Thursday, 2 May 2013

Lil Miss Adventurous: Turkey +

Hi guys! Sorry I've been absent for a while - I really need to dedicate a little more time into this blog!

A few weeks ago, I went off to Turkey with my family. It was the first holiday where I didn't do many excursions - I just relaxed. I think I needed that because I came back feeling really chilled out and refreshed!

We went to Antalya and stayed in the Delphin Palace Hotel - a really great hotel (amazing architecture, wonderful slides and five star service), but sometimes there was lack of choice of food for vegetarians.

Here are some photos:
The hotel

Para sailing over the beach
The chandelier in our hotel - so beautiful!

I had to add some Turkish Delight ;)

Indoor swimming pool

And this is why I love all inclusive resorts...
My sister and I acting like Kate and Jack from Titanic lol

The beach :)

Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided.
My brother, sister and I in the swimming pool - having lots of fun :)
Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided (once again!)
Outfit of the night. Dress is from Missguided! I love Missguided for holiday clothes!
I met this really cute German man at our resort. He had the most GORGEOUS smile - I had to take a photo with him! His smile lit up the room :) He was sooo cute!
The slides at our resort, which meant that we didn't have to go to a water park! :)

Have you planned any holidays for this year?


  1. I saw some of the photos on instagram, was WELL JEL!

    The weather looks perfect and the chandelier of the hotel! GRAND!

    Bet you're having a serious case of the holiday blues.



  2. Beautiful pictures, I love Turkey. I haven't got anything planned for my holidays yet.


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