Sunday, 26 October 2014

Zara Night Eau De Parfum

I really love Zara clothing - the quality is great, and the style of their clothes is so current, but I never thought I would end up buying perfume from there!

A few months ago, my sister came home with a perfume - my mum and I fell in love with it straight away, and we were shocked to find out that it only cost £10.

The next time I went to Zara, I picked it up, but in a bigger size (80ml) for £15. The smaller size (40ml) costs £10. You can even purchase it from the website (they have recently added the perfumes on their website)

I love the packaging - the gold stickers on the side are a little tacky but it looks very similar to the Chanel Chance perfume bottle.

The top note is Bergamot, the middle note is Peony and the base note is Vanilla. My mother detests the smell of vanilla but she seems to love this perfume.

 I think the perfume is perfect for a night out! Plus, because it's such good value for money, I feel comfortable enough to take it on holiday with me!

Have you ever tried a perfume by Zara?

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