Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lil Miss Organised: What's in my bag?

One of my favorite types of blog post is a 'What's in my bag?'. I would say that I'm quite a nosy person as it is, and finding out about how somebody organises their bag somewhat intrigues me.

This is the bag I take to work.  It's from Next.

One day, I would love to own a designer bag, but I can't bring myself to spend over £200 on a handbag! I carry so many things in it, that I would end up worrying about it too much! 

The bag

The outer pockets

There are 3 compartments - which is handy for when I'm fishing through the bag.

The contents: Company phone, Umbrella, Sat Nav (I don't like leaving it in my car, in case it gets stolen), Oyster card holder, River Island wallet, keys, iPhone and toiletries bag.

Inside my toiletries bag: Batiste hair brush, travel bands (for my motion sickness), EOS lip balm, pain killers, lipsticks (Revlon Pink Pout and Max Factor Pink Brandy), Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Rescue Remedy (to calm me down), hair tie, headphones and Vicks Vapo Rub (to help with colds)

My toiletries bag has two see through compartments inside, which makes life easier. 

What's in your bag?


  1. Love these kind of post and what everyone has in their bags! x

  2. I love this! I too would be so worried if I had an expensive designer bag. I love how organised your toiletries bag is, I need to get some of that Rescue Remedy!

    1. Exactly - plus Designer brands are just a name! Aw thank you! Yeah it's really good - calms me down during stressful situations! xx

  3. Love these posts, think I'll do a work version soon as I have a new bag for work!

    1. Thanks! Yeah you should definitely do a post! xx

  4. I love your cute toiletry bag. It reminds me of my habit of taking a mini emergency where ever I go. It's little a little first aid kit with pills and plasters in it. I use Bach too...helps calms the nerves and does a bit of perk up magic.

  5. I have the same company phone! Lol... For a minute I thought it was your personal one... Eeeek x


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