Sunday, 2 December 2012

Lil Miss Aromatic: Viva La Juicy Perfume Review!

I recently decided to treat myself to two new perfumes (the other one being D&G The One - which I will be doing a separate post on). I have finally become bored of Pink Sugar - which is far too sweet for me!

I have never been compelled by the Juicy Couture brand - their bags and clothing simply did not appeal to me. On the other hand, their perfumes have always tempted me! I've been meaning to purchase Viva La Juicy for a long time, but I finally got round to buying it a few weeks ago!

This scent is perfect if you're into sweet smells - it would make a great gift for any girly girl ;) It contains my favourite scents: caramel and vanilla!

It's quite difficult to describe a perfume in a blog post, but here are the notes:

Top Note: Wild berries and Mandarin Orange
Middle Note: Honey suckle, Gardenia and Jasmine Base
Base Note: Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Praline

I personally think that this perfume is great for using at work or school - although it's not so bold enough for evening wear.

PriceYou can purchase a 50ml version for around £37, which is pretty good value!
Longevity: This perfume doesn't last as long as I hoped! It's also not very strong - which is a shame, because I adore the scent!
Scent: If you love Pink Sugar, Britney Spears Fantasy - but you want a milder version, then this is the perfume for you! 
Packaging: I love the packaging! This perfume stands out compared to my other perfumes! Some may say it's tacky, but I love the bow and the Juicy necklace hanging of it! So cute!
Repurchase: Yes!

What's your favourite perfume?


  1. Replies
    1. It really does - plus it smells awesome! xx

  2. I'm tempted to buy this purely for the packaging! Oooo you're tempting me!!

  3. I love this perfume! Finished one whole bottle and just love the pink bow on it.


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