos xxx

  4. The food looks delicious! I went to Mexico a few years ago, we stayed in Playa del Carmen and loved it, I'd definitely go back.

    1. I am going near there!! What was it like? xx

  5. Where are you going in Mexico?! I went last year - email me!! xx

    1. I am going to Cancun xx I shall xx

  6. I loooove Ping Pong!! Haven't been in ages! The food is amazing every time have to always make sure you go in threes haha. Also Jel your going to Mexico! Have a great trip and take lots of pics!



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