Tuesday, 2 November 2010

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out (October) =


 Eating healthily - since my metabolism has gone up I've been eating lots of fast foods - because they taste good and fill me up very quickly. This has led to my skin looking very dull therefore I have decided to eat healthily from now on. Eating fruits gives me energy - and does wonders for my body, so why not?♥

I watched Saw 3D on Saturday and thought it was rubbish, however I LOVE the Saw series. The Saw film series is  completely different to other horror movies. This franchise involves people who take their life for granted fighting for it. It is truly gory and disgusting to watch and has a good message behind it (to be grateful about life) even though it has been done in a despicable manner.♥

I have been loving H&M. To be honest I used to think it was very overrated. I used to go into the shop and come out empty handed as nothing would appeal to me. Recently I have been LOVING it. I much prefer it to Primark (where it's super crowded and super messy) and it has decent pricing compared to other retailers. The clothes are really fashionable and affordable and I am loving the online shop - it shows you how to wear the outfit!! I seriously cannot get enough of this shop.♥

Warm water and lemon. I love to drink this before breakfast time and after dinner. I feel that it cleanses my system. I have noticed that my digestion has improved. It also tastes delicious!!♥

Straight hair. I kept it naturally curly last month but my hair has gone very dry since then. When I straighten my hair, it always looks so shiny and sleek. :)♥

Dresses. Christmas is coming up shortly and so are many of my friends birthdays. That means PARTY PARTY PARTY! I've been on the lookout for cheap and pretty dresses. I can't wait! December is my favourite month - everyone seems so cheerful :)♥


My skin has become so sensitive recently. I tried the Mac Face and Body Foundation - and it broke me out like crazy! I tried the Bobbi Brown Skin finish foundation (most perfect colour and coverage ever) and this broke me out too. I hate having sensitive skin. I've cut down on the number of products I am using and starting to eat much more healthily.

Being lazy. The cold autumn nights have made me curl up in bed instead of doing anything productive. I find it too cold to sit at my desk and study. This needs to stop or I'll fail lol.

I have been getting rid of any products that contain 'Sodium Laureth Sulphate' (SLS). It can cause irritation and cause the skin to dry. I have dry/oily t-zone and sensitive skin. This chemical will make my skin worse! I was surprised as to how many of the products I owned actually contained this toxic ingredient. Naturally I could not get rid of every product but I feel as though my skin is slowly improving. 

Desperate Housewives used to be my all time favourite show. I currently feel that it is not as good as it used to be. I can understand why - the show is currently airing season 7.. maybe they are running out of ideas? I still like the show, but I liked it better in the previous seasons. 

Rude people. I hate it when people are nasty, rude and vindictive.. who actually likes it? I always try to make an effort with people, although I'm quite shy at times. It annoys me when people give me silent treatment for no reason. I was bullied as a teenager and I still can't get over the fact that bullying occurs within the workplace (can't people just grow up??) :(


  1. im 100% with you on the being lazy! ahaha

  2. I love warm water & lemon in the morning as well! It's just hard to have fresh lemons around if I don't go grocery shopping :/

  3. Ooh..I wanna watch Saw 3D too. I love the movie! :D. Such nice pics u put up there


  4. I really want to try the lemon and warm water too I heard it's really good for your skin too! I am loving H&M and disliking rudeness, people should always be polite! Great post!
    Gloria x x x

  5. I agree on everything on this post (except the metabolism part, I eat one piece of chocolate and goes straight to my thighs lol)

    But besides that, such a great post!

    I'll have to try out the lemon & water, sounds yummy!

    I also love Christmas time! I live in Florida, so unfortunately I don't always get the cold winter weather but as soon as it gets below 70 degrees I will light the fire place!!


  6. @A la Moda - it's the way to go lol

    @DSK Steph - yeah same!

    @Cynthia - thank you.. they are all from weheartit.com :) saw rocks lol

    @Gloria - great minds think alike hehe

    @Meg - you have the perfect figure :)I love christmas time too - super excited! Lucky you.. Florida sounds like a dream!! xx

  7. Aw sweets I hate people like that... I find the best way to handle them is be extra nice - they won't know what hit them ;-)

    And yeah I need to start eating more fruit and veg... at the mo i'm surviving on coffee and chocolate!


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  9. I've heard about the lemon & water drink before breakfast, I'm always telling myself I've got to try it out in the morning, but in the morning I'm practically a zombie.
    And with it being oh so cold lately, I'm super lazy too. Ahh, most of these ins & outs I an totally relate too. xx

  10. Hey, I came across ur blog today and it was really fun reading ur posts.But wen I read abt ur weight loss journey I just had to sub :)
    Thnx 4 the motivation girl <3


  11. @sami -- that is such a good idea! i dont know why I never thought of that.. plus acting like that is dignified :) xx

    @la mi - thank you for the lovely comment! i sure will be checking out your blog xx

    @designer spray - i know how you feel.. try to have it when you come home from work or when you have more energy? it really wakes me up!

    @L - thank you hun xx

    @sharon - awww thank you.. i'm so glad that you have been inspired! xx

  12. Eeek the sulfate thing!? No wonder i have dry skin....pretty much all my cleansers have it as like the second ingredient! Shocker....


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