Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lil Miss Outgoing: Saturday dates +

For me, Saturday means exploring London and Leicester with my other half (who lives in Leicester).

Three weeks ago, we went for Afternoon tea at the prestigious Harrods! The afternoon tea took place at the Georgian Restaurant, which is located on the fourth floor. 

The service was impeccable! The waiter's explained the different types of tea that could be offered, as well as explaining in detail the sandwiches and desserts we were about to devour! 

We decided to go for the 'Afternoon special' tea which is basically English breakfast tea. Home Baked English scones with strawberry preserves, clotted cream and rose petal jelly were also given. The experience would have been better if the scones were warmed up and strawberries and cream was served!

The sandwiches were delightful - the cream and cucumber sandwich was definitely my favourite! The food was unlimited which was a bonus. I enjoyed the desserts but I was full from eating the sandwiches and scones.

All in all, I enjoyed Afternoon tea at Harrods, but I would rather visit the Ritz or the Dorchester than go back to Harrods! 

Last Saturday, I drove to Leicester, and went to Maiyango restaurant. Maiyago was definitely the best restaurant I've been to - hands down. The service was fantastic - the waiter's were enthusiastic and very helpful. The food and cocktails were heavenly (they even do a parma violent cocktail!)

Maiyango stands out against other restaurant's because the menu changes every month (this gives me even more of a reason to dine there again) and the produce is sourced locally.

The food is off all sorts of cuisine - Indian, Italian, Thai - which makes it suitable for everyone's taste buds! There is also a good choice for vegetarians - which is a plus point for me! Dinner costs £30 a head for three meals (although soup and sorbet were  given in between meals free of charge)

Yesterday, I went to Bicester Village in Oxford. Bicester village is a designer outlet store. If you want great bargains on designer wear - this is the place to go! 

I spotted a pair of Jimmy Choos for £697 - I was super tempted to buy them! The Ralph Lauren store is also very popular - many of the shops have queues outside! I love going here for the day - there's plenty of restaurants (as well as Starbucks and Pret) to keep you occupied! 

If you ever want to go to Bicester Village, the best time to go (if you're driving) is before 10am. There is a car park which gets full up very quickly - and it's virtually impossible to find any spaces after 10am! I went in February when it was snowing and super cold - and again the car park was full! 

I had a great time - next week I'm going to be touring London in an 'amphibious vehicle' - I will definitely be blogging about this!

Have you been to either of these places?

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  1. I reeeeally want to go to Bicester village but need to save up first so I can go crazy haha. xx

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