Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lil Miss Happy: 100 things number 7

Here's more things that make me happy:

Meeting new people and simply 'clicking' with them! Love that feeling!

Afternoon tea - a great British tradition!
Going to the spa
Weddings - can't wait to plan my own!
Although I'm not the party animal I used to be, I do love a great night out once in a while!
Shopping - online, real life - I just love it!
Mean Girls - my favorite film!
Kittens - because they're so cute!
Beautiful surroundings :)
Having a good nights sleep :)

What makes you happy?


  1. sparkly nail polish makes me happy lol i love mean girls too

  2. Always love your pictures Roshni :) Great post!


  3. Nice pictures Roshni! Of your lists, I love afternoon tea, spa, sleep, kittens and cats. Other things: makeup, crystals, beach holidays, good films and food.

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  5. All the pictures are so pretty and I agree with a lot of what makes you happy <3 xx

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