Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Lil Miss Greedy: Glorious food!

Whilst I was in Mexico, I ate lots of food. Enough food to put on a few kilos! Although thanks to the heat, a little bit of exercise and cutting down on portion sizes, I managed to lose weight! 

In Mexico, I stayed in an all inclusive hotel - which meant unlimited food all day! It actually is a recipe for weight gain (no pun intended)

Holidays are about having fun though, which is why I decided to eat, drink and be merry. I did set myself a limit, because gaining weight will definitely not improve my mood! 

Here are some photos of some fab foods I tried during my Mexico:

Mocktails! I limited it to one a day! They are full of sugar and lots of calories! 

I tried to make sure that half of my plate was full of salad - the rest full of 'real food'

I made sure to drink plenty of water. Did you know, that your body cannot tell the difference between hunger and thirst? If you think you are hungry, simply drink a glass of water!

Desserts - I am a sucker for them. I did end up only eating fruits in the last week of the holiday though!

Some of the food in the market

Exotic fruit - tastes delicious (sorry, forgot the name)

This is what it looks like inside :)

Mexican food - refried beans, rice, fajitas - yum :)

Fruit covered in syrup

Vegetarian sushi - delicious!

Vegetables with tofu

Fried rice - DELICIOUS!

Mixed vegetables

Our very own Japanese chef!

Cooked pineapple

Cooked banana with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

The beautiful Italian restaurant in our resort

I tried to eat lots of vegetables during the meal
Vegetable lasagne
Yummy pizza - I could only muster 1 slice! I tried to leave a bit out - just because you have food on your plate, it doesn't mean that you have to eat it ALL!
Ice cream

Can you control yourself whilst you are on holiday?


  1. Omg.. my mouth is watering! You have amazing self-control!


  2. Looks delish! I always overeat on holiday lol x

    1. It's hard to eat normally whilst on holiday! x

  3. Oh my word. The food looks absolutely delicious!

    I tend to overeat on holiday even though when abroad, I do lose my appetite but eat for the sake of eating in another country, haha! xo

  4. The food in Mexico looks amazing. I didn't know that the body can't tell the difference between hunger and thirst; that's something I'll definitely take on so thanks! xx

    1. Yeah definitely follow that rule - aids weight loss :) x

  5. We both sat on the exact same seat at the Japanese restaurant!! LOL x

  6. O my days! Thats made me so hungry lol. also ive been craving vegi sushi recently, it all looks great! x

  7. How do you manage to control yourself with all that yummy spread? Mexico looks really fun. I'm really curious how the exotic fruit taste it tart?


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