Sunday, 14 November 2010

Lil Miss Happy: Back from Scotland! :)

Hello my lovely cupcakes!

I am finally back from Scotland - I went there with my uni friends to attend a conference.

What can I say - it was amazing! I love the people of Scotland - so polite, respectful and friendly. My heart actually melted there - I am not used to strangers being so nice to me! I guess it's because I come from London, and the habitants tend to be a wee bit ruder lol! are some photos that I took there :) 

I took some more photos but I did not want to bore you guys! Sorry about the quality of the photos - it was super duper windy.. and ever so rainy - I just couldn't be bothered lol

Expect some more blog posts from me today! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Have you been to Scotland? xx


  1. I totally agree~! People in London as so stuck up :p

  2. Heey... what part of scotland did you go to?? I went to edinburgh last year and LOVED it! And i totes agree - the ppl are so much more friendly up there then they are in london! xx

  3. I went to Edinburgh too - loved it! :) Was too cold though :( xx


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