Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lil Miss Organised: Makeup storage *

Since starting my new job, I've barely had any time to get dressed up in the morning! I'm always looking for ways to organise my room in order to make my life easier! When I first started blogging, I was buying lots of products, and building a massive collection. As time has gone by, I've started to cut down on the number of products I buy and actually wear and appreciate them.

I went to Primark last week, and found this beauty for a mere £5! It's perfect for storing my everyday makeup! It even blends in well with the decor of my bedroom.
The bag
The detailing
The makeup
I store all of my everyday makeup in here. The rest of my makeup goes in a massive box with lots of drawers (I will be blogging about that in the future). I love how this bag opens up at the top, which allows for easy access! 

How do you store your makeup?


  1. The bag is so cute!My makeup is just thrown in drawers in my room so ive just purchased some more to tidy it up a bitx

    1. You should do a post about your makeup organisation!

  2. That case is sooo cute! I have a similar shaped one in black and its quilted, got it yonks ago from Primark and its still going strong! This ones much cuter though. xx

    1. Thank you - Primark have some great bargains! x


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