Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lil Miss Healthy: Benefits of Kale +

As I am vegetarian, finding foods with enough iron in them can be challenging. When I heard about the iron content in Kale,  I literally rushed out and bought it! 

Kale has even more iron in beef and more calcium than milk! Kale also contains: vitamin C (good for your immune system and metabolism), vitamin A (this is good for your vision and your skin), vitamin K (good for preventing against certain cancers)  as well as potassium.

I tend to eat a small bowl of raw kale everyday. My mum prefers to boil it, but I believe that eating it raw will preserve the vitamins! You can also add it to smoothies or juices.

I didn't take to the taste of kale at first - I was forcing myself to eat it because of the benefits. After a few weeks, my taste buds became 'acquired' to the taste of kale and now I crave the taste of kale!

What I have noticed since consuming kale everyday:
  • My skin has improved - less breakouts and it seems to glow more :)
  • My energy levels have increased - this is very important as I tend to work long hours, and I need as much energy as possible!

I recommend kale to anyone who wants to improve their skin and overall health! A bag of curly kale only costs £1 at my local Tescos! 
Have you ever tried Kale?


  1. I've tried it, even tried making crisps out of it. But I can't take to it lol tried so hard!! X

  2. I've tried many green veg inc Kale but for me nothing beats the energy boost from the iron in red meat. Kale has more vits/iron but it isnt as easily assimilated as that in meat (heme iron). Glad it works for you though x

  3. Kale is a great and versatile food, it is true that it has a lot of iron as well. And, as you said, it contains calcium and vitamin C. I have two more reasons why kale is really beneficial. First, it lowers cholesterol levels. Also it is a proven anti-cancer food.

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  4. I need this in my life asap! Had no idea it was so good for health :)


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