Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Lil Miss Glamorous: Orly Preamp +

Orly nail polishes really are the top of their game. 

When I was sent this Barbie Pink nail polish (with a surplus of gold glitter) a few months ago, I fell in love. It looks like your typical glittery pink shade, but on closer inspection, it is saturated with gorgeous specks of glitter.

 I'm a massive lover of the colour pink, and I probably have around 15 different shades of pink nail polishes in my drawer, but this colour stands out! It's perfect for all seasons, and you can get away with wearing it at work. 

This shade is not as streaky as some of the other Orly nail polishes I have tried. Be warned though, it does take quite a while to dry!

This nail polish is from the 'Electronica Collection', which came out around July.

Without flash

With flash

My favourite nail polish - currently!

It's so pretty!

You can buy Orly nail polishes from Amazon, Boots (mainly in store, the website has a small selection only) and  Beauty Bay
For more information on Orly nail polishes, click here

This product was sent to me for consideration of a review. Honest opinion as always! 


  1. What a really prety pink!!!
    To be honest I dont like pink nailposlishes but this seems great!
    Girl check out my last post on Sisley Express Flowel Gel mask and I am sure you will want it...

  2. I LOVE this colour! Orly is one of my favourite nail brands - great quality and an amazing range of colours

    Sami xx


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